Play / Download Coach saves American swimmer Anita Alvarez after she faints at World Championships
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Published on 2 weeks ago

Aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News at 9 on June 23, 2022.

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Boris Konsam Boris Konsam . 13 hours ago
Great Coach Salute You 👍👍👌
Freddie Mercury Bulsara Freddie Mercury Bulsara . 22 hours ago
Most of the news yesterday lady lost purse and this one. Looks all scripted
lam jing lam jing . 22 hours ago
best coach of the years ❤️🌍
awnx ruyv awnx ruyv . 2 days ago
Shout out to the coach for acting quickly and being alert to knowing when something doesn’t feel right
GuerraEspiritual 88 GuerraEspiritual 88 . 2 days ago
V a x x e d
joy castorico joy castorico . 3 days ago
the lifeguard thought he or she at the beach.
Ur secret gay bf Ur secret gay bf . 4 days ago
All because of politicians
Bubb. Bubb. . 4 days ago
Coach is basically like mom or dad # 2. They know.
Dahrii Living Dahrii Living . 4 days ago
We want to see the video of the incident.
Akash indian Negi Akash indian Negi . 4 days ago
lauleneke lauleneke . 5 days ago
Amazing coach
fatehyabali fatehyabali . 5 days ago
LA POV 4K LA POV 4K . 5 days ago
world class athlete faints? BS. clot induced stroke?
Bryson Fields Bryson Fields . 5 days ago
Probably had just had a covid vaccine smh wake up people even if this wasnt caused by this
Robert Cornelius Robert Cornelius . 5 days ago
Was the lifeguard a Millennial on her phone?
Dane Endly Dane Endly . 5 days ago
Lifeguard isn't in the water until the coach has her up all the way on the surface?
Evolve Evolve . 5 days ago
I don’t know why but this made me tear up. The swimmer might be pushing herself too hard and I feel bad
Frank Frank . 5 days ago
I bet she is Vaxxed.
BroLoCo BroLoCo . 6 days ago
We always laugh at the lifeguard in swimming contest, the one time there was an emergency, they did nothing.
Kndr Mndr Kndr Mndr . 6 days ago
Twin Twin . 6 days ago
That’s the second time passing out in the water. She needs to stop swimming and call it quits. Her life is more important
Malhi, Aman Deep S. Malhi, Aman Deep S. . 6 days ago
God bless
Steelers Steelers . 6 days ago
Every swimmer need a coach like that to risk her life to save sher swimmer or someone else...hell with the life guard fire them all....
AA AA AA AA . 6 days ago
This is racism ... Period
Brie 🇺🇦 Brie 🇺🇦 . 6 days ago
I’m just glad this ended how it did, and we aren’t watching a very different report on this right now.
T_MONEY T_MONEY . 6 days ago
Real swimmer real woman
T_MONEY T_MONEY . 6 days ago
Real swimmer real woman
knot SF knot SF . 6 days ago
Failing at the only job you were hired to do…..sheesh!! Kudos to the coach 👏🏽👏🏽
Jesus Christ Jesus Christ . 6 days ago
Obviously The Coach was the True Life Guard on Duty!!!
Steven Fair Steven Fair . 6 days ago
Imagine being on literally the biggest stage any lifeguard could possibly be on and letting this happen. Doofs
Toxichammertoe Toxichammertoe . 6 days ago
That life guard is soooooooo fired!
askapk askapk . 6 days ago
Not only is it her responsibility as her coach, but also her income. 😅 Too soon?
Shameca Putnam Shameca Putnam . 6 days ago
I wonder if she was possibly drugged 🤔
brandon johnson brandon johnson . 6 days ago
Well there a lifeguard somewhere gonna get fired.
Paul Paul . 6 days ago
Why is actual video footage of this incident impossible to find???
Lars Saint Morning Glory Lars Saint Morning Glory . 6 days ago
That's terrifying
Mohamed Gaafar Mohamed Gaafar . 6 days ago
How can she keep air in her mouth while fainting is that possible?
djolivierastro djolivierastro . 6 days ago
completely normal nowadays top athletes collapsing or dying at unprecedented rates ...
Lina Chan Lina Chan . 6 days ago
No se ve nadA
Andre Yusin Andre Yusin . 6 days ago
Synchronized swimming solo event? I'll be damned...
Damian Marley Damian Marley . 6 days ago
Throw water on her
Joe Annello Joe Annello . 6 days ago
Why is it still photos and not a video.. it’s 2022 you’re telling me you don’t have this thing filmed from 20 different angles? They should be editing ,aster pieces together with technology these days
Sobia Pérez Sobia Pérez . 6 days ago
What a amazing coach👍🙏🙏
Searching 4 Adventure Searching 4 Adventure . 6 days ago
We should all wait for the authorities to save us. This coach is committing violence by involving herself in the swimmer's ordeal.
Take away your right to defend yourself or your family. Because the police are fully capable of saving you if you're in danger. Just like this life guar.... oh wait.
Brutal Planet Brutal Planet . 6 days ago
Every lifeguard there should lose their job immediately. They had ONEEEEE SIMPLEEEE job, and they all failed this young lady. Thank god the coach was paying attention and stepped up. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Aheng Yu Aheng Yu . 6 days ago
Life guard slide phone?
David Whittaker David Whittaker . 6 days ago
so life guards literally have one job.... were they on lunch break or what? fire them all...
Mrs Raven Mrs Raven . 6 days ago
Thanks to the jab

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