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Published on 2 weeks ago

We return for our first race in Canada for three years! And it kept us on the edge of our seats right up to the chequered flag...

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FORMULA 1 FORMULA 1 . 2 weeks ago
UPDATE: Fernando Alonso is hit with a 5-second time penalty for multiple changes of direction while defending against Valtteri Bottas, and drops to P9. Bottas moves up to P7; Zhou P8.
awnx ruyv awnx ruyv . 2 days ago
What a race, feel bad for Alonso losing out because of strategy. Fantastic job by the top five, mega. Alonso just got a five second penalty. 💀
Jailson Mendonça Jailson Mendonça . 3 days ago
はいてんしょんマジ男 はいてんしょんマジ男 . 3 days ago
zoiu tooi zoiu tooi . 4 days ago
I can't help but admire how consistent Verstappen's driving. Ferrari can't afford another mistakes if they want to win this season
JeSkElA CiVeZeNk JeSkElA CiVeZeNk . 4 days ago
I was delighted with Hamilton. P3
KANG ABAN BAE Channel KANG ABAN BAE Channel . 5 days ago
Mantaaap 👍
super David 1 super David 1 . 5 days ago
Fai vincere la Ferrari
Green Goat Green Goat . 5 days ago
Never liked German bad guys, but I'll give them credit, they have a habit of coming back
Peter Fowke Peter Fowke . 6 days ago
I have enjoy watching the Canadian grand prix race when Sergio Perez did not finish the race but so happy that Max Verstappen finishing 1st and Carlos Sainz 2nd and Lewis Hamilton 3rd George Russell 4th and Charles 5th well done to both drivers.
Antonio Vassallo Antonio Vassallo . 6 days ago
Nelson Piquet, quando parli di Sir Lewis Hamilton, devi pulirti la bocca. Ti devi vergognare.
Cernan Oliveros Cernan Oliveros . 6 days ago
Max almost got hamiltoned after exiting the pit....
nkr dinla nkr dinla . 6 days ago
I felt sorry for Alonso and Perez, I really wanted Alonso to be on the podium
Charlie Cribbin Remnant Charlie Cribbin Remnant . 6 days ago
Les Junker Les Junker . 6 days ago
Let’s goooooo max verstaphen is gonna win f1
Agotech Agotech . 6 days ago
Max Verstappen vs. Lewis Hamilton - Aerodynamically-modulated Active Suspension
YoungDream$ YoungDream$ . 1 week ago
MSV MsV MSV MsV . 1 week ago
Like for verstappen
Cenk Kip Cenk Kip . 1 week ago
macam mana nak buat?
Harish Harish . 1 week ago
Daltira Daltira . 1 week ago
That’s a shame
jeon vlya jeon vlya . 1 week ago
It's obvious Lewis and Valtteri miss each other with all these subtle hints... Lewis- 77 points / Valtteri - 44 points
Haris Kyritsis Haris Kyritsis . 1 week ago
Another win for Verstappen, this time in Canada. Sainz had a huge chance after the safety car to overtake him but it seems that RB is the strongest car right now in the grid and with Leclerc staying out from podium that's catastrophic for Ferrari and him as about the batlle for the championship.
Amazing result for Hamilton. Third place. Not bad after all those problems that he passed with his Mercedes. Let's see if Mercedes will develop more the car.
Let's see what will happen in Silverstone, next week.🏁🤔
Hung Hanh Hung Hanh . 1 week ago
Choosing a project is the same as choosing a house. You put money, believe in what you want it to be as expected, so find out the Tribalpunk project you will not be disappointed ^^
Mmopa Junior Mmopa Mmopa Junior Mmopa . 1 week ago
the overtake of Lewis Hamilton on Max Vestappen made me super happy,Back in the podium.✊🏿✊🏿 Mercedes [email protected] Hamilton 🎉👏👏🔥🇨🇦
joshua joshua joshua joshua . 1 week ago
red bull should bE POWERED BY NEW POESCHE OR AUDI ENGINES when they entered f1
Tconcept 2001 Tconcept 2001 . 1 week ago
That was the highlights?? Geez such a boring race. Where's the excitement??
Robert Scanlan Robert Scanlan . 1 week ago
Vroom vroom at Canada
Leandro Carvalho Leandro Carvalho . 1 week ago
pintou bicampeão
ItzzSpencer ItzzSpencer . 1 week ago
0:43 I heard 'I love the engine.' xD
lathrix army lathrix army . 1 week ago
ive found this years races boring to watch because verstappen wins almost every time
rollingthunder rollingthunder . 2 weeks ago
This is the best track hands down imo
manat31790 manat31790 . 2 weeks ago
Nine races and neither of the Mercedes cars have broken down. Porpoising asides, I'm really impressed with their reliability.
S plays S plays . 2 weeks ago
I am with Lewis and when he was in second place and Verstappen in third I was like yeeees and my brain Verstappen will take the 2 place but also ahhh the old days for 1 minute
David Martinez Baeza David Martinez Baeza . 2 weeks ago
You know one thing I'm going to tell you guys , I think you have to think more about the spectacle of the people who are passionate about F1, it's a shame what you've been doing over the years, Juan Pablo Montoya broke the speed record in Monza in 372 km/h at 20,000 rpm in 2005 and today they barely reach 310 and with the help of Drs 340 km/h at 12,500 rpm, it was much more exciting to see Formula 1, what are you doing wrong? That is the question you have to ask yourself.
quiy dio quiy dio . 2 weeks ago
It's obvious Lewis and Valtteri miss each other with all these subtle hints... Lewis- 77 points / Valtteri - 44 points
Brigitte Eve Andrea Lowther Brigitte Eve Andrea Lowther . 2 weeks ago
The Rustic Collection Ebay Store The Rustic Collection Ebay Store . 2 weeks ago
New sub! Liked 🙏😀✌️
Digner Castro BCBG Digner Castro BCBG . 2 weeks ago
No entiendo porque lecrerc habiendo varios safty car no pudo llegar x lo menos al podiun
Michal Slomian Michal Slomian . 2 weeks ago
Danilo Oliveira Quirino Danilo Oliveira Quirino . 2 weeks ago
44 Project 44 Project . 2 weeks ago
What a great race.
Hammerbloxy 67 Years ago Hammerbloxy 67 Years ago . 2 weeks ago
Let's see if the nascar nashville could be better
david tozer david tozer . 2 weeks ago
thankyou !
Ab Rh Ab Rh . 2 weeks ago
Hey snowflakes let's hate on redbull, their cars faster just like Mercedes back in the days
Teddy Teddy . 2 weeks ago
The new wheels they are using look badass
Funnyshish Funnyshish . 2 weeks ago
Albon: “Where’s Fernando?”
Engineer: “P9”
Albon: “karma!”
Djuka Stojanovic Djuka Stojanovic . 2 weeks ago
Forever Alonso 💗
Logan Colbert Logan Colbert . 2 weeks ago
The most underrated Grand Prix on the calendar.

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