Play / Download Nico Iamaleava is wayyy better than Arch Manning! 📈 #shorts
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Quarterback Plug

Quarterback Plug

Published on 3 weeks ago

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Long Beach Poly Quarterback and Tennessee Volunteer commit Nico Iamaleava signed a $8 Million Dollar NIL Deal, and he's entering his senior year of High School Football. Scouts are saying that he's a bette QB than Arch Manning (Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Cooper Manning). Nico is the one of the BIGGEST Recruits in Tennessee Volunteer history. Josh Heupel. Nick Saban. Kirby Smart. SEC Football. College Football. CFB. Sports. Sports News. Athlete. NIL Deal. Arch Manning Alabama Rolltide. Georgia Bulldogs Football. Bronny James. Shareef O'Neal. Lebron James. Steph Curry. Arch Manning Tuscaloosa Alabama Official Visit. Arch Manning Isidore Newman. Long Beach Poly Quarterback Nico Iamaleava. LSU Tigers Football. Ole Miss Football. Lane Kiffin. NCAA NIL. NCAA NIL Deal. NFL. NFL Football. High School Football. Friday Night Lights. Youth Football. Quarterback Training. How to throw a Football. Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers. Patrick Mahomes. Dylan Raiola. Malachi Nelson. Vols. Florida Gators. Kentucky Wildcasts. Knoxville Tennessee. Vols Neyland Stadium. 5-Star Quarterback Nico Iamaleava. House of Highlights.

Pab S Pab S . 1 hour ago
His sister’s pajamas were a dead giveaway that he plays volleyball
swEET noTHINGS irobot swEET noTHINGS irobot . 2 hours ago
Hope he doesn’t get preggers first
prince_of_golf prince_of_golf prince_of_golf prince_of_golf . 2 hours ago
All I know is he gone get all the bitches lol leave some for the bros 🤣
shanevb shanevb . 3 hours ago
He's definitely good at volleyball, but after going to school in Long Beach and playing against him, I can count more times we were able to slow him down or stop him than the amount of times he got a kill. Made tons of errors as well, mainly from trying to be too flashy. At this point our whole team has beef with him that he definitely does not care about in the slightest 💀
NoalFarstrider NoalFarstrider . 3 hours ago
I'd like to see him in a blitz...
black tooth black tooth . 4 hours ago
He better stay wth volleyball 🏐 1 hit in d NFL he done sorry to say
Francisco Campos Francisco Campos . 4 hours ago
There's no one pass rushing him...
Mr Reaper Mr Reaper . 5 hours ago
How does he fare with D1 linemen in his face?
Doug Peters Doug Peters . 7 hours ago
He should be fined for actions detrimental to the team for the rest of his life for those pj's and his lil sisters shirt...
L McMill L McMill . 7 hours ago
Man he’s solid. He has a good focus too. Form probably could be a bit better but that will come with time and experience.
Pat ality Pat ality . 7 hours ago
tridtan tridtan . 9 hours ago
bros outfit 💀
pokeylaloosh pokeylaloosh . 10 hours ago
Dudes about to get eaten alive
Kim Joseph Kim Joseph . 10 hours ago
Is he a trans for he looks like a her to me
The HOWARD The HOWARD . 10 hours ago
It better be PJ day! Other than that this Supposed 2 be Swagg or attention seeking Swagg ain’t it.
WesHooks WesHooks . 11 hours ago
He looks like Andrew luck, he throw god like but can’t take a hit
Michael Fernandez Michael Fernandez . 11 hours ago
Man built like willow smith
Air Cav Air Cav . 11 hours ago
Flag football does not make you a great player in pads. The first time he gets cracked that will sink in.
Zea Core Zea Core . 11 hours ago
I knew I recognized homie as soon as he said Long Beach poly I was like yuuup been seeing him on our local sports channel, LBC putting out prodigies
Tristan Fuimaono Tristan Fuimaono . 12 hours ago
Y’all harassing him like he ain’t an Uso. Silence will be your ally
User Name Jr User Name Jr . 12 hours ago
Fangirl after I heard 🏐
Jeffery Hudgen Jeffery Hudgen . 13 hours ago
NIL can be good for everyone if done correctly. Is anyone worth 8 million before he plays 1 game is ridiculous. Go out win a championship and then it's open for discussion.
brandon May brandon May . 13 hours ago
Nice pants young thug
tsc 701 tsc 701 . 13 hours ago
Toothpick. 1st hit he's in the bench
lMediocre Gamerl lMediocre Gamerl . 14 hours ago
Defenders are too distracted, by him wearing his mom's pants. LMAO
Lucius Duper Lucius Duper . 14 hours ago
Everybody’s a superstar passing Leagues
Lrac Lrac Lrac Lrac . 14 hours ago
Just can’t judge a guy playing Qb with zero pressure…..
JJ Sports and shorts JJ Sports and shorts . 14 hours ago
Better than Kurt cousins
King Drew King Drew . 14 hours ago
So, you're saying he is a duel threat?
Slappy_White87 Slappy_White87 . 15 hours ago
Better than arch? Yea we'll see
Rayan Alharbi Rayan Alharbi . 16 hours ago
Matthew Pelletier Matthew Pelletier . 17 hours ago
Lmao he does look like a cutty bitch at walmart...
Anthony Carreira Anthony Carreira . 17 hours ago
Everyone knows what happens to QBs 6’6 or taller. Uh oh
Mk.Ultra Mk.Ultra . 18 hours ago
Looks like his dressed for a role in the movie birdcage
Jeremy Baumgartner Jeremy Baumgartner . 18 hours ago
NIL is not good! Right now looking at his release he WILL NOT be a starting QB in the NFL for more than two years.! RG3 reinvented, he gets the money now, so no need to work at his craft anymore……. Just watch
Logan Novak Logan Novak . 19 hours ago
Yeah I don’t care when all you can show me are lousy 7 on 7 clips.
Haydog GG Haydog GG . 20 hours ago
What a stupid sport 😂
kimba007 kimba007 . 21 hours ago
I wish him well but you cannot always judge on athleticism alone. Tom Brady wasn't even close to this young man either. But let's see. Amazing statz.
YesHuh YesHuh . 21 hours ago
AINT NO WAY HE 200 bro i just have cursed genes man
invisibleman! invisibleman! . 21 hours ago
Dressed like a pre teen k pop fan🤣
ohh noo ohh noo . 21 hours ago
What if I say bust
big gabar big gabar . 23 hours ago
The question is does he have a strong arm for the next level.
Justice Robinson Justice Robinson . 23 hours ago
Wear whateva baby, say kiss my ass. That arm 💪 is beautiful!!!!😍 More than ready for College Football. I think we're all ready for that. Time to bring some NEW fans to the game.
JaeDeeKae JaeDeeKae . 23 hours ago
I’ve seen so many QB’s they say the same shytt about and HE should put on weight immediately 6’6 200lbs get ya weight up
parkkbabyLA parkkbabyLA . 1 day ago
CALI for all the athletes
Ayaanzilla Ayaanzilla . 1 day ago
Bruh who ever got that one pick must be a legend
YouTube Channel YouTube Channel . 1 day ago
How is he worth 8 million?
Sulia Barbee Sulia Barbee . 1 day ago
I saw him and said “fobbb”
T Rod Banks T Rod Banks . 1 day ago
What is he wearing

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