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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Published on 2 weeks ago

If Kyrie Irving declines his player option with the Brooklyn Nets, a LeBron James reunion could be likely. According to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski, the Los Angeles Lakers are the quote, “most significant threat” when it comes to signing Kyrie if he hits the open market. While he would end up taking significantly less by signing with LA, there is a 6-million-dollar taxpayer exemption he could sign to join the Lakers. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe weigh in on the report.

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Lakers considered “most significant threat” for Kyrie Irving, if he leaves Nets | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED . 2 weeks ago
sten to The Skip Bayless Show podcast:
Jakeem Jakeem . 2 days ago
Kyrie definitely doesn’t believe that 😂
sonofjacob sonofjacob . 2 days ago
Kyrie is 100% going to retire at 33.
Bernard Riggs Bernard Riggs . 4 days ago
Shannon Sharp “ I see a fly land on it ,I’m out . “ classic 😂😂
张立 张立 . 4 days ago
Irvine really sucks . i dont have no more to say , irvine sucks . dont talk with me about biz , it aint about biz , basketball .. it is about loyalty , respect , work athic , does he have one of those ? i doubt it
Natialia Hernández Natialia Hernández . 5 days ago
I want to check with the girls for a couple minutes but I’m not sure what you guys are talking with Shannon but I’m doing a good thing and then I’m not sure what to say I don’t think I want to be with the other people
Natialia Hernández Natialia Hernández . 5 days ago
I just had my job to be doing better job in couple weeks and then my first time in my life was a good time for us
Rob Wasilewski Rob Wasilewski . 5 days ago
Celtics better after kyrie left.
Rob Wasilewski Rob Wasilewski . 5 days ago
These players got to much power now. They go team to team and destroy the team they leave. Some of these teams spend the next several years trying to rebuild. It's disgusting
RayGetNasty1 RayGetNasty1 . 5 days ago
8:20 skip bayless: “they (the 2017 Cavs) we’re not right that year, they were not right in those finals” the 2017 cavs are a dynasty level team. Greatly improved from their 2016 championship team, lost 1 playoff game before the finals (with a ton of blowouts), held the warriors to single digit wins in the finals , and had Kyrie and lebron combining for like 80 some nights in the finals. They just got matched up against the most unfair bs team ever constructed of Durant and gsw lol c’mon skip!
a z a z . 5 days ago
axone axone . 5 days ago
The truth is these two stupid clowns are excellent players but they are not leader material... They thought they could win championships with out LeBron and Curry ... Stupid clowns 🤡
Paul Hall Paul Hall . 6 days ago
Why would anybody want K. I. ? He is a terrible team mate and him and the king already had issues together so 🤷
kingJH92 kingJH92 . 6 days ago
No lie skip killed it💯🔥👍
Giannis Hofman Giannis Hofman . 7 days ago
New Media !!!!! WTF you talking about everybody don't Love that's why we need new media you talking to personal he has a right to a little privacy with out old media saying what ever comes to mind all kinds of crazy talk we need to bring in new media
Anopo Abednego Anopo Abednego . 1 week ago
Come on man, Kyrie isn't going to go to play with Bron again. He's got too big an ego to be hidden in Brons shadow all over again, that's why he left Cleveland! Then the year after he left he came out talking about "now I see why Bron was the way he was, I see I've got to lead these young guys blah blah blah" but went on to be the same ego driven dipshit as before. He does these interviews talking like he's some super intellect, he's really not very smart at all.
Phil Barnhill Phil Barnhill . 1 week ago
Shannon...massir they a planning a escape n this how n why they doin thus n that... that mentality is very prevelant in r people whether conscious or wat u say 🤔 😒 🙄 😏
Jesus Marquez Jesus Marquez . 1 week ago
skip my granpappy used to tell me "stupid is as stupid does"so I have to keep talking this bulljive skip suffering succstash
Ty Hall Ty Hall . 1 week ago
We don't need kyrie y'all could have him Im good with simmons
lou exilus lou exilus . 1 week ago
Stop getting people excited for no reason. Fake news!
Bruce Kirk Jr Bruce Kirk Jr . 1 week ago
No skip Kyrie didn’t lose his shoe deal with Nike. Kyrie personally chose to make demands or he will stop doing business with Nike. Let’s speak the actual truth instead of trying to make it sound like he didn’t chose to stop working with Nike if they don’t follow his demands. Kyrie literally has the best basketball shoe on the entire planet Nike didn’t chose to drop their biggest money maker. I’m so tired of the half truths on these shows. If Kyries contract expires it’s because he chose to let it not because Nike doesn’t want him. Again literally the most popular shows on the planet besides maybe the Kobe’s
aa aa . 1 week ago
1 thing I give GSW. They find great talent cheap, groom them and create a winning culture. They perfected this formula. Laker's front-office PLS take note. They need Jerry West or similar type of exec.
BossUgly BossUgly . 1 week ago
Are they going to reunite or y'all just making fake news?
F3rdi F3rdi . 1 week ago
What percentage chance? WHAT. Lady, it's either a chance or what percentage PROBABILITY. Geez,
Channel Name Channel Name . 1 week ago
I like all of this "Kyrie is not stupid, but..." and then listing off his belief in the Illuminati, flat Earth, his team not needing a coach, vaccines don't work and the best of all...he should be paid the maximum when he appears in about 40 percent of the games his team plays. Are we sure he isn't stupid?
Adryan Gray Adryan Gray . 1 week ago
The Nets should trade Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons to the Wizards for Bradley Beal,KCP,Kyle Kumza, Daniel Gafford......
Mike Paciotti Mike Paciotti . 1 week ago
If Kyrie leaves his best friend high and dry in Brooklyn, what do we think he's going to do with Lebron James in L.A. It so obvious Kyrie has mental problems. He functional but he needs help. I would leave him alone.
Jacques Andre Jacques Andre . 1 week ago
I'm with Skip on this one! Bron-Kyrie ... and probably + Durant! IT'S A WRAP!!!! Straight 2/3 Championships!!!!!!!!
shane hort shane hort . 1 week ago
Shannon the only media person making sense on the Lakers/Kyrie talk.
Wane Smith Wane Smith . 1 week ago
Kyrie is the Michael Jackson of basketball. Just wonder how long before he wears the white glove while playing
Joshua Woodard Joshua Woodard . 1 week ago
As I'm watching this I see breaking news... Kyrie opts in. Well I guess Lakers are doomed lol.
Battle Battle . 1 week ago
Skip you messy.
Kiki Kiki . 1 week ago
This aged well🤣🤣🤣🏆
Debra Fernander Debra Fernander . 1 week ago
Cookie , wacky young man ! Lol lol😆😆💌💌
Debra Fernander Debra Fernander . 1 week ago
True Skip
Debra Fernander Debra Fernander . 1 week ago
Yes they do run the world Skip
Debra Fernander Debra Fernander . 1 week ago
Illiminat does
Debra Fernander Debra Fernander . 1 week ago
Smart SS
Maybe getting vaccinated ain't worth the money
The earth is flat
Ronald Wilson Ronald Wilson . 1 week ago
Dr. King got a half a million from JFK for the civil rights movement. Shannon needs to study his facts before he talks black about our struggle
charles park charles park . 1 week ago
Maybe in Kyrie’s eyes fixing the past to make things right is priceless. He’s a righteous person and his mind set is way beyond the average person.
Dragon Dyce Dragon Dyce . 1 week ago
if i were Kyrie i wouldn't have taken the shot either
Josh Loach Josh Loach . 1 week ago
Skip first few minutes of this episode: you're kidding
Hieroglyphy Hieroglyphy . 1 week ago
It is not impossible to trade Russell Westbrook. Trust and believe that if the Lakers were able to sign Kyrie Irving for $6 million they would trade away Russell Westbrook for a bag of chips the next week.

Here’s a pick, there’s a pick (take two). Would you like cash with that?

Buy a Westbrook and they may even throw in a Jerry West statue.
Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo . 1 week ago
That unc Criss Angel shout-out lol that came out of the left field
Jason Lane Jason Lane . 1 week ago
Skip: "He (Kyrie) is a deep thinker."
Me: "Ok."
Skip: "He's a flat earther. He talks about the Illuminati."
Me: Oh...kay."
Erika Patrice Erika Patrice . 1 week ago
I thought Brooklyn was going to win it all smh I would like Kyrie and Lebron to be together but I don’t know if that’s going to happen. Kyrie needs to get himself together
Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo . 1 week ago
1:23 WTF? with Skip's face lol
bigbusiness87 bigbusiness87 . 1 week ago
Now Russ is a fly in the ointment 😂omg cold blooded.

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