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Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera

Published on 2 weeks ago

I surprised my sister with 100 dates!! IT GETS CRAZY hahaha
500k likes and Lexi will get me 100 girls to date in 24 hours!
inspired by 100 dates in 24 hours from @Airrack :)

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Brent Rivera Brent Rivera . 2 weeks ago
I had to put the broom away for this one, enjoy the video <3
Lily Crabtree Lily Crabtree . 9 minutes ago
I think it’ll be hard to find 100 girls for Brent 😔
Hi Hi . 18 minutes ago
500,000 likes happened
Gates Gates . 43 minutes ago
Fortnite kitty Fortnite kitty . 2 hours ago
i wanted mitch tbo but its her option
Noah Hermias Noah Hermias . 2 hours ago
I have a comment for Lexi… LEXI ADD PIERSON FOR BRENT
ana Beqiraj ana Beqiraj . 2 hours ago
I miss the old vids yall used to do they were kinda cringe but 😄 they give me memories of my cousin she looked like lexi years ago I miss her she passed away 😔 I liked all the vids and subscribed to all the amp members but somehow I never get shouted out😪
The geokid The geokid . 3 hours ago
You stole this video from air rack
Yu Duan Yu Duan . 3 hours ago
So when is Brent going in?
Nash Nash . 3 hours ago
What happened to Andrew😭
Winner Mayunga Winner Mayunga . 3 hours ago
I love mitch voice, when he said yeah you know what I'm saying
MadelynShanks MadelynShanks . 3 hours ago
Isn’t the Mitchell guy from the circle
Xreaper Xreaper . 4 hours ago
Comfort Mutugi Comfort Mutugi . 4 hours ago
Since the video has reached 100k likes+ plz plz lexi do this to brent
Mia Jennifer Delgado Mia Jennifer Delgado . 4 hours ago
Adna Twahiras Adna Twahiras . 4 hours ago
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭poor Benny boi
Adan Perez Adan Perez . 4 hours ago
I agree with lexy
Caelan Talbot Caelan Talbot . 4 hours ago
Please Brent 100 girls
ClosetQueens ClosetQueens . 4 hours ago
Hey I'm a kid i still want a 100 girls
Mindy Trowbridge Mindy Trowbridge . 4 hours ago
do it
SLY DOGE SLY DOGE . 4 hours ago
Brent you gotta choose 1 out of all of the 100 girls the vid got 500k likes
Tonya McDonald Tonya McDonald . 5 hours ago
Ben how do you feel let’s you broke up with you
Dec's Galaxy Dec's Galaxy . 5 hours ago
halp plz halp plz . 5 hours ago
kelly devine kelly devine . 5 hours ago
Is Landers true
Andreq Marinova Andreq Marinova . 5 hours ago
Wow that was so cool 😆😆😆😆
Kevin Bird Kevin Bird . 5 hours ago
I thought that Mitchell would’ve won well I want to Mitchell
Jessi Anderson Jessi Anderson . 5 hours ago
Naisha Naisha . 5 hours ago
I love your videos
Samantha Campbell Samantha Campbell . 5 hours ago
The broom day’s are never over
Princess rowland Princess rowland . 5 hours ago
I would have picked Mitch he had a plane and he seems like he is nice
ReddeadKFC ReddeadKFC . 5 hours ago
Brent go on a date with 100 girls then
Purple wolf ✨💜 Purple wolf ✨💜 . 5 hours ago
Mitchell was the best ngl i need myself a Mitchell
PinkXxflamingo Edits PinkXxflamingo Edits . 5 hours ago
You can be really picky when there’s a hundred people
Meiqui Lin Meiqui Lin . 5 hours ago
Alternative title:Wacking 100 men with a broom stick!
Crafty Erin Crafty Erin . 5 hours ago
pouu ktin pouu ktin . 5 hours ago
I like how Mitch was like “I have a thing where I don’t miss” Then he misses LOL
Ashleigh Carter Ashleigh Carter . 5 hours ago
If Lexi don't take Andrew I'll happily
Karina Araiza Karina Araiza . 5 hours ago
No Miche
Jpb1013 Jpb1013 . 6 hours ago
Hi my name is Zoey and I am interested in your videos Jeremy your cute
Abigayle Howardson Abigayle Howardson . 6 hours ago
Are Lexi and Bobby actually dating shipname boxi
Judy Ostransky Judy Ostransky . 6 hours ago
Hi ben
Judy Ostransky Judy Ostransky . 6 hours ago
So sorry Ben
Samantha Juarez Samantha Juarez . 6 hours ago
Bobby is so cute with lexi
infinityplayz infinityplayz . 6 hours ago
Then where is the hundred girls date
Arianna Rizzoli Arianna Rizzoli . 6 hours ago
Sky Sky . 6 hours ago
Ryan Metterville Ryan Metterville . 6 hours ago
When’s Brent gonna DATE 100 GIRLS
Anhad Dhamija Anhad Dhamija . 6 hours ago
Part 2!

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