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Shiloh & Bros

Shiloh & Bros

Published on 3 weeks ago

Link to visit Splash-and-Dash Water Park!:
A summer 2022 day with super soakers, water blasters, an inflatable water park and some surprises 
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Shiloh & Bros Shiloh & Bros . 3 weeks ago
I hope your summer is off to a great start!! What was your favorite part of the video?? Here is the link to the water park we filmed at!
Dakota Cotton Dakota Cotton . 1 hour ago
Hey, could you make a new among us you choose video but we are the imposter
Jordan Maier Jordan Maier . 2 hours ago
Make a new if water fights were like battle royals
Victorya Apelian Victorya Apelian . 2 hours ago
Ultra White Blue Ultra White Blue . 3 hours ago
Wow Brittany Has The Worst Teammate
Wtf is this
Alayna Ramjass Alayna Ramjass . 7 hours ago
Miles maximum Miles maximum . 8 hours ago
You guys channel so good right now me and my sister have Covid but I really wanna meet you guys and you guys are really good at blaster things or I don’t know what a battle Royale blaster things
Hudson Warren Hudson Warren . 8 hours ago
I love you so much
Nyell Carter Nyell Carter . 9 hours ago
I'm on another account and I still remember you guys
Khadeeja Usman Khadeeja Usman . 9 hours ago
"You cant not trust anyone - what about my mom " you can trust your mom" I laughed so hard at that part it was funny keep it up guyes 😎🤣🤣🤣
Farah Cesar Farah Cesar . 9 hours ago
I love Shiloh and the guy they are so funny and I hope they can be a YouTuber at vidcon and do a meet and greet
Emily Wong Emily Wong . 14 hours ago
I don’t want those people who cheated in this video ever again in any of the other videos.
Roger Roger Roger Roger . 14 hours ago
Sorry I can't spell so good
Roger Roger Roger Roger . 14 hours ago
Slayer120 Slayer120 . 15 hours ago
I’m your #1 fan Shiloh and bros
Domi Vokřálová♡ Domi Vokřálová♡ . 15 hours ago
"I think i just peed a little"😂I'm dying
Vn0x0 Vn0x0 . 16 hours ago
im a kid
and my big bro can siming but me i canton siming
Vn0x0 Vn0x0 . 16 hours ago
all of you is that pool lager or tiny if big i can drawn
Matt and co. Matt and co. . 19 hours ago
1:45 Was that David from the first among us videos?
Kaito_ Kaito_ . 19 hours ago
The people with dramatic moments always win-
Mrtubaka Pro23 Mrtubaka Pro23 . 23 hours ago
Best scenes:

5. Floaty tricksgot gone wrong
4. It’s over elijah! i have the high ground!
3. Josiah’s elimination
2. Shiloh and Daniel take down the stupid teamers
1. Josiah and Micah’s Victory
Dalton VanDusen Dalton VanDusen . 23 hours ago
I like your videos and I love ❤️ your videos
Shirrona Vito Shirrona Vito . 23 hours ago
When Josiah got out it was so beautiful he went out like a warrior
bobuxmurderstyle360 bobuxmurderstyle360 . 1 day ago
What happening If you water fighter whit @aaron
4D 蔡永晟 4D 蔡永晟 . 1 day ago
Nash Nash . 1 day ago
Nash Nash . 1 day ago
Kitty LoveBun Kitty LoveBun . 1 day ago
Jessica Sylvester Jessica Sylvester . 1 day ago
When Britney launched off the thingy by Judah I was laughing so much it’s cuz she went upside down lol 😂
Boluwatife Ayanwale Boluwatife Ayanwale . 1 day ago
I am such a huge fan of u guys. I hope you can hear this, but keep up the good work. :)
Dylan Herrera Dylan Herrera . 1 day ago
Fateen Bouchfaa Fateen Bouchfaa . 1 day ago
good games
Eva Chunihin Eva Chunihin . 1 day ago
I love how you make your videos funny and WEN jooda ran off and found a tank
Eva Chunihin Eva Chunihin . 1 day ago
I love your videos so much you are so kreyatet
Djouline Augustin Djouline Augustin . 1 day ago
You guys make the best Nerf videos Nerf blasters make more of the videos we love it
lacysmay lacysmay . 1 day ago
love the star wars refrens
Black Panther Black Panther . 1 day ago
3:40 i love that Elijah said "okay it looks like yellow team won blastertopia but I think we can take them" blastertopia? That was the big city from last waterfight video but it just makes the video much better
Corey Ellis Corey Ellis . 1 day ago
Jiraporn Peters Jiraporn Peters . 1 day ago
I like it a lot but I like more with actual teamwork
Bob Brown Bob Brown . 1 day ago
Thomas Connor Thomas Connor . 1 day ago
Skyler Hardy Skyler Hardy . 1 day ago
My favorite part was when Britney stole her teammates water guns when she got out
candy tejada candy tejada . 1 day ago
My favorite water park is splash and dash
candy tejada candy tejada . 1 day ago
I hope you have a good a summer
House Of Wild House Of Wild . 2 days ago
you are so funny
Braxton Price Braxton Price . 2 days ago
Was this guy doing the gritty 0:02
martian421 martian421 . 2 days ago

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