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Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan

Published on 2 weeks ago

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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Coaching my friend Jake through his battle with speed dating and my other friends through their battle with a pregnancy simulator

Danny Duncan Danny Duncan . 2 weeks ago
merch available at
Sam Stanley Sam Stanley . 5 hours ago
Come to Maine I live here 😂
GFEAST GFEAST . 7 hours ago
Lmao jake is me
johnny boy games johnny boy games . 8 hours ago
Harry Grieve Harry Grieve . 10 hours ago
Meckalowhomo Meckalowhomo . 10 hours ago
Anyone know megans @ ? Need it now
passitfoo passitfoo . 13 hours ago
We love jake
Histly Histly . 16 hours ago
you gotta do kewon next
Lee Filipponi Lee Filipponi . 18 hours ago
The thought that go though Danny's head are so funny sometimes
Trenton Gomez Trenton Gomez . 19 hours ago
this should be a show.
Steve Wood Steve Wood . 19 hours ago
congrats you won a trip to maine 😂😂😂
renger91 renger91 . 20 hours ago
We need a follow up video for our good friend Jake. I’m interested to find out how they’ve progressed, and am hoping for the best for the both of them! It took a lot of guts for him to do something like that.
Dumbster Boyz Dumbster Boyz . 20 hours ago
We need an update to this
Poro ZZ Poro ZZ . 22 hours ago
hope he acutually come out of the shell
ThisOffendsMeTV ThisOffendsMeTV . 1 day ago
He really is such a nice dude lmao he’s genuine and that’s hard to find these days man. Good on him.
CopyCat CopyCat . 1 day ago
Absolutely bloody beautiful.. i love it
Veronica Seberger Veronica Seberger . 1 day ago
Honestly jake picked the hottest one there
DJRiley DJRiley . 1 day ago
Adrean Llanes Adrean Llanes . 1 day ago
What’s Megan’s @ tho?
stanley johnson stanley johnson . 1 day ago
This shit was amazing 😂 Jake was doing his thang 😂😂
ZombVr ZombVr . 1 day ago
Legend has it there still walking
Jesse Boon Jesse Boon . 1 day ago
I'd probably get up and leave if I was in Jake's position. Props
FREEWILL 724 FREEWILL 724 . 1 day ago
Make her sit on his see if hes got internal love for her
Exavier Exavier . 2 days ago
So fucking funny
215 will 215 will . 2 days ago
We all know Jake smashed
zortrex zortrex . 2 days ago
i felt so bad for jake when he said his special talent was annoying his freinds
canned_bread42 canned_bread42 . 2 days ago
“Jake had a tensome that night” 😭😭😭😭
rolliepollie54 rolliepollie54 . 2 days ago
Jake's face progressively gets redder 😂
Purplekoolaiids Purplekoolaiids . 2 days ago
Man that’s fucked 😂😂
fuck fuck . 2 days ago
Nobody cares about your zodiac sign
fuck fuck . 2 days ago
Look at these influencers
Harry Drysdale Harry Drysdale . 2 days ago
Never felt a Danny Duncan vid to be painful but the second hand embarrassment was horrendous
Nick Allison Nick Allison . 2 days ago
Nah jake had a ten some that night killed me
Mr. Green Mr. Green . 2 days ago
Jake had a tensome that night 🌃
Camden Parrott Camden Parrott . 2 days ago
“Jake had a tensome that night”🤣
Outdoor.bassing Outdoor.bassing . 2 days ago
Who else was getting up hype as hell for Jake
Stamps600 Stamps600 . 2 days ago
This was painful to watch as a man.
Daayno Daayno . 2 days ago
that first "nice to me you too, Im jake" is hands down the cutest thing on YouTube
john smith john smith . 2 days ago
Hahahaha no i can't pick i don't want to break the others hearts omg jakes game reminds me of myself in primary school lol
The man who didn’t take ur girl The man who didn’t take ur girl . 2 days ago
W Danny for setting up Jake
“ you won a trip to Maine “ got me dead asf I love you Danny😂😂😂😂
Carson Miller Carson Miller . 2 days ago
I tried the birth simulator and it hurts so nsd
Tbrosupermoto Tbrosupermoto . 2 days ago
Mannn this video made me happy asf. That’s all I’m saying I love jake lmao
Viktor Haug Viktor Haug . 2 days ago
When he put it to 5 i tought kewan’s eyes were gonna pop out.. 😂😂😂😂
a kid with dream xD a kid with dream xD . 2 days ago
Jake x Megan lol
kyle Moore kyle Moore . 2 days ago
I hope this was genuine because Jake deserves it
ikls gu ikls gu . 3 days ago
Damn this was so genuine he couldn’t even act if he tried but it was so pure! Jake is too kind! He just had some nerves but slowly got better over the vid!
djedgington28 djedgington28 . 3 days ago
Jake is a legend
Jaime Marina Jaime Marina . 3 days ago
@s? :)
Baxchi Baxchi . 3 days ago

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