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special edd

special edd

Published on 2 weeks ago

The Baby in Yellow update 1.5



My friends:

Alondra peach SANTILLAN Alondra peach SANTILLAN . 1 hour ago
Can you play poppy playtime chapter 3
Ron Schuitema Ron Schuitema . 8 hours ago
I squeeled so hard whatching the first minute of this😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ron Schuitema Ron Schuitema . 8 hours ago
demons be like😂😂😂
mayleen Cota mayleen Cota . 10 hours ago
Eddie did u notice that the kid in all the books is carlitos?but hes just big
Jazzie Love Jazzie Love . 12 hours ago
Loudcrew Loudcrew . 22 hours ago
Can you do the pickman's madness in baby in yellow
Esperanza Madrid Esperanza Madrid . 1 day ago
Eddie funny though he has got me laughing over hear Lol
Shana's Gaming Shana's Gaming . 1 day ago
Mushroom🍄 Mushroom🍄 . 2 days ago
I said the paws were blues clues🤓
Plxns-. Plxns-. . 2 days ago
this man makes me happy alot at my lowest
L00lYPoP!🍭 L00lYPoP!🍭 . 2 days ago
I've been home alone all day and I've been watching so much scary videos of yours 🤓😓
Jennifer Green Jennifer Green . 2 days ago
You should play “it’s not me it’s my basement” (if you haven’t already)
Jay Michael Wilson Jay Michael Wilson . 2 days ago
Why does the story reader sound like narrator
Sophia Rivera Sophia Rivera . 2 days ago
He just needed the extra money but no u go to h#ll
timilaci100 timilaci100 . 2 days ago
hahaha im sorry man you didnt get tosted enough 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mar Mar . 2 days ago
Me when eddie doesnt put the baby in the washing machine: my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
akria akria . 3 days ago
bro Eddie is a true Mexican mother
It's Your Girl Kayla It's Your Girl Kayla . 3 days ago
You Laugh To Hard And You Look Like A Trash Can That Went Walking By It's
It's Your Girl Kayla It's Your Girl Kayla . 3 days ago
Guys If You Don't Know What This Is This Is Baby In The Yellow And There's A Update With Stories A Chiar For Reading Some Food For Night 3 And Yeah And More Sulks Traped By The Baby In Yellow There's 12 Now Hope This Helped You✌️
It's Your Girl Kayla It's Your Girl Kayla . 3 days ago
Da Baby Have Some Drugs 🤣
yanielys figueroa yanielys figueroa . 3 days ago
I found out that if you take a lot of the doctor toy out of the baby toy box and you go downstairs they follow you
Amaya Rodriguez Amaya Rodriguez . 3 days ago
I can’t imagine Eddie knowing that you can smash plates on the baby and baby in yellow
Amaya Rodriguez Amaya Rodriguez . 3 days ago
I can imagine Eddie having a kid and treating it like this we are going to be laughing are ass
Fight me Fight me . 4 days ago
Hahaha I’m polish and in poland rn … kinda offensive to polish people but it’s okay cuz you my fav YouTuber so can be forgiven
Average Joe Average Joe . 4 days ago
There's also more souls to find on the White Rabbit route! If you get the 6 souls from the White Rabbit route, you'll unlock a few more new features & a container near the demon baby's highchair called "The Doctor's Gift!" There's potions with some unique & funny effects inside "The Doctor's Gift" so I highly recommend unlocking it!
Jochen Wabnik Jochen Wabnik . 4 days ago
Eddie: no more Lego

Baby: *hell is on*
Nooby boi XD Nooby boi XD . 4 days ago
Wait the rabbit was the character you play as
Cloudy_sky Cloudy_sky . 4 days ago
POV:you have asthma and ur watching this 🥱🥱🥱🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅
Nicole Mccready Nicole Mccready . 4 days ago
eddie is so funny
Lovely Sero Lovely Sero . 4 days ago
I played this game a while back and I was scared at first but then I got used to it when I played the escape
Poppy2.0 Poppy2.0 . 4 days ago
The was really funny and that big head is uhhhh biggest head i have ever seen and has he slaps the food on the baby and it sticks to his head lol
Fab Qatar Fab Qatar . 4 days ago
Chris Castanuela Chris Castanuela . 5 days ago
Caitlin Tonkin Caitlin Tonkin . 5 days ago
Eddie: Eat your f*cking milk!
Me: EAT milk?..
FroZen_ Knght FroZen_ Knght . 5 days ago
Eddie did u notice the chess piece in the book and you put a chess piece with Carlitos
Aquarius_plays Aquarius_plays . 5 days ago
Eddie *opens oven*
*Gives us the look*
*Looks at the baby*
Welp we know what this means
Thanchira Surophan Thanchira Surophan . 5 days ago
Brittany Greve Brittany Greve . 5 days ago
Hi 👋🏻
Boba Cleenex Boba Cleenex . 5 days ago
U can also put the baby in the washing machine
《XxSunFlowerThornxX 《XxSunFlowerThornxX . 5 days ago
“Eat yo F*ckin milk” 😂
Jose Torres Jose Torres . 5 days ago
°•Panda•° °•Panda•° . 6 days ago
I love being Hispanic
Kannara Lach Kannara Lach . 6 days ago
Is this a update 🤣🤣
Dagmar hart Dagmar hart . 6 days ago
Eddie is the absolute best! he makes me laugh in every video lol! :)
I dunno I dunno . 6 days ago
Bruh really said "Da baby yellow"
JevilTheChaosdude JevilTheChaosdude . 6 days ago
Baby giggles.
Eddie "Shut Up"
cooker_1023 cooker_1023 . 6 days ago

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