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Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo

Published on 3 weeks ago

It's hard to believe that Rebecca Zamolo died giving birth to her twin daughters. It does get emotional when the twins realize they are rich vs broke sisters and not enemies. Hopefully Rebecca doesn't realize it too late. It all started When Rebecca Zamolo posted "Divorced PARENTS LOSE Their DAUGHTER." Rebecca's twin sister is kind of evil and a spoiled brat. What will happen when they meet and switch places. This feels just like parent trap in real life. That is if the parents fall in love. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2022!

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Rebecca Zamolo Rebecca Zamolo . 3 weeks ago
Who else got emotional during this?
Thea Doga-ojo Thea Doga-ojo . 2 hours ago
This video is like McKenzie turner when she found her long lost twinAnd the switch places and the father was poor and the mother was rich just like this simulation
Andras Ausar Andras Ausar . 2 hours ago
Rebecca I have a crush on you from AJ
Livie Hernandez olivia 5. Livie Hernandez olivia 5. . 8 hours ago
Rebecca if you're hearing this when you try to save your daughter all of that was a prank on math so get him back for it
Molly Flynn Molly Flynn . 9 hours ago
Maggie C. Maggie C. . 10 hours ago
Be proud of who you are
Deysy Canales Deysy Canales . 11 hours ago
KAR KAR . 12 hours ago
The Harrison family The Harrison family . 13 hours ago
Did you based this on the parents trap
Denzel Chancy Denzel Chancy . 13 hours ago
Rebecca I love you Rebecca I love your videos plus you know that I watch your videos all the time my dad keeps saying you guys are you guys are just making money off YouTube I'm telling him that you're really don't need to make money like that all you need to do is worry about yourselves and make your own videos make a video of pricking mats all imagine all day long long but you you perceive that You got him a car but you really bit him a din Adele for sly my mind help and d*** pretend that you lost your daughter Zaidi love you
Christie MacDonald Christie MacDonald . 14 hours ago
,Rebecca is really pretty in it❤️🫶🏻😁
Chris Gaskill Chris Gaskill . 17 hours ago
Gamer girls Gamer girls . 22 hours ago
Luundu Eyana Luundu Eyana . 22 hours ago
Rebecca and Maddie Twins
Sweet godzilla Sweet godzilla . 1 day ago
Maddie so sorry if I spelled ur name wrong but I feel the same with my mom I'm like me:mom can we play roblox???mom:on phone*me:MOM!!!mom:what???
Lilyrose Lilyrose . 1 day ago
Kaylee Ramser Kaylee Ramser . 1 day ago
Updated version of “IT TAKES TWO” lol
Elena Young Elena Young . 1 day ago
Maddie you can just tell your mom her phone out in the pool
David Garcia David Garcia . 1 day ago
David 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
Ava & Naomi's World Ava & Naomi's World . 2 days ago
Ava & Naomi's World Ava & Naomi's World . 2 days ago
Ava & Naomi's World Ava & Naomi's World . 2 days ago
Ava & Naomi's World Ava & Naomi's World . 2 days ago
Aubree Arnold Aubree Arnold . 2 days ago
My birthday is July 11
Thaddeus Thaddeus . 2 days ago
I loved it do a lot more
Georgia Jameslee Georgia Jameslee . 2 days ago
I was ok youn
Georgia Jameslee Georgia Jameslee . 2 days ago
Darnisha Johnson Darnisha Johnson . 2 days ago
my birthday
Emily Emily . 2 days ago
wait i remember a movie kinda like this???
Cool Kids Cool Kids . 2 days ago
Hi I love your videos
Lydia Lomo Lydia Lomo . 2 days ago
Skye Mousley Skye Mousley . 2 days ago
This video reminds me of the program the parent trap where twins get separated and find each other at camp and get there families back together I love that program
Michelle Daniels Michelle Daniels . 2 days ago
I think I saw in the back round that Rebecca and Maddie are neighbors
Eva Cooper Eva Cooper . 2 days ago
I love you vids❤️❤️❤️❤️
Esther Gucci Esther Gucci . 2 days ago
Esther Gucci Esther Gucci . 2 days ago
Mat is wearing the Same shirt
Nancy Djadda Nancy Djadda . 2 days ago
is this inspired from the parent trap?
Everly McCormick Everly McCormick . 2 days ago
Love this
susan woo susan woo . 3 days ago
Harper Baldwin Harper Baldwin . 3 days ago
Hi my name is Harper
Ayana Rahman Ayana Rahman . 3 days ago
Hi I'm a big fan
Ayana Rahman Ayana Rahman . 3 days ago
Hi am a big fan and I can't get merch yet
Maizie hart Maizie hart . 3 days ago
I dont have a twin but one of my brothers look like me and my dad
baby josh technoblade 2.0 baby josh technoblade 2.0 . 3 days ago
Two blonde grills cannot play baseball na na na bu bu
•Anime girl playz • •Anime girl playz • . 3 days ago
Reminds me of parent trap
Saida sheppard Saida sheppard . 3 days ago
Lisa Lambright Lisa Lambright . 3 days ago
This reminds me of The Parent Trap
Jelly Little potato 🥔 Jelly Little potato 🥔 . 3 days ago
It was hilarious when they said what did you say 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣💗💗💗♎️♎️♎️♎️♎️ you can tell Av and Libra and you know what I say I’m ramming today yay yeah yeah yeah yeah
Anna JOHNSTONE Anna JOHNSTONE . 3 days ago
I got so emotional through this video.
Anna JOHNSTONE Anna JOHNSTONE . 3 days ago
Omg I love your videos Rebecca

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