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Published on 2 weeks ago

Today, something terrible has happened! I've been sent to prison for a crime I didn't commit! Worst of all, my sentence is one billion years! I can't spend my whole life in prison, I'm innocent! There's no question about it, I have to find a way to escape!

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Rylee Sadili Rylee Sadili . 1 hour ago
I got JJ is skin on Minecraft
Vinny Fio Vinny Fio . 2 hours ago
Jj is doing good videos
Noyal's Gaming Noyal's Gaming . 2 hours ago
Any mallu 's ?
J Graham J Graham . 3 hours ago
JJ and Mikey are good and just in a subscribed and I need a like because I like them
butty karu butty karu . 4 hours ago
butty karu butty karu . 4 hours ago
😜 teiadlw
January to
Donatella Lorah Donatella Lorah . 5 hours ago
Wow now it’s Mikey going to be the police this is kind of weird ?
Elliotklim2013 Elliotklim2013 . 11 hours ago
JJ I’m your biggest fan and monkey I’m your biggest fan to need to be in Minecraft I play Roblox and Minecraft
Flori M Flori M . 12 hours ago
Christopher Ryder Christopher Ryder . 15 hours ago
In 1:30 JJ fine the key
ECHO-kfriendz ECHO-kfriendz . 15 hours ago
Have you been able to play chess
ECHO-kfriendz ECHO-kfriendz . 15 hours ago
ECHO-kfriendz ECHO-kfriendz . 15 hours ago
mabikoy mabikoy . 15 hours ago
Shirley Principe Shirley Principe . 16 hours ago
I love your videos
Kiprono Rop Kiprono Rop . 17 hours ago
Nice work
Joy J. Paciente Joy J. Paciente . 17 hours ago
Why is mikey a boy and his voice is a girl???
Jen Dy-Hernandez Jen Dy-Hernandez . 21 hours ago
jj what game is that
reljan lacano reljan lacano . 21 hours ago
Jacq Eswagen Jacq Eswagen . 23 hours ago
Nag pang gap na gaurd sha young prison
my username hacker my username hacker . 23 hours ago
Hi guys my name is umar
Ysobelle Bautista Ysobelle Bautista . 24 hours ago
Ysobelle Bautista Ysobelle Bautista . 24 hours ago
springbonnie's word springbonnie's word . 24 hours ago
springbonnie's word springbonnie's word . 24 hours ago
Rockstar freddy my twin but his right eye isn't the same as mine RockStar Freddy said great job JJ
run from security man for ever till you break out of prison!!!!!!
springbonnie's word springbonnie's word . 24 hours ago
JJ your bunny guy in your profile picture
Ben Sharon Ben Sharon . 24 hours ago
Hi 👋 it’s so good 😊 thanks 🙏
Lantz Teofisto Lantz Teofisto . 1 day ago
Lantz Teofisto Lantz Teofisto . 1 day ago
Jeff Berger Jeff Berger . 1 day ago
JJ you’re awesome
Can you make a video that whoever makes the best Kart, Candy, and Pizza!
God of Lyrics God of Lyrics . 1 day ago
Why is guards are so strict. Can they just send people to jail for 3 Years. That's so long for 1B Years
kawai8410 kawai8410 . 1 day ago
rohan rohan . 1 day ago
I did 100 push up
Mukupa Kennedy Muma Mukupa Kennedy Muma . 1 day ago
You even gone ahead @ZMDE in subs
renjith reghu renjith reghu . 1 day ago
So JJ this is how you got friends with him aww that’s so nice you guys your the best
Tahj Mcdaniel Tahj Mcdaniel . 2 days ago
If you didn’t hear it’s a little snap
Justyna P. Justyna P. . 2 days ago
How did a turtle get a job at the police station?
thank goodness you escape jj there s a helicopter but the guard is follow you lol
Nazma Ahmed Nazma Ahmed . 2 days ago
So. Cool 😗. Wow that's so nice
Spike all around mom Spike all around mom . 2 days ago
The possion of reg...
Mattlemuel Esguerra Mattlemuel Esguerra . 2 days ago
How are you are vids in minecraft how😁😁
Zeina Mneimneh Zeina Mneimneh . 2 days ago
I love you and you are so good at escaping 🥰🥰
Abeer Qasim Abeer Qasim . 2 days ago
Faith Cruz Faith Cruz . 2 days ago
asos zan asos zan . 2 days ago
Love the videos,keep it up.
sakera dongo sakera dongo . 2 days ago
Good job keep it up!

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