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Published on 2 weeks ago


thanks to @lastmanstanley for editing my vids like always

thanks to bestie taylor and my sister for being in this video w me too ❤️

hope u guys are well and happy pride!

Rory Rory . 2 hours ago
The progress bar at the bottom during the ad is game changing. Brittany's brain is so large.
Elke Belle Elke Belle . 16 hours ago
It’s giving prison vibes the the thumbnail lolll
nishi nishi . 2 days ago
Morissa Duke Morissa Duke . 4 days ago
I know this is a long shot BUT... Can we please have another art video? I loved those so much.
Tenty Tenty . 4 days ago
You make me so happy. Keep being yourself
Rheanna Gutierrez Rheanna Gutierrez . 6 days ago
lmaoooooo pls tell zane you were sponsored by candy crush he spent like 4k on this game hahaha
Shannon Bourne Shannon Bourne . 6 days ago
wrong Anne Hathaway movie!!! Taylor actually looks like Slannen the elf from Ella enchanted with her bangs :)
Lanesszzz Gonzales Lanesszzz Gonzales . 6 days ago
Colin Postell Colin Postell . 6 days ago
Was it fun??????????
Colin Postell Colin Postell . 6 days ago
Great Job on her hair
Elle Choi Elle Choi . 7 days ago
Thumbnail is like orange is the new black…
Jess Taylor Jess Taylor . 1 week ago
I’m sorry how does Brittany do literally everything so chaotically yet have it turn out so well??
Kendall Stout Kendall Stout . 1 week ago
This needs to get to Brad mondo right now 🤣
spxd_er spxd_er . 1 week ago
brittany is like an 80 year old trapped in buzz lightyear and the baby bell cheese body.
hehe hehe . 1 week ago
omg you need to do an old hollywood makeup look you would literally slayyyy
allie ! allie ! . 1 week ago
those things in candy crush always reminded me of an australian candy called freckles!! if you can you should try them and see if they fulfill the fantasy
Danae Lee Danae Lee . 1 week ago
I expected nothing more than for her to shove that whole cake pop into her mouth...
and I am so happy she did 🥲
Grace B. Grace B. . 1 week ago
brittany’s hair is getting so longgg! go girl give us mermaid 🧜‍♀️
Jill Lumpa Jill Lumpa . 1 week ago
When she said I looked like a Duggar I SCREAMED
Nest handlez 5 Nest handlez 5 . 2 weeks ago
Please go back to the unfiltered podcast🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Teral Miles Teral Miles . 2 weeks ago
6:07 - 6:11 Brittany’s laugh is gorgeous.
denay444 denay444 . 2 weeks ago
The amount of time I rewind the video just to laugh at every interaction between Britney and Tatum
M J M J . 2 weeks ago
this is the BEST publicity a youtuber has ever made for a sponsor 💙💜♥️💛💚🧡✨ #adorableaf !!!! ly!
Kali Kali . 2 weeks ago
i love how it translated your name to skiing potato lmao
Sarah Morgan Sarah Morgan . 2 weeks ago
This was such a creative sponsorship
Grace Quinn Grace Quinn . 2 weeks ago
Brittany needs to go on Great British Bake Off immediately.
Xoticcs Xoticcs . 2 weeks ago
This is funny af me and my sister do the same when I dye ,cut, style her hair da bond 🥺
Riah Rose Riah Rose . 2 weeks ago
she did not just butcher her bff’s hair
Isabella Orozco Gtz Isabella Orozco Gtz . 2 weeks ago
My dad is ranked #1 Nationwide in Candy Crush
YourUncleOlaf YourUncleOlaf . 2 weeks ago
aren't those colour bombs just freckles
Hayley Emma Hayley Emma . 2 weeks ago
Bestie Taylor is my favourite character in the BCU ( Brittany Cinematic Universe)
kristi stokes kristi stokes . 2 weeks ago
Good on you for not having to actually talk about candy crush but still getting paid for your usual chaos, you're genuinely are great and deserve it
k8 k8 . 2 weeks ago
Brittany singing that little bit of harry styles at 5:56 gives me life ;)
k8 k8 . 2 weeks ago
I love the editing
k8 k8 . 2 weeks ago
I never wanted this video to end… pls more 😩
k8 k8 . 2 weeks ago
Love the ad time scroller, quite original
SOAPHI SOAPHI . 2 weeks ago
The little sister pov is so powerful
ghosty ghosty . 2 weeks ago
I'm calling Brad Mondo
Bailey Shayne Bailey Shayne . 2 weeks ago
Honestly they looked pretty good
Gallen Randall Gallen Randall . 2 weeks ago
Jenna’s Ratchet Salon walked so Broski Beauty Salon could run. And honestly, I’ve never wanted a collab more
Paige Mueller Paige Mueller . 2 weeks ago
It’s the “her oldest husband is Jim bob” for me
Clancy Clancy . 2 weeks ago
Brittany really giving us the complete guide to modern womanhood
Jacob Hommel Jacob Hommel . 2 weeks ago
Brittany too fine😩🥀
Chris Trudeax Chris Trudeax . 2 weeks ago
But for real, candy crush should make candy and start expanding
Kirsten Reddoch Kirsten Reddoch . 2 weeks ago
Okay but you do look like him then I gasped when she said it ha
Charlotte Zronik Charlotte Zronik . 2 weeks ago
They look so good!!!
Trevor Kalis Trevor Kalis . 2 weeks ago
This is like hanging out with my next door neighbor at 6 years old and cutting eachothers hair in the upstairs bathroom
Lauren Ash Lauren Ash . 2 weeks ago
I am CRY-laughing !!!!!!!!!!!
Sierra Hargrave Sierra Hargrave . 2 weeks ago
it’s giving joyce byers

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