Play / Download Wolverine or Sabertooth Powers?? #shorts #meme
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ClassicMan D

ClassicMan D

Published on 3 weeks ago

Cool, Okay Cool, Okay . 11 minutes ago
I choose sabertooth, Sabertooth has all the powers wolverine does but stronger.
Bilal Shabazz Bilal Shabazz . 1 hour ago
yeah like we really be scared of a grown ass man fucking nails long ass female claws plz I will most definitely be more terrified of wolverine Knigge pull up on you I’m fucking six sharpest knives come out
Michael Rice Michael Rice . 1 hour ago
One thing I never got is wouldn’t woverines teeth be adimetieum too?
Jolly Cooperation Jolly Cooperation . 1 hour ago
They can come out of his palm???
Bro I'm picking Wolverine so I can Assassins Creed some fuckers.
Tf am I gonna do with some long nails? Scratch a bitch? lol
Kevin Correa Kevin Correa . 2 hours ago
Realest take I ever heard.
LONE WOLF LONE WOLF . 2 hours ago
They hurt every time,ahh don't be a bitch all your damn life.
Machozeuzzz Z Machozeuzzz Z . 3 hours ago
Wolverines powers are his claws not his adamantine so they are just bones. But super healing goes hard so still wolverine
ChaseLife²~215 ChaseLife²~215 . 3 hours ago
Claws only stuck as old man Logan when adamantium poisons his body and he was slowly dying.
Kane Howl Kane Howl . 4 hours ago
I'm good with the pain if it means I can have the claws
Lee Lee . 5 hours ago
You think acrylic nails are more intimidating that literal Bowie knifes?....

Okay 😐
Fin Dunster Fin Dunster . 5 hours ago
Pretty sure if I saw a guy with long nails ide be confused but if I saw metal or bone claws ide be shitting myself
Malcolm Malcolm . 5 hours ago
You making a lot of assumptions here. Are you saying his powers or his powers WITH the adamantium claws/bones? Because that's different. Base level Logan is easily preferred over the dude with straight up claws for nails and fangs 24/7. Nah I'm good bro.
collinson alphonse collinson alphonse . 5 hours ago
Sabretooth has a better healing factor too
Michael Matthews He Has Risen. Michael Matthews He Has Risen. . 6 hours ago
Nah id still rather be wolverine, your missing one extremely important characteristic of wolverine? He had a good heart, he was a good guy.
Above Above . 6 hours ago
Wolverine >>>
Indefense Indefense . 6 hours ago
Saber tooth used to scare me
John Allen John Allen . 6 hours ago
Rather be Logan. Logan's power is deadlier than you think. He had killed Creed and beat him in the past.
Redsledge BLU Redsledge BLU . 6 hours ago
I'd choose Creed as well. Hes was actually stronger than Logan, and usually whipped his ass in the comics iirc
Isaiah Isaiah . 6 hours ago
Anime Gojo Anime Gojo . 7 hours ago
Are you listening to yourself look at his claws compared to Wolverines clause I would be more intimidated by Wolverines clause
jv hd jv hd . 7 hours ago
Xavier Gamble Xavier Gamble . 9 hours ago
Damn I did not know oh gosh I swear man that just thinking about that now that I know that he is who I’m discombobulated I can’t believe those facts hurt so much he comes out of his damn wrist to apologize him hell no maybe I could thinking sabertooth is better more straight fire I want to see him more put a sabertooth Mortal Kombat
Slim Develle Slim Develle . 9 hours ago
X2 sabretooth was dope
DtxByg Noon DtxByg Noon . 9 hours ago
Originally tooth is stronger until Wolverine gets metal
Julius Rose Julius Rose . 9 hours ago
Logan can Regen and you don't have to use the claws
Damon John Damon John . 9 hours ago
It's funny cause sabretooth is more like a wolverine than wolverine is lol
PhoenixBorn666 PhoenixBorn666 . 10 hours ago
So many people mentioned Wolverine's metal claws but seem to ignore the fact that the questions asks who's POWERS you'd want. The Adamantium isn't a part of Wolverine's powers, it's an artificial upgrade to his natural bone claws.
This means if you were given Wolverine's powers then you'd have the bone claws and would have to be put through the Weapon X treatment to get the Adamantium claws just like Logan did. As such I'd pick Sabertooth's powers, since the movie states he has the same healing factor as Logan, every time and avoid having to experience the multiple downsides to the brittle bones claws tearing out my arms every time I wanna fight with them. Give me the normal and far more user friendly claws of Sabertooth over the restrictive and painful claws of Wolverine even if they aren't as intimidating to most on appearance alone.
micahfrmchi micahfrmchi . 11 hours ago
Wolverine almost feels absolutely no pain he has enhanced everything
Patrick Bendig Patrick Bendig . 11 hours ago
Only actual difference that Wolverine subdued his killer instinct; Sabertooth did not.
Helping the World Helping the World . 11 hours ago
He put atomantium in his body to make it metal and yeah
But Logan said “bring me dat ass”
Msn Msn . 11 hours ago
Nah bruh wolverine all the way tf
Slay 99 Slay 99 . 11 hours ago
Naw wolverine only because he keeps humanity even after close death experience
Lee press on nail or knives. Wolverine healing factor is quicker then Sabretooth. Wolerine any day
Aaron Sahonta Aaron Sahonta . 12 hours ago
poolshark97 poolshark97 . 12 hours ago
Bro I can take pain give me wolverine all day ...all though I would like the clear consciousness that sabertooth has from not being tortured and experimented on
Paul Castro Paul Castro . 12 hours ago
Isnt sabertooth called the "knock off" version of wolverine in the comics?

Would you also take the psychopathic tendencies sabertooth is often affiliated with? I know you're just talking super powers, but sabertooth is always envious of wolverine because wolverine has more heightened mutant abilities than sabertooth. I mean he killed silver fox on wolverines birthday. Dude has issues.
Jasl's Talents Jasl's Talents . 13 hours ago
Nawwwww I'll be Wolverine
Gregory McDaniel Gregory McDaniel . 13 hours ago
What business are you in that you get asked this question alot?? I never met a person that's gotten asked more than once
Dark Lombax Dark Lombax . 13 hours ago
For people wondering old man Wolverine ins t the main Wolverine. He’s from a different timeline and also in that timeline where they were using mutant Super suppressors on his geans to beat him. Now only that but in the old man Logan comics he came back to life.
Kenzie Zhu Kenzie Zhu . 13 hours ago
Ngl if wolverine didnt have his claws or adamantine bones it he still wouldve been hella busted. Like typical superhuman abilities and hella fast regen. Yes. I wouldve chosen him if he had this
Omar Bak-r Omar Bak-r . 15 hours ago
I can tell that you don’t know shit ‘bout wolverine 💁🏻‍♂️ this is “BS”
Mimi Mimi Mimi Mimi . 15 hours ago
So adamantium is heavy? If so wolverine gained too much weight on it right?
JM AV JM AV . 15 hours ago
The intimidating part is where you lost me 🤣
Major Herecy Major Herecy . 16 hours ago
But wolverines healing factor is way better which just makes life easier in general if wounds heal faster pain goes away faster when he pops the claws he probably feels pain for half a second then nothing cause the shit already healed like new

Also what your little kitty claws gonna do when you gotta fight hulk or juggernaut?
Arxs Arxs . 16 hours ago
I agree up into the fear part Wolverine is far scary😂
Abhishek Kujur Abhishek Kujur . 17 hours ago
I would definitely be more scared of a 6'6 beast with sharp claws than a 5'3 midget with sideburns.
Gamesux Gamesux . 17 hours ago
OK maybe this is nitpicking but it said powers, wolverines claws are his main feature but not his ability, his ability is regeneration.
So the question is, would you want regeneration or do whatever the fuck sabertooth does.
Jhin Jhin . 18 hours ago
Would you rather have badass claws that hurts,or white girl's nails that hurts?
Saucedtrey 4 Saucedtrey 4 . 18 hours ago
Logan claws came out slowly cause he was making himself sick due to all that liquor it was basically his poison, if he didn’t get sick he would be perfectly fine
bxllfxce bxllfxce . 19 hours ago
This generations a bunch on coochies
So what if they hurt learn to take a lil pain.
This the i rather be superman because taking a punch hurts generation

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