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Comedy Corner

Comedy Corner

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Malapi Morifi Malapi Morifi . 1 minute ago
Knuckles and Adams apples😂😂😂😂😂😂
§ÎŘ ĐØЧȚÅŘ §ÎŘ ĐØЧȚÅŘ . 15 minutes ago
To be so loving and inclusive... the LGBTQRSUVWXYZ community is proving to be a bunch of extremely angry bigots.
Da Aco Boys Da Aco Boys . 16 minutes ago
Talk about no Cap 🧢
Alan Grimm Alan Grimm . 16 minutes ago
Dave has been spot on for decades. I love the guy.
Sandy Davis WhyteLewis Sandy Davis WhyteLewis . 17 minutes ago
Crisis🙄you people have gone too far ,DAVE YOU ARE SOLID
Tony Skeptical Tony Skeptical . 2 hours ago
Nah. They just want you to Stfu on something you don't know or care about.. m
conservativemetal conservativemetal . 2 hours ago
Hey, he’s gotta add a “crying while laughing” disclaimer to let someone know what they are going to be in for while watching .
Mafia Mafia . 2 hours ago
Dave is a smooth troll 😂🤣
Anna Gedrich Anna Gedrich . 2 hours ago
I love this dude
Knuckles and Adam’s apples
Kelli Cline Kelli Cline . 4 hours ago
I will use my white privilege to protect Dave at all costs. don't thank me. It's my cross to bear.
Nicholas James Nicholas James . 7 hours ago
That is so clever
Crystal Crystal . 7 hours ago
Lol he cracks me up!!! He is hikarious
Beatdownartist Beatdownartist . 8 hours ago
He shoulda said searching the crowd for ashy elbows and man hands!!!
hype knuckles hype knuckles . 9 hours ago
Omg lhhhhhh Adams apple
Girleyreds Girleyreds . 9 hours ago
And this was BEFORE he got ambushed on stage!!!!
Cecelia Eskridge Cecelia Eskridge . 10 hours ago
Kevin Hopkins Kevin Hopkins . 10 hours ago
Man I love listening to Dave 😂. The older he gets the funnier he is.
Butterfly Kisses Butterfly Kisses . 13 hours ago
The world 🌎 before 2020 pronouns.
She/her: female
He/him: male
They/them: two or more people.
The world 🌎 after 2020.
She/her: unknown
He/him: male??
They/them: one person, and possibly two or more.

All that's missing is We/Us!!
Marios s Marios s . 13 hours ago
Search for will and jada
Butterfly Kisses Butterfly Kisses . 14 hours ago
I used to couldn't stand Chappelle, now he's actually kinda funny to me.
His humor might be the thing we need to fix this f'ed up country.
hash! hash! . 15 hours ago
I am transgender but I am also a big Chappelle fan. Most trans and LGBT people in general are chill but there are certain people that are obnoxious and toxic as hell, they Make everyone look bad
Kirk Patrick Kirk Patrick . 15 hours ago
This guy has so much experience as a comedian, he makes the simplest thing quite funny !!!
ExcelSelf ExcelSelf . 15 hours ago
What’s the name of the special????
Come along with Ce Ce advertures Come along with Ce Ce advertures . 16 hours ago
Love love love you Sir Dave Chapelle simply the best
Mareinna Shaw Mareinna Shaw . 18 hours ago
OK.. So like... I'm trans and I still love Dave. It's very apparent to me he's a fucking comedian and people need to relax. I mean, the points he jokes about I totally get as to why he's joking about it. It's easy to see it in a preposterous... hilarious, almost, light. Like.. I get the humor.

But being trans is a real thing and society is just... adjusting. And being trans I can say many more trans people have been targeted, attacked, dehumanized and even killed than comedians for their comedy. Neither should be attacked for existing, but one riles crowds against someone else, where a person in the audience might feel vindicated in their viewpoint and use it as justification on their stance. Make all the jokes you want but please make it known you are joking (which I think Dave HAS done... but many trans don't care)

I treat people with respect, I get respect. Simple. Then again, I'm lucky enough to not have prominent knuckles or Adam's apple. :P
Charles U Fahrley Charles U Fahrley . 19 hours ago
Mark Renton said it right in Train Spotting”in the future there will be no men or women, just wankers”
RedBaboonAss RedBaboonAss . 19 hours ago
He knew they would eventually attack him at one of his shoes and of course they did.
Gregory Stewart Gregory Stewart . 19 hours ago
So that congress white woman was trying insult our new BLACK SUPREME COURT JUDGE... WHITE LADY ask her that what is a woman
Nina Newman Nina Newman . 20 hours ago
Love Dave. You can't say anything now, without getting accused of being a bigot. I admire Dave's Balls!
lubabe 99 lubabe 99 . 20 hours ago
Not another comedian like him, dudes legend.
Tone Music Evans Tone Music Evans . 20 hours ago
That is one crazy nut....he is "HILARIOUS" I couldn't go to his concert im afraid I'd die laughing...ha ha ha ha ha ha..
Under Construction Under Construction . 20 hours ago
Nah. We love ypu Dave lol
Captain Obvious Captain Obvious . 21 hours ago
Men don't get mad at Dave....hmmmm wonder why that is. Maybe because we don't care. We don't let emotions get the better of us. If that was the case the world would be over with nuclear bombs.
Will Garcia Will Garcia . 21 hours ago
2022 he gets attacked lol he was joking lol
SG SG . 22 hours ago
ROSE Alex ROSE Alex . 23 hours ago
😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 he's my favorite 😍 ♥️ ❤️ 💖 💓 💗 😍 ♥️ ❤️
Truth. Truth. . 23 hours ago
Biology is simple, u can either have a dick or a vagina, what’s going on in your head, get yourself to visit a psychiatrist and he will tell you.
chris pug chris pug . 24 hours ago
There are men, women, hermaphrodites annnnnnd people mentally sick in need of attention
Morpheus Morpheus . 24 hours ago
Lol, They/Them "pronouns" he used it well.
Joyce Ann Mayers Joyce Ann Mayers . 1 day ago
Knuckles and Adam's apples!
NikitoDankGaming NikitoDankGaming . 1 day ago
This man is a fucking legend
White Mike White Mike . 1 day ago
That clone is really starting to get daves voice down .. it was a bit ruff when they first unveiled it
Rajah Rajah . 1 day ago
bigblkboi95 bigblkboi95 . 1 day ago
😂This guy is really comedy genius
SovereignMan Bryan Trent Turner SovereignMan Bryan Trent Turner . 1 day ago +
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