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The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

Published on 3 months ago

James had a big realization: if you want to fill a dance floor, put on a hit from the 1980s. But Lizzo shows up with The Filharmonic to remind him about the bangers coming out today like Harry Styles's "Watermelon Sugar" and "Butter" from BTS. After they settle the score with a Riff Off, the two team up to get everyone dancing to her hit "Juice."

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The Late Late Show with James Corden The Late Late Show with James Corden . 3 months ago
It's the "Hi Jimin!" for me
JLuVeeGee JLuVeeGee . 4 hours ago
I love Lizzo's positivity, but that dress is atrocious
ladyapollonia ladyapollonia . 12 hours ago
James is right in general, but there are a few modern bangers that make me dance. "Juice" is one of them. "Watermelon Sugar" just makes me sing along.
kush smoke420 kush smoke420 . 14 hours ago
Lizzo = a chocolate covered double marshmallow wrapped inside a blue table cover and the table cover is about to tear apart if she eats one more piece of fried chicken 🤢🤮🤮😁😆😅☺️😂🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Shmales Shmales . 24 hours ago
Lizzooooooo!! Love her!!
Maria Powell Maria Powell . 2 days ago
I think they should host American Music Awards I feel it would be so damn ass fun
Carter Watson Carter Watson . 3 days ago
I love her so much haha shes awesome
Taylor Morgan-Young Taylor Morgan-Young . 3 days ago
"Hi Jimin!"
*finger heart*
*mic drop*
"I have to pick that up now don't I?"
I love Lizzo a little a lot
Kamberly Nelson Kamberly Nelson . 3 days ago
@JamesCorden singing Whitney Houston got me.
tt tt . 5 days ago
Crépus & Co Crépus & Co . 5 days ago
Funny but i felt like james was singing better than lizzo on the 1st song. I loved this artist but james killed it!
Tony少 Tony少 . 5 days ago
Actually I think this riff off prove James is right
Tanesha Hart Tanesha Hart . 5 days ago
I love Lizzo too. We need her. OMG
am am . 6 days ago
I wanna this with Justin Bieber
Dyandra Jacobus Dyandra Jacobus . 1 week ago
The dress!!!! I LOVEEEEEEE
Hey from Heather Hey from Heather . 1 week ago
ET Francis ET Francis . 1 week ago
This woman can literally do ANYTHING!!!! U GO QUEEN 👑!!!
R.S R.S . 1 week ago
Dress coordinator 😭😭😭😭😭😭
nettie a nettie a . 1 week ago
JumpStart1979 JumpStart1979 . 1 week ago
She rocks that outfit with so much confidence!
Fake Dude Fake Dude . 1 week ago
Melania Macedo Melania Macedo . 2 weeks ago
I love the 80's and 90's. Best times!
zSultan zSultan . 2 weeks ago
80s w
Suzette C Suzette C . 2 weeks ago
Damn the wardrobe malfunction at 6:25 on the side seam man. Love that color dress and the material. Lizzo rocks!!!!
nicsf1030 nicsf1030 . 2 weeks ago
Qk Hi Grandma, do you have a book somebody pooping in the middle up?
nicsf1030 nicsf1030 . 2 weeks ago
Bowie Boy Bowie Boy . 2 weeks ago
` vargas ` vargas . 2 weeks ago
I love lizzo !
Alex Grace♑️ Alex Grace♑️ . 2 weeks ago
7:59 9:33 yess we want some JUICE
Marley Pup Marley Pup . 2 weeks ago
80’s jam energy
Wayne G Wayne G . 2 weeks ago
She is so out of breath …. Is this even healthy at this point
Nancy Estrada Nancy Estrada . 2 weeks ago
If James Corden has a toxic workplace scandal, I would be extremely disappointed.
Suzanna Rogowski Suzanna Rogowski . 2 weeks ago
Ok but with the argument that 80s music gets you up and dancing, James wins that argument. Songs now a days does hit quite as hard as the 80s music, and that’s coming from a 17 year old.
Gilbert valdez Gilbert valdez . 3 weeks ago
Connie Clay Connie Clay . 3 weeks ago
The 70's was THE BEST DECADE EVAH!!!!!!! 😉
JoDee Dunn JoDee Dunn . 3 weeks ago
Love it!
Marie R Marie R . 3 weeks ago
Philharmonic should be a regular in one of the night shows
Iker del Palacio Iker del Palacio . 3 weeks ago
Why is she wearing garbage bags as a dress? 🤨🤔
Ice Lore Ice Lore . 3 weeks ago
I'm a 40 year old woman, and Lizzo singing BTS was pretty damned amazing. <3 Love her energy.
Kimberly Kreitzer Kimberly Kreitzer . 3 weeks ago
80s is best
Austin B Video’s!!!! Austin B Video’s!!!! . 3 weeks ago
I mean lizzo wasn’t wrong she gets people out there seats
Vicki Garner Vicki Garner . 3 weeks ago
Lizzy is just fantastic, so up for a laugh and a huge bottle of positive vibes 🙌
Kaitlyn Ball Kaitlyn Ball . 3 weeks ago
LOL lizzo forgetting she was competing w james and enjoying his part
Amina Azizi Amina Azizi . 3 weeks ago
So cute "hi Jimin"
Ashlee Aguero Ashlee Aguero . 3 weeks ago
Omg she sang Butter by BTS 😍
I love everything about Lizzo her confidence & sassiness!!!!
Andres T Andres T . 3 weeks ago
2022's we have harry styles, taylor swift, lizzo, demmi lovato, whiz kalifa, megan trainor, camila cabello, justin bieber and more,
- the 80's : we have whitney houston
2022's: ok you win
Yazmine Symonette Yazmine Symonette . 3 weeks ago
She could barely move in that dress
Honeyyyy sweat a little bit it helps. Ya thicker mamas need a bit of help.
Peter Price Peter Price . 3 weeks ago
That’s not a riff off though…
Windlove Rojo Windlove Rojo . 3 weeks ago
BTS!!! Lizzo!!! 💜💜🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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