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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Outtro song ▶️ Axel Thesleff - Bad Karma

Airrack Airrack . 2 weeks ago
What movies should we do next?😈
Age of Erock Age of Erock . 3 minutes ago
Bruh ur getting like 30 k subs a day
Colin_ cpr Colin_ cpr . 17 minutes ago
Just a reminder that tyler is scared of hights and he was in the Helicopter at the end
finnidk_ finnidk_ . 26 minutes ago
nice Video, but pls do the old outro, u know the one that goes "that's pretty much it I'm leaving"
finnidk_ finnidk_ . 27 minutes ago
Weight loss Weight loss . 1 hour ago
Did no one see the woman at the edge of the vlif mhmmm
Izaiah Brow Izaiah Brow . 2 hours ago
I am subscribe you need to fly me down if I come
Kitana’s Animations Kitana’s Animations . 3 hours ago
I got Scared because the train was so close
mark brillantes mark brillantes . 4 hours ago
donee you are doing great in this video
Lennox the t-rex Lennox the t-rex . 8 hours ago
Did you guys really kill people
Ivo4168 Ivo4168 . 10 hours ago
1:16 is the best
 I’m actually subbing to everyone who subs to me I’m actually subbing to everyone who subs to me . 14 hours ago
I just love it when the notification pops up "someone liked your comment" or "you got a new subscribers" it makes me so happy
•olayer •olayer . 15 hours ago
Macks edditing is so good
Peighton Washington Peighton Washington . 16 hours ago
Part 2???
NovelAlbumDesign NovelAlbumDesign . 17 hours ago
Mack was whearing a super bowl shirt that was funnny
Karlos :/ Karlos :/ . 20 hours ago
I love how these guys act like their still in high school.
Kelly Squires Kelly Squires . 22 hours ago
where is fadias
SopranoNano55 SopranoNano55 . 23 hours ago
was not expecting that ending 🤣🤣
iFOXARA iFOXARA . 1 day ago
TheHamsterDude TheHamsterDude . 1 day ago
I fell for that
Rory S Rory S . 1 day ago
if you slow the end bit down to 0.25 replay speed it is a completely different helicopter.
Dilip Kar Dilip Kar . 1 day ago
If there's anyone who can't find the putro song ..
It's Bad Karma By Alex Thesleff
Sick sardines Sick sardines . 1 day ago
Nathan Scaroni Nathan Scaroni . 1 day ago
Fornite Battle pass
Jamie Young Jamie Young . 1 day ago
eric decker
non metallic non metallic . 1 day ago
Beans the G.O.A.T
gaming razor gaming razor . 1 day ago
Charliezard Charliezard . 1 day ago
tis it just me or the person in the helicopter changed
Reid Hunt Reid Hunt . 1 day ago
Beans said why do zombies eat people when they can just to get some McDonald’s 😂
Bro & Bro Bro & Bro . 1 day ago
Bright Ndebele Bright Ndebele . 2 days ago
The ending was fire
Astro Astro . 2 days ago
Fade Fade . 2 days ago
I guess we all know why "Airrack" Was "Genuinely happy" That Tyler made it not him
oJNelly oJNelly . 2 days ago
You should sneak into michael rubins white party in the hamptons always around july 4th. Rappers, bball players and hella celebs there. So 2023 vid idea?
Bonnqueque Bonnqueque . 2 days ago
When he fell through the ceiling💀💀
Tw!sT Tw!sT . 2 days ago
yo should have put on the side of the helicopter "airrack air"
Yt c47u Yt c47u . 2 days ago
I love beans he needs to be in more vids
Danush chess Danush chess . 2 days ago
This is nonsense what messeg you give on society's
Tᴇᴀʜ Tᴇᴀʜ . 2 days ago
Tyler can we get you tv now...oh wait ur dead....ok anyone wanna see my new tv
Dherl M Dherl M . 2 days ago
M A M A . 2 days ago
4:03 killed me
chaotic chaotic . 2 days ago
Would be come I think
chaotic chaotic . 2 days ago
The matrix
Patrick Rosales Patrick Rosales . 2 days ago
I cannot believe Tylew did that😭
Patrick Rosales Patrick Rosales . 2 days ago
Wdym. Rip Tyler I just clicked on the video?…. I saw the ending……… THE HELICOPTER BLEW UP
shurey shurey . 2 days ago
My comment got highest comments..
Djienna Plancher Djienna Plancher . 2 days ago
Those who thought the beginning was real
Make sure to like B)
Ayesha Khanum Ayesha Khanum . 2 days ago
1:42 When i try to describe something
Christian Sumagang Christian Sumagang . 2 days ago
it feels like im watching a short film
Carter Carter . 2 days ago
Did he actually die

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