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Sua Música

Sua Música

Published on 2 years ago

---Everybody Loves An Outlaw - I SEE RED - ( 1 HOUR )
Everybody Loves An Outlaw - I SEE RED - ( 1 HOUR )
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a s t h e t i c g i r l a s t h e t i c g i r l . 3 days ago
y’all making this song sexually but realize it’s about murder
neslihan neslihan . 4 weeks ago
Dejaré mi comentario en español, fascinante está canción.
Desiree Foust Desiree Foust . 1 month ago
Always on in the shower or getting naked!! Lol
A Bertram A Bertram . 2 months ago
Omg I fininesid this and so good
Alejandro Espinosa Alejandro Espinosa . 2 months ago
In my country sharing this song is risky due to the murders and disappearances of women
Rafael Karamoy Rafael Karamoy . 2 months ago
thanks for making a 1 hour version so i can play it when i have sex
UwUgaming UwUgaming . 2 months ago
Rosimere Gallott Pereira licketeneld Rosimere Gallott Pereira licketeneld . 3 months ago
Nossa amei essa música,.não sai da minha cabeça....ate a dança
💕Brookieeee💕 💕Brookieeee💕 . 4 months ago
this song is literally my favorite song
RaM RaM . 6 months ago
kilisy kilisy . 6 months ago
alguien en 2021??
Michelle Tylor Michelle Tylor . 7 months ago
Did you Just say... ❤️🥴🥴🥴🥴
Michelle Tylor Michelle Tylor . 7 months ago
Did you really think..... What if they don't think at all or Just can't anymore
Grazie Aringo Grazie Aringo . 7 months ago
Because of this song my dominant side is going crazy
Michelle Tylor Michelle Tylor . 7 months ago
I see Red.... Red... Red.....
Michelle Tylor Michelle Tylor . 7 months ago
Onyx Onyx . 7 months ago
People say its a sex song, nah its literally a song about murdering someone.
The effect that brings all of You to THIS KIND OF STATE - is the highest level of the ATTRACTIVENESS OF THIS WORLD. The effect is nothing else than the combination of a sin and the MENTAL PAIN and somehow - the excitement of it.
The lyrics, but also the entire performance is telling about the unbelievable pAiN.. But also about that how the eVil can get so quickly any soul through the siN which is very dangerous - and to KILL someone's HEART through the despair and the suffering..
I can tell that THEY even used a special HARMONY'S
To make that any of listener's can feel what They did in this sonG. So much EMO!! But..
They have used the very Special Harmony's OF A HOW TO FEEL THE SIN FOR and the PAIN at ONCE FOR REAL. They did this on the BRIEGE in this sonG. I can tell that this CREW They KNEW what they doing - in my opinion. You can call their a system or a magic or whatever You like, but know ONE THING - IT can be used to control people. MICHAEL JACKSON and his CREW did the same ...
Every heart and soul and every brain has it's own tones and sounding of a Every One EMOTION ... 🙃 So when You are listening to a song and can feel some strange vibrations inside Your vains - THAT Means THIS IS IT.
jordan cubillas jordan cubillas . 7 months ago
I don't understand, why that's girl see red?? Xd
Maria Chiappa Maria Chiappa . 8 months ago
When i here this i think of my best friend who betrayed me by talking bad behind my back ...i want to see red...
Khotso Kaytso_Lejoy❤️ Khotso Kaytso_Lejoy❤️ . 9 months ago
Am so in love with this song❤️😭🤭it just touch my soul,
Pink.lemonade Pink.lemonade . 11 months ago
Lyrics: I see red, red
Me: I see rain, rain ☔
Hunter Leigh Scarlett Hunter Leigh Scarlett . 12 months ago
Currently listening to this whilst doing rp 😂
Diana salvatore Diana salvatore . 1 year ago
I want to comment but idk what to comment

{•Music _Lover•} {•Music _Lover•} . 1 year ago
To everyone who thinks this is some sort of sex song or something:
Y'all do realize that the lyrics are abt a guy who cheats on a girl and then she gets mad so she wants to kill him and/or the person who he cheated with, right?? And that this song was made in like 2018 and 365 Days was made in 2020, right?? Please tell me you do-
Here's all the lyrics incase you don't:

Did you really think
I'd just forgive and forget, no
After catching you with her
Your blood should run cold, so cold

You, you two-timing, cheap lying, wannabe
You're a fool if you thought that I'd just let this go

I see red, red, oh red
A gun to your head, head, to your head
Now all I see is red, red, red

Did you really just say
She didn't mean anything, oh
I'll remember those words
When I come for your soul, your soul

Know that you, you dug your own grave, now lie in it
You're so cruel, but revenge is a dish best served cold

I see red, red, oh red
A gun to your head, head, to your head, oh
Executioner style, and there won't be no trial
Don't you know that you're better off dead
All I see is red, red, oh red
Now all I see is

Run, hide
Oh, you're so done
Better sleep with one eye open tonight

I see red, red, oh red, oh
A gun to your head, head, to your head, oh
Executioner style, and there won't be no trial
Don't you know that you're better off dead
All I see is red, red, oh red
Now all I see is red, red

Read them _carefully_ and then tell me if that sounds like a song abt sex or something
Steve Skeats Steve Skeats . 1 year ago
Best song I've heard in ages... Got it on repeat lol 👍
Carlos Orduño Carlos Orduño . 1 year ago
Ya está la música ahora lo que sigue....
Oceans5april Oceans5april . 1 year ago
Why does this song unleash my inner freak every single time? 🤣I love it so much.
Princess Princess . 1 year ago
You should make a 10 hour one
Kendy Campos Kendy Campos . 1 year ago
Omg I use it just bc. Yeah yeaaaahh
Sara Sara . 1 year ago
so i was meeting my boyfriend of long distance after a month , we have talked about kissing and everything but didn't plan to do it or agreed upon. So i went to his home and nobody was there except us. He suggested to play songs on the speakers and I set my playlist ...and this song was in that playlist along with love is a bitch . He came closer to me and we went down to kissing and you know -
The whole time the erotic playlist was playing and this song came on the perfect moment .
emo_edsheeran101 emo_edsheeran101 . 1 year ago
not me reading wattpad to this song
Hanh Nguyen Hanh Nguyen . 1 year ago
tell me : That song, What kind of music ? please !!!!
C&Cmusic C&Cmusic . 1 year ago
jhony monsefu jhony monsefu . 1 year ago
Messi rve
are you lost BaBy GoRl are you lost BaBy GoRl . 1 year ago
ArE yOu LoSt BaBy GoOrRrLlLl
Eli Overton Eli Overton . 1 year ago
This is funny someone made an among us version of this on tiktok
Your Sleep Paralysis Demon Your Sleep Paralysis Demon . 1 year ago
Is there a 10 hour version somewhere😔
Candela Candela . 1 year ago
Gracias,es un regalo,súper cómodo para aprender esta maravillosa canción,gracias de nuevo
Simeon Smerdzhiev Simeon Smerdzhiev . 1 year ago
"dont provoke not going to be gentle,,
Reby71 Reby71 . 1 year ago
I would dedicate this song to all the people who in life have made me suffer so much, without perhaps even apologizing or at least trying to fix it.
Now I only see red, I only see red, oh red.
Azure Azure . 1 year ago
Me when listening to this song: *screams the lyrics so hard that my ex that cheated on me can hear it*

Maria Albornoz Maria Albornoz . 1 year ago
Marissa Manno Marissa Manno . 1 year ago
Love this song
luciano dell anno luciano dell anno . 1 year ago
is love yuo
luisb luisb . 1 year ago
El comentario en español UwU :)
Xylo uwu Xylo uwu . 1 year ago
This is a good song for jealousy
Bunny Bunny . 1 year ago
It's wattpad O clock
Destiny A_L Destiny A_L . 1 year ago
i was drawing Dabi while listening this....not a very good idea

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