Play / Download T**** Campaign Staff Didn't Notice Film Crew At WH | Johnson Runs Away From Fake Elector Scheme
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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Published on 2 weeks ago

The former president's campaign staff reportedly didn't notice the documentary crew filming at the White House before, during and after January 6th, and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is doing a lousy job of distancing himself from a scheme to submit fake electors to the Vice President. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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jayster.k.wiseguy jayster.k.wiseguy . 2 hours ago
"always trust you car to the man with the cigar"
Bridget Binion Bridget Binion . 2 hours ago
Wisconsin senator and what it looks like when a ghost dies.
R A R A . 9 hours ago
Ok this is tragic but no mention that he is a liberal and Biden supporter in a town with the highest gun control laws a liberal like you broken into any more federal buildings lately
Cleverson Cleverson . 23 hours ago
Awesome! You avoided the Anti-Christ T* name on your title!
wolfpacrule wolfpacrule . 1 day ago
Colbert jokes on right wing conversatards are so funny even my die hard trumptard aunt in Ohio was laughing
wolfpacrule wolfpacrule . 1 day ago
OMG Colbert mockeries of right wing terrorists are spot on and damn HILARIOUS! I ♥ Colbert
oldschooloc oldschooloc . 1 day ago
I still can't believe how mean-spirited so many Europeans are toward Prince Harry (and Dutchess Meagan). Unless something really very weird happens, he's still the "spare," not going to be King! So, people get over it! No worries.
Tim Kielisek Tim Kielisek . 2 days ago
Lucky for Don Johnson trump's not in the Senate then he would be the second dumbest there. After all trump said he wouldn't know a burner phone if he held one in his hand.
Michael Salisbury Michael Salisbury . 3 days ago
Trump belongs in PRISON NOW for High TREASON and

Joe Colling Joe Colling . 3 days ago
Peter Sterling Peter Sterling . 3 days ago
We need the Traitors who tried to Destroy our Precious Democracy in Prison!! Lock them Up!!
Don Quarnstrom Don Quarnstrom . 3 days ago
This happened because twitler actually thought he was going to get away with it.
jeffsiegwart jeffsiegwart . 3 days ago
You generate biased news and pretend it isn't biased. Does that sound like a responsible thing to do?
Ethan Hull Ethan Hull . 3 days ago
Why the fuck is trump bleeped like a cus word? Odd
J Garbo J Garbo . 4 days ago
Trump's "protected". He'll walk and the big boys know...Stephen doesn't; he's just a shill .
Mark Furst Mark Furst . 4 days ago
It’s a good time to remind people where Ron the Johnson spent the 4th of July 2018… Moscow with several other Goopers as Putin’s invited guests.
Thunder unit00 Thunder unit00 . 4 days ago
Oh god that is the worse interrogation method ever! head juice dripping in your mouth
Rosie Outlook Rosie Outlook . 4 days ago
The announcement of the package dates back to the Lockerbie plane bombing when the bomber could not get the bomb on with his pregnant girl friend (really wanted that baby, did he not?) so handed it to a little boy in line in the body of a boom box.
its personal its personal . 4 days ago
Can’t wait for all the tapes to come out of these criminals. Lock them all up.
Fascisti President Fascisti President . 4 days ago
It's 100 percent clear, Donald Trump commited TREASON against our country. The penalty is prison time. Our DOJ in our United States needs to act. Thank you. It's time.
Jen Temcio Jen Temcio . 4 days ago
Brilliant comedic genius!!!! ♥️♥️♥️
Janice Farmer Janice Farmer . 4 days ago
The real shame is that the Republicans cult believes all the lies, refuses to see evidence. They continue to follow blindly..
dog w dog w . 5 days ago
whats sad is trumps not in office and the bs with the leftists just will never stop..they must realy be scared to death of him thats why still the relentless b.s. biden won but still the relentless b.s.unbelieveable .but still people like paying well over 5 or 6 or 7 bucks a gallon of gas.and climbing and open boarders where who knows who is comming in here..take care of the real problems and stop blaming others for any of it.
Ondřej Věříš Ondřej Věříš . 5 days ago
Phone screen goes off when you talk to someone on the phone. You are presenting an accusation by someone as a fact.
Cesar Cataldi Cesar Cataldi . 5 days ago
doubt about it! Donald wants to tell a story to hide his own fear and
inability to take any responsibility for what he must do! Lie or not,
the story tells the story of the coward and unable to do anything that
might hold him responsible in the the position of leader of his
followers! He likes money at the expense of others and absolutely
nothing else!
absolutely right! Someone told her to testify to Donald's courage!
Someone who would obviously be Donald's own team or himself! Thus he
would be doubly exalted, as a victim and as a courageous hero! A Rambo
type, just like you want to see him! Not fat and cowardly, no, brave and
muscular! Ready! The lie is told in he's favor in a court that wants to
get the FACTS! We finally think in a similar way!
Coward and super liar simulated a fake drama for whoever was by his
side, on the day of the invasion, simulating the desire to go to the
Capitol! He knew that he would be stopped and that he would watch
everything on TV! He therefore falsely acted the courage to do this, the
courageous intention to do something in the position of leader of his
followers, a non-existent intention because he felt fear! But he didn't
want his followers to know that fear!! Coward! He would never do that!
Never! He just pushes, for the others see his strength, the president of
a small Balkan republic! Ah...! Poor Donaldin, how cute, he wanted so
much! Give him a pacifier so he can put it in the pacifier's mouth so he
doesn't cry! Ah! Why would it be dangerous for Trump to go with his
followers and the capitol invaders? They were supporters and they were
there and some of them were armed? Don't give me lies and more lies to
excuse the cowardice of this super cowardly liar opportunist!
W W . 5 days ago
Politicians and police lie about everything.
Yike E Yike E . 5 days ago
Potus On meth?
Did Colbert not say after Trump lost, he would stop the Trump comedy?
Mark Urbanski Mark Urbanski . 5 days ago
Johnson will look great in that orange jumpsuit!
NeoNexus DeMortis NeoNexus DeMortis . 6 days ago
So, it's finally come to the point we have to blur his name, and refuse to say it. Wow, what a new low we've hit, just to not upset the far right...
Mark Scott Mark Scott . 6 days ago
Ask the camera crew for tapes on the Toilet Flushing!!!!
Roland Davis Roland Davis . 6 days ago
You pay them.
PT Pavlos PT Pavlos . 6 days ago
Hilarious 🤣 The bit on Johnson had me in tears. Classic Colbert.
Jay Jay . 7 days ago
Ah this bitch lost his no. 1 spot to Mr Gregg Gutfield, who is now the hottest thing on Late night tv.
I think this guy was the cause of why cnn have been kicked out of airports. White powder, hunter biden here is he, hey hunter biden
George Carlin George Carlin . 1 week ago
Show sucks
George Carlin George Carlin . 1 week ago
God, stop blowing democrats!
Joy Porcella Joy Porcella . 1 week ago
M Martin M Martin . 1 week ago
"I can see your screen..." All the better for sounding like Kermit !
X X . 1 week ago
I remember when I could watch Colbert and laugh. Now no matter how clever or how stupid it's just not funny anymore.
Gwin Willis Gwin Willis . 1 week ago
hello people
mathsalot mathsalot . 1 week ago
Hiring a lawyer for Wisconsin named "Kenneth Chesebro" is exactly the sort of thing the former president would do. Especially after he called dairy farmers " local milk people" a few years ago.
kebo malunga kebo malunga . 1 week ago
Killed it as always❣️
OneThousandHomoDJs OneThousandHomoDJs . 1 week ago
Someone a lot smarter than I am pointed out recently that republicans have fallen into a mindset where they literally believe that theirs are the only opinion(s) that matter(s), to the point where, for the good of the nation, no one else, REALLY, should be permitted to vote. There is no other way to interpret their efforts to discredit or undermine votes in predominantly black areas. None.

The 2022 GOP has clearly decided that "one person, one vote" might be a little too generous and socialism-y.

America supposedly started because people didn't want to live under a king or a religious leader of any kind. Now, the republicans have brought us all the way back around, to where they would really prefer to have their own king, who could never be questioned, and fealty to whom would be a measure of one's worth. They'd also really love to have a pope, apparently, to force their own particular brand of Christianity down everyone else's throat, after decades of complaining that anyone ELSE who is trying to change things for the better is "forcing their beliefs down my throat," in the form of horrendous things such as recycling.

So now America needs either a king or a pope, according to the right. A mere president is no longer what the forefathers envisioned, evidently............
Charles McCormick Charles McCormick . 1 week ago
Ty. C d bfg
Maga'sSupremacist👿Leader Maga'sSupremacist👿Leader . 1 week ago
Maga'sSupremacist👿Leader Maga'sSupremacist👿Leader . 1 week ago
Cheesy bro but hilarious 👍 😆 👍
J Productions J Productions . 1 week ago
Hopefully, we had learned to value the power of votes and come out there even if we don't like the Democratic candidate. Hilary was not the best, but she was definitely a better choice than Trump, as evidenced by what we know now.
Leo Lion Leo Lion . 1 week ago
Gee Ron Johnson a crook, you mean another one ? Another psycho in the government that’s just another day in the life
atalacus43 atalacus43 . 1 week ago
Solid Vecna reference.
Dr. Nancy Living-Co-creatively Dr. Nancy Living-Co-creatively . 1 week ago
Califugula lives.
Dr. Nancy Living-Co-creatively Dr. Nancy Living-Co-creatively . 1 week ago
I have felt many of these idiot are mules. Guess I need to look up the movie.

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