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Published on 2 weeks ago

Heracles fights the Monkey King!
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GojiraBH GojiraBH . 5 minutes ago
This was a painfully one-sided battle, considering how powerful Wukong truly is, which was left out, to an extent, Hercules never stood even the slightest chance
Spyder Primus28 Spyder Primus28 . 10 minutes ago
In the bio for Sun Wukong, what is the video game that's being played?
SupremeKai God SupremeKai God . 23 minutes ago
can y’all please do benimaru from fire force vs mereoleona from black clover that would be so good
Oscar Oscar . 1 hour ago
I think the fight could have been fair if u just made sun at the era before he erased his name from death I mean ik that death battle can’t put it at a equal fight for everything but it’s very annoying when they have characters like this fight ghost rider vs lobo is the only exception because at least johhny actually had a way to win this is like having Batman fight deadpool because despite bats having more skill it skill doesn’t do anything when u cant even hurt them
Emanuel Galvan Emanuel Galvan . 2 hours ago
The monkey king almost sounds like Sam I am from green eggs and ham
[𝗺𝗶𝘁𝘇𝘂𝗸𝗶] - ♡ [𝗺𝗶𝘁𝘇𝘂𝗸𝗶] - ♡ . 2 hours ago
Death battle please make this video request! 🥺
[𝗺𝗶𝘁𝘇𝘂𝗸𝗶] - ♡ [𝗺𝗶𝘁𝘇𝘂𝗸𝗶] - ♡ . 2 hours ago
Please make Goku vs Superman 3 and make it the season finale
Don Basuras Don Basuras . 2 hours ago
Missed opportunity to use the Monkey Magic theme song!
Glider Goku Glider Goku . 2 hours ago
Why does Hercules myth sound like kratos
GilliganKrueger0829 GilliganKrueger0829 . 3 hours ago
So somebody correct me if my grasp of Greek mythology is inaccurate, but there’s one items here that contradicts my understanding. (And this is based off of my teachings on actual mythology, not just Disney’s Hercules)

The analysis suggests that Heracles is very clever and creative, but that’s never what I was told. I was under the impression that he was almost entirely brawn and not exactly very high on the intelligence totem pole. Like he was pretty much a ridiculously strong jock who kind of just used brute force to solve his problems as opposed to strategy.

It doesn’t change the outcome of the fight, I’d say it makes the result more accurate in fact, it’s just something I was always told. Has my understanding been inaccurate all these years?
Martez Abston Martez Abston . 4 hours ago
Not even so much as the outcome, but it's the animation that we all picture how it would go 🔥🔥🔥
BNTYHNTRJakal 5 BNTYHNTRJakal 5 . 5 hours ago
Wish it was Disney's Herc with his epic ness of throwing gods out of the universe.
Logan Olson Logan Olson . 6 hours ago
17:47 did anyone else notice that Hercules’s swing had the star constellations and sun’s swing had Chinese symbols during it?
Vitor Vieira Vitor Vieira . 6 hours ago
This is ART
howlingcommandose howlingcommandose . 8 hours ago
I second that out come.
Rrezon Fazlija Rrezon Fazlija . 8 hours ago
Who’s your favorite god in mythology
PANYHK PANYHK . 9 hours ago
Anyone know the songs that play when they give the bios of the 2 fighters?
Tim Tim . 10 hours ago
I adore the battles of God level entities. Truely titanic battles
Daryal Daryal . 10 hours ago
like a sh1tty American actor would have steroid overload chance
Sigerlion Sigerlion . 10 hours ago
Wow this animation is on another level. And it's such a fun clash of different cultures. Great job!
Stijn M. Stijn M. . 11 hours ago
6'2 = 208cm? damn i must be like 4ft
NitoKa NitoKa . 11 hours ago
"With Piggsy and Sandy" Oh so Death Battle watches Overly Sarcastic Productions too, good to know!
GuileHunter GuileHunter . 11 hours ago
I think this would have been more interesting if they had put Wukong against another magical god or demihuman. Sure, Hercules was unimaginably strong but he had no chance against Wukong. I knew the winner before I even started watching.
dimension visitor dimension visitor . 13 hours ago
I like how it was said to be an apple, but they draw a potato
Galbatorix Hacks Galbatorix Hacks . 13 hours ago
This fight is the literal definition of "you picked a fight with the wrong one"
Malicious Mollusc Malicious Mollusc . 21 hours ago
Well yeah.
Monkey King can't actually die, while Greek Gods died regularly.
Jose Jose . 21 hours ago
I’d love a match a between Cthulhu vs another great old god
jo wilson jo wilson . 23 hours ago
Hercules is nowhere near the power of wu kong the monkey king white man
NO MERCY NO MERCY . 23 hours ago
More mythology vs MCU or DC
Gengstaboy978 Gengstaboy978 . 24 hours ago
Wukong vs Doomsday
Wukong vs Popeye
Wukong vs Flash
Wukong vs Apocalypse
Wrong vs The Mask

Endless possibilities
Cosome 3658 Cosome 3658 . 1 day ago
Nicolas Smith Nicolas Smith . 1 day ago
This battle was fun but I loved hearing about the lore and background of both characters. I never heard of either and I loved it.
Ray Combs Ray Combs . 1 day ago
Would love to see Death Battle have Omni Man vs Doomsday
sl33py sl33py . 1 day ago
after the popye one i dont believe you anymore
Kereon The Fallen Kereon The Fallen . 1 day ago
So Western superhero stories vs Eastern Eastern superhero stories aka Superman vs Goku.
Do Fus Do Fus . 1 day ago
Death Battles are literally the age old game of "who would win in a fight?" Some matcheas are one sided, some are too close to call. So if a Death Battle happens and its a one sided stomp, just remember that you voted for it. You asked for it. You don't like it? That one is on you.
Daniel torres González Daniel torres González . 1 day ago
Before watching the video I know that wukong is the type of character that seems like the oc of some kid making it stupidly strong, based on that I don¿t think Hercules stand a chance
Kelston Cordell Kelston Cordell . 1 day ago
Achilles vs baldur
The Tempter The Tempter . 1 day ago
Definitely do some more God battles.

Ra Vs Zeus would be a nice one or any of the main pantheons Vs another.
Elon Bezos Elon Bezos . 1 day ago
Oh my god, I wanted a death battle about two mythological persons that drew only from their myths and no piece of media, and I finally got it.

But, honestly, this is way too lopsided. Sun-Wukong is a being that is 5 (or 6...?) times immortal, stronger than most gods, and could beat up the entirety of heaven so badly that Budda had to come and put him in time-out for being a bad boy. While Hercules is a mortal - albeit a powerful one- but sill a mortal.

edit: Also you missed one method of immortality- during the great peach festival, The booze he drunk was immortal wine.

so ya.
Ar1steia Ar1steia . 1 day ago
Wukong is basically the definition of "absolutely completely broken levels of overpowered with the irresponsiblity to boot", I'm surprised the fight was depicted as close as it was tbh
King of The Zinger King of The Zinger . 1 day ago
Brains beats brawn once again.
jabisu jabisu . 1 day ago
hercules has infinite strength and potential being stronger than atlas who can casually hold up an infinite heaven that continues to grow with one hand, if he wanted to he could take a forced step and wipe out the entire universe infinitely, infinite strength would also mean infinite speed and if he can hit the sun by just firing an arrow, the power he would send it would mean it would land instantly, so faster than light, but in hercules case infinitely faster.., the universe or “cosmic sky” isn’t infinite, it is layered and the monk was able to extend out past it, meaning it is not infinite, the universe in greek mythology actually is infinite though, so ye hercules is literally infinitely more powerful than sun wukong and realistically that blow would not hurt hercules givin how powerful he is, something weaker to arguably just as powerful as him would not kill him, if naruto hit naruto with naruto, naruto will not one shot him self, so let’s say the cosmic sky is infinite that means they’re equally powerful or atleast not strong enough to kill the other

but infinite in taoism is like this 🚫 with all the layers in the middle, and the last being the edge, infinite in greek mythology is like an infinite plane of existence, so something infinite in size, the cosmic sky is not infinite in size and is bounded, again meaning hercules is infinitely more powerful, but ye this ep was hard
Primus Primus . 1 day ago
Well, that's one way to prove that monke is better than human.
Carolina Gardner Carolina Gardner . 1 day ago
I gotta say, that death battle is definitely one of my best favorite this year😁❤️👍
It’s actually kind of refreshing to see a different death battle for once.
Daniel Elias Daniel Elias . 1 day ago
No that wasn’t dismemberment that was obliteration
Travis Montgomery Travis Montgomery . 1 day ago
I bet Sun Wukong would win.
CosmicG777 CosmicG777 . 1 day ago
This fight and concept was cool but ya'll picked one of the worst match ups. This has to be the most unfair match I have EVER scene on Death Battle.
Ysera Ysera . 1 day ago
Sun Wukong speed is kinda incredible , but 2 thing he cant penetrate.

1. Tripitaka Source
2. Buddha palm

Well obviously Buddha Palm consist multiple different layer
1. Giant realm
2. Demon realm
3. Spirit realm
4. Mid realm ( us , earth )
5. God Realm
6. Upper God Realm
7. Nirvana ( Heaven )
8. Naraka ( Hell )
And much more different multiple universe consisting every step that us Humans took in life , like Alternate when we do this but not that and there's million even trillion even infinite choice that we made in life

And its called Samsara itself.

Samsara means itself as every each action we took and we may not took in other world.

And i like how Hercules point that Sun is a Demon , and its true indeed Sun is a Demon , but too strong to be contained.

Sun before is a demon who achieve enlightement after helping Tong Sam Chong Monk achieve Tripitaka

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