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H3 Podcast

H3 Podcast

Published on 2 weeks ago

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0:00 Intro
8:00 Keemstar Running Meme
12:00 Howie
1:17:35 Mikey the Soundbite Guy
1:28:15 James Charles
1:50:00 David Dobrik Jeff Wittek Lawsuit
2:03:05 Mike Majlik
2:23:50 Bored Ape Nazi
2:38:15 Keemstar vs Ninja

chris72010 chris72010 . 7 hours ago
ETHAN, if you want the best tasting soda over ice possible then you must have the soda pre-chilled, cold actually, then you rinse your ice first with cold water and of course no plastic glass. Finally you do as you did and pour it on the side of the glass to minimize carbonation loss. I prefer my YETI mug, no ice melt for hours. 💯🔥
David David . 12 hours ago
You guys clearly don’t understand collateral loans at all. That’s all that Mike did except it was with an NFT instead of a house or car….
Emmanuel Gonzalez Emmanuel Gonzalez . 18 hours ago
I was in fucking TEARS during the interview
f f . 18 hours ago
Lmfao thank you love w the delete me from this conversation reference
Pearl Gwynn Pearl Gwynn . 19 hours ago
biyao kiti biyao kiti . 1 day ago
Mikey’s commentary on the social and economic state of the world right now really has me reconsidering my current stances. Incredible showing brother 👏🏽
Otto Jägenstedt Otto Jägenstedt . 1 day ago
YT trying to hide that bored ape video like crazy, I searched for "bored ape nazi club" first thinking of course it shows up and then accidentally misspelled "bored ape nazi club phileon". *Nowhere* to be seen what so ever in the search. Bored ape nazi club _philion_ though, top result instantly. Now is their search so bad they couldn't find the actual video that every single of the search results were reacting to so you really have to nail the channel name exactly for it to show up? 🧐
Otto Jägenstedt Otto Jägenstedt . 2 days ago
The podcast was hilarious with ethan repeating B- the NRA because howie being super anxious and panicking every time. I thought it was interesting and funny all the way through.
pouu ktin pouu ktin . 2 days ago
I think Howie is really sweet and doesn’t fully understand the dumpster fire of YouTube yet
teetee996112 teetee996112 . 2 days ago
24:23 I respect Ethan's bisexual sitting
kam johnson kam johnson . 2 days ago
I feel like the BYOB joke wasnt appreciated enough I cant stop laughing
William Franco William Franco . 2 days ago
I have stopped watching h3 for years now . It’s sad. I miss just him commentating. I don’t want to listen to his not funny friends .😢
Annie Hanlin Annie Hanlin . 3 days ago
I really should have known what was gonna happen when he called in
boli milda boli milda . 3 days ago
The water here sucks! Thank you Martin Riese!!!!
Mr. Wheezy Mr. Wheezy . 3 days ago
Seinfeld was awesome!

Sophia Alvarez Sophia Alvarez . 3 days ago
I lost it when Ethan yelled "I'm trying to help you!" 😂😂
Jasmine Rabi Jasmine Rabi . 3 days ago
This show is a comfort to a lot of people I think Ethan, keep it up
bobi miiu bobi miiu . 3 days ago
Can we just acknowledge how Mikey absolutely killed it with the H3 soundbites… I was CRYING
YOKOH VR YOKOH VR . 4 days ago
G fuel!
Micheal JOHNSON Micheal JOHNSON . 4 days ago
when did Ethan become a passive aggressive homophobe?😮
Tomo Tomo . 4 days ago
To be honest I think Ethan is going much too far with this power trip of saying as much as he can get away with without getting sued. At this point he is pretty much harassing Ryan Kavanaugh, and if he really thinks that repeatedly and publicly bringing up how someone should bomb the NRA isn't a potentially dangerous thing to do Infront of a massive audience of strangers of the internet then idk what to say.
miou joer miou joer . 4 days ago
much! i just love the constant dialogue of crew lead by ethan and his takes.
Crystal Ybarra Crystal Ybarra . 4 days ago
Keemstar is a loser
Qdilly Qdilly . 4 days ago
Arrest James Charles fucking please
trippinhotcakes trippinhotcakes . 5 days ago
Lmaooooo @ mikey 😭
Metamorphakicks Metamorphakicks . 5 days ago
Let's go!
meg lathram meg lathram . 5 days ago
I don’t like Dan.
Dani Dani . 5 days ago
I can't understand a word James Charles is saying because I keep getting distracted with his hair, I think he needs a friend who'll tell him to get a new heairstyle.
alex bakalov alex bakalov . 5 days ago
That was THE most HILARIOUS interview ive ever witnessed! AMAZING HAHAHAH!!!
Stefan Rijos Stefan Rijos . 5 days ago
I love when Love starts ranting at AB and his fancy accent comes out! 😄 He starts sounding French lol. I love it.
Lauren Mac17 Lauren Mac17 . 6 days ago
Ethan grills every guest they have on but doesn’t like it when Howe does it to him.. hypocritical much
mystery 478 mystery 478 . 6 days ago
Keemstar also has a bad habit of calling people his friends after they have one semi decent conversation and gets wayyy to emotionally involved
Ryan Deeken Ryan Deeken . 6 days ago
wait does anyone else feel bad for james charles? i guess i'm just sympathizing with him cuz i have no friends lmao
FudgeMonkeyz69 FudgeMonkeyz69 . 6 days ago
31:05 to hear Dan say “Black slut” completely out of context. 🤣
Marina Marina . 6 days ago
I would love it if Love made a video for the channel explaining crypto & NFTS. ❤
Lucy Martin Lucy Martin . 6 days ago
We know that Howie is a good friend of David Dobriks right? Lol
Purge Purge . 6 days ago
For the g-fuel flavor my suggestion is: key Klein pie 🍋🍏
Jenny Taylia Jenny Taylia . 6 days ago
Whitest kids you know did that president joke way back lol rip Trevor
Datboi Juice Datboi Juice . 6 days ago
What if you use a projector to display love all over the back wall. This way it won’t drown any shot with too much light and you can adjust brightness of the projection.
Minnie Minnie . 7 days ago
“…because he’s an orphan” lmaoo
Ruben Jusdoobin Ruben Jusdoobin . 7 days ago
I hope this show never ends anytime soon. We had pink guy disappear and all these other great content creators. There’s still people like Danny Duncan and others who still produce good content after years of seeing people come and go but the day this show ends will be the end of a podcast that actually has its own story and lore. It really is a show after all these years . I remember when they started doing this as a foot in the water while they were still making memes.
Alonescape Alonescape . 7 days ago
All the meme that the howie appearance created was well worth it xD
Honeneko Honeneko . 7 days ago
The way Ethan repeats things over and over sometimes make me feel like someone was right. I get it. James moans and groans.
mylifeisJDM mylifeisJDM . 7 days ago
2:05:15 Series I Bonds interest rate tied to inflation is at 9.62 percent for the next six months and that's almost as good as guaranteed returns to just keep up with inflation. If you're reading this, look into it! $10K max.
Alison Obrien Alison Obrien . 7 days ago
moog moog . 1 week ago
ngl i did not skip the tailor brands ad read cause the music did slap lol
Slime Season ひ Slime Season ひ . 1 week ago
That sound effect dude from tik tok is so painfully unfunny.

No idea how Ethan finds it amusing but I gotta skit thru it every time
Jaxson Liscano-Garcia Jaxson Liscano-Garcia . 1 week ago
I work 12 hour shifts at the er and these episode keep me going. Good job group I love watching you any chance I get
Rylee Appelgate Rylee Appelgate . 1 week ago
I love this show so goddamn much. Thank you H3 crew for getting me through hard times in my life
C H C H . 1 week ago
ethan: “that’s how he actually talks?” 😧
dan: “well i assume it’s just a bit” 🥸

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