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Published on 3 weeks ago

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Series - The Sopranos

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Queso Blanco Queso Blanco . 3 weeks ago
The drop on his one is perfect. "Ju gawt a be on-a ju hat."
shashank raghumudri shashank raghumudri . 3 hours ago
bruv bruv . 4 hours ago
Moral of the show The Sopranos: Italians MUST solve every single issue with threats and violence with a funny voice.
Larry Maxwell Larry Maxwell . 4 hours ago
Lousy mafia thugs are just like these actors, criminals and murders and people make heroes out of them! They're just dumb ignorant criminals!
Mario Legend Mario Legend . 6 hours ago
MrJamesdryable MrJamesdryable . 9 hours ago
If this was today the doctor would have started filming him.
Donna Persiani Donna Persiani . 23 hours ago
God I love this shop.Tony is beyond fabulous
NotNoriLol NotNoriLol . 1 day ago
as a mafia mem- sorry- Italian, this is how we generally get answers
Andrew Markel Andrew Markel . 1 day ago
Gay show
Tyler Nicely Tyler Nicely . 1 day ago
People are too young. The Dr. Has a recorder. Why Tony said remember it. FYI. This was in 2001. Any mobile phone back then would have a large antenna...
Andrew Gordon Andrew Gordon . 1 day ago
I feel like they should've had a silenced pistol just to make the point clear.
John Legend John Legend . 2 days ago
That grin on Tony’s face is scary.
RIP big guy 😘

Here’s a token of my appreciation for all you did for my uncle. 👍

Famous line used by doctors.
“Call my office”
Corey Mack Corey Mack . 2 days ago
Tony: answer his phone calls…..

Also Tony: Slaps phone out of doctor’s hand: “Just remember it”.
KXLLA KXLLA . 2 days ago
Me personally I wouldn't think that level of disrespect
Infes Gaming Infes Gaming . 2 days ago
Truth be told I’m growing exponentially more curious about what the doc had been thinking when his phone hit the water
birch98 birch98 . 2 days ago
Perfect use of the carrot and stick method
Ethan Mac Ethan Mac . 2 days ago
he is confusing respect with fear, and to those that think fear is better you are a violent bully and fear inspires others to take you out for their own safety, unlike respect which inspires others to risk their life to protect you!
Todd Rife Todd Rife . 2 days ago
Italian logic is so substantial!
Zakatoke Zakatoke . 2 days ago
The Sopranos - The biggest children and hard-headed fools I've ever seen in any media depiction ever... Logic means nothing to them
Juan Jose Juan Jose . 2 days ago
I would've grab the club And honest both of their asses
Rukshan Perera Rukshan Perera . 2 days ago
What is the name of the background music?
basslv3 basslv3 . 3 days ago
And they turn, and promptly get the grey matter clacked out of their fucking heads. Why do people like this stupid ass show
Stephanie Stephanie . 3 days ago
Stupida facking game
B B . 3 days ago
I think there was no bee on the doctor’s hat and that “Mr. Williams” which is actually Furio (I wondered how they looked so similar), just knocked it off to bully him and intimidate him. Also that Tony didn’t give him a gift rather he forced him to accept a bribe so he has a favor on him.
devis nasir devis nasir . 3 days ago
So 2 guys go up to 1 unexpecting guy and intimidate him. 2 poessies walk up to a prepared savage then try walking away. Weak ass gangsta culture. Dullusional idiots.
Dr. Weeknd Dr. Weeknd . 3 days ago
Furio always taking care of people. Just remember it!
Toots own horn Toots own horn . 3 days ago
Ayo supervisor O'Boyle
Afri Cola Afri Cola . 3 days ago
Mr. Oboyle
Frank Jacob Frank Jacob . 3 days ago
Too bad it was him who told junior to get a second opinion i.e chemo. Cause Kennedy wanted to put him under knife again.
Kee Hong Kee Hong . 3 days ago
Once u go against a dr they do act arrogant
gaurav kumar gaurav kumar . 3 days ago
Series name please
Patrick Michael Kronin Patrick Michael Kronin . 3 days ago
I hate bullies and bad doctors. Both these jamokes suck. Glamorizing thugs doesn’t help society. It only inspires the crazies to come out of the woodwork. Why do you think Trump got elected. There can’t be anything worse than that. And the thugs are thriving right now. The swamp got a lot worse after this show. Put 2 and 2 together. Vigilante criminals suck as bad as dirty cops and I despise gang violence no matter who portrays it.
Sound Guy Sound Guy . 3 days ago
At least he got a free club
00 BankZ 00 BankZ . 3 days ago
Also Walter White’s cancer doctor
lakmeister lakmeister . 3 days ago
Akways wanted to play....but I always think " stupeedah fuckin game? Besides too many tories there!!!
Nathaniel Eden Nathaniel Eden . 3 days ago
Nour Isfengeh Nour Isfengeh . 3 days ago
MiamiBeach sunny days MiamiBeach sunny days . 3 days ago
Furious he never impressed me they could have gotten someone else to play him he's too soft to European looking.
YahudahThe LionKing YahudahThe LionKing . 4 days ago
Seriously, he was probably going to forget that meeting and he’s a “doctor”?..🙄
Korby Korb Korby Korb . 4 days ago
Low IQ people always think Golf is stupid 😂
Nick Zumbo Nick Zumbo . 4 days ago
This is exactly what needs to happen to doctors in this day of age lots of shady ones in the business to take your money and keep you sick.
Anthony Colaiuta 🇮🇹 Anthony Colaiuta 🇮🇹 . 4 days ago
You never fuck with a wise guy
Gabriel Baynunn Gabriel Baynunn . 4 days ago
Leather jackets will never go out of style.
Herbert Donnell Gray III Herbert Donnell Gray III . 4 days ago
Tony was a master of intimidation
8P8C 8P8C . 4 days ago
Vagina music again...
Joshua Ohizua Joshua Ohizua . 4 days ago
Me personally I would never let someone do me like that but thats just me...
Boycie 2.0 Boycie 2.0 . 4 days ago
I bet he gave chandler bings ass a real good smack after this
Stargazer 1 Stargazer 1 . 4 days ago
Mr. WILLIAMS (Furio) 🤣🤣🤣 was soo nice that he risked getting stung by that bee.
Ling Yan Yan Ling Yan Yan . 4 days ago
I know this is just for laugh, but when you trying to joke around with life and death honestly is not really cool
Papasito Z Papasito Z . 4 days ago
Furio bones down 🍆Carmela Soprano😂😂😂

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