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Published on 3 weeks ago

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Mav Mav . 3 weeks ago
new spotify playlist in my description!
Rijul Chauhan Rijul Chauhan . 21 minutes ago
8:00 Struggle is real 😂😂
Adam Dupzyk Adam Dupzyk . 5 hours ago
Congrats on the new rental !
GAME GTA V GAME GTA V . 14 hours ago
I love you so much brother ❤️
Susan Sharp Susan Sharp . 1 day ago
Go to urgent care
King Of Stealth King Of Stealth . 1 day ago
Come on guys
Trey Trey . 3 days ago
for your next trip in canada you should come to hope.bc
myxaa myxaa . 3 days ago
JoinTheFun JoinTheFun . 3 days ago
mix castor oil and iodine swab in ear and all around ear. kills fungus
Sofi Love... Sofi Love... . 4 days ago
Hi from Azerbaijan thats looks like cute lifestyling...:)(:
M.O.N JAE M.O.N JAE . 4 days ago
That house is nice !
Honey Hollow Homestead Honey Hollow Homestead . 4 days ago
High doses of vitamin C, along with zinc and D3.
Chase Fulcher Chase Fulcher . 5 days ago
Did you get “the Jab”?
yuri lee yuri lee . 5 days ago
omgosh 🤩
S A S A . 5 days ago
Maybe a bug in there
Matthew Jones Matthew Jones . 5 days ago
Has he heard of sepsis. Not good.
jon Appleseed jon Appleseed . 5 days ago
:35 what bruh??? u rly felt the need to include this 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨
Jisha Aneesh Jisha Aneesh . 6 days ago
love the vids Mav keep it up and hope u get better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crowd Mover Crowd Mover . 6 days ago
Sweet oil works great for ear infections
omyxasian omyxasian . 6 days ago
Being sick is only good if ur still in school
ahkiv ahkiv . 6 days ago
Poor hygiene!
papa smurf papa smurf . 6 days ago
Even when not feeling well.....he's still able to cook a great meal to perfection! 😋 👌
Covid no joke
Bailey Shaw Bailey Shaw . 1 week ago
07:21 Kanye West- Gorgeous
Randy Eury Randy Eury . 1 week ago
You should of went to an urgent care and got some antibiotics and ear drops bro
KrispyXgaming KrispyXgaming . 1 week ago
Let’s protect that new home with ADT security! Please let me know and congrats on the new home!
A.A.M. Squad A.A.M. Squad . 1 week ago
Congratulations 🥳
Joyce Schneider Joyce Schneider . 1 week ago
how are you feeling? did your ear get better? Hope so. Another house??? Mav the real estate barron? Enjoy your journey. Wny not.? Yea Mom. You can give someone power of attorney when you go on your trips, something to think about the future.
Great Videos. Thank you for taking us along. Keep On Truckin.....
Tyler Diekemper Tyler Diekemper . 1 week ago
Hate ear infections have one right now myself
EkCoupe98 EkCoupe98 . 1 week ago
Heating pad. I always lay my ear down on a heating pad!
Coleman's Outdoor Adventures Coleman's Outdoor Adventures . 1 week ago
how many houses are you going to buy in a year? lol
K Vn K Vn . 1 week ago
Napped in a hammock with us. Like that. 🥱 stretch.
Max Bailey Max Bailey . 1 week ago
wow cheap chicken in quebec compared to bc
Mark Bridenbeck Mark Bridenbeck . 2 weeks ago
Earwax candle
Gnarly_ Cro's Gnarly_ Cro's . 2 weeks ago
did he blow his nose then clean his knife with the same tissue lol
Mary M Mary M . 2 weeks ago
I'm stubborn just like you. Have to nearly on my death bed before I go in...
Jordan Trujillo Jordan Trujillo . 2 weeks ago
If your ear ever hurts again lay on ur side pour a cap of peroxide in it wait 20 to 30 seconds then drain it repeat a couple times works wonders bro!!!!! Keep on trucking safe travels!!
Luca S Luca S . 2 weeks ago
hey mav have you ever thought about stop using these plastic grocery bags and use something more environmentally friendly?
Egoistic Pond022 Egoistic Pond022 . 2 weeks ago
Bro you must have a high gas budget with gas prices now a days
Jorge Lourenço Jorge Lourenço . 2 weeks ago
Jesus not even after all this time you stop being a dirty mf. I just don´t know how you can do it, filthy af.
Scott Hardin Scott Hardin . 2 weeks ago
I have bad allergies,it never fails when my allergies act up I get an ear infection, a couple years back a PA at my Doctors office told me to use eye drops whenever I start feeling any pressure/pain in my ears, I have been using eye drops since and cannot remember the last time I had an ear infection.
clearascrystal clearascrystal . 2 weeks ago
My son cleared an ear infection with hydrogen peroxide. He just kept putting a drop or two in. Hope you're better. Just started watching on Roku a month or so. You are so interesting and fun! Thanks for your sharing.
J w C J w C . 2 weeks ago
You can tell you weren't feeling well. You are always so perky doing anything. Hope you feel better.
steve packard steve packard . 2 weeks ago
Mr. Joos aka Little boy cooking show. Do your cooking show from Home! And properly wash your hands BEFORE handling the food!
MonkeyMike Outdoors MonkeyMike Outdoors . 2 weeks ago
Mav, I had a bad earache one time like really bad, I took a water bottle filled it with like really hot water, layed on it, next morning it was gone.
Area one Area one . 2 weeks ago
Ok mav… no more naked showers. That is not what I Tune in to see. I love ya bud but clothed. 👉🏻🛑
Dustin Atkinson Dustin Atkinson . 2 weeks ago
If you're still in Canada you can get some from health care
Salvatore Baleno Salvatore Baleno . 2 weeks ago
I feel spoiled with my Healthcare here in America. If I call my Dr's office they would send a prescription for antibiotics and just have me in for a follow up next time I was back in town.
Chuyy Pastrana Chuyy Pastrana . 2 weeks ago
Andrea Rosezanna Andrea Rosezanna . 2 weeks ago
2 houses and still living in ur truck 😂😂

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