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Published on 2 months ago

About Damn Time Dance ~ TikTok Compilation #Dance #TikTokMemes
About Damn Time New TikTok Dance

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#AboutDamnTime #Dance #TikTokMemes

Emmy is a bean Emmy is a bean . 7 minutes ago
0:57 ok go off-
Ashley Bodie Ashley Bodie . 6 hours ago
It’s about damn time in a minute I’m gonna have some of them I don’t know the whole lyrics
Ashley Bodie Ashley Bodie . 6 hours ago
Such a good dancer I love it like every day in my house I like to do it except when my parents are around because we’re not allowed to listen to it’s about damn time she there now they don’t know if it says it’s about damn time now thank you guys for listening bye
Antiochus Library Antiochus Library . 21 hours ago
I'm looking for the who song, anyone has the name
Willmarie Hunter Willmarie Hunter . 2 days ago
This song isn't ment for girl that is thin its ment for over sized girls like me
Kurt De Leon Kurt De Leon . 3 days ago
Who's the first one again??
Ricky Powers Ricky Powers . 5 days ago
the girl in the green dress just saying no one cares about seeing you but
debra pope johnson debra pope johnson . 5 days ago
Why are they in the bathroom?
Mr. Ashtastic Mr. Ashtastic . 6 days ago
What were those girls in the dresses even doing 💀
Mr. Ashtastic Mr. Ashtastic . 6 days ago
Bro that first girl 😩
i pour milk first i pour milk first . 6 days ago
The best one was 0:49 it was funny
Salamander Qween Salamander Qween . 6 days ago
Not the dad🤣
Mr. Ashtastic Mr. Ashtastic . 6 days ago
Wtf were the kids even thinking?
rose fox rose fox . 1 week ago
bro that was a poi so discusting

diddo diddo . 1 week ago
1:00 - just for my personal use pls ignore
Vanessa Chorro Vanessa Chorro . 1 week ago
The second one the girl was twerking amazingly🔥
A guy’s dream🤤
Sir Kenyn Sir Kenyn . 1 week ago
I love all the people who are telling people they're beautiful the way they are. You're right but we can all agree they're not healthy
Tomy Yon Tomy Yon . 1 week ago
That's not how it's done... Where the heck is that MOJO?
The Amazing Tales of Rhonda The Amazing Tales of Rhonda . 1 week ago
imagine watching this as a lesbian O.O
Linda Dykes Linda Dykes . 1 week ago
mamicci2 mamicci2 . 1 week ago
Now I get why lizzo had to make that TikTok 😐 it's giving underwhelming it's giving unseasoned it's giving "they making me do this" it's giving I didn't have breakfast today
Sankhya Perali Sankhya Perali . 2 weeks ago
honestly, tik tok kinda feels something like a thing of the past cause its banned in india .
LilacMints.bluefaye LilacMints.bluefaye . 2 weeks ago
Someone of them just want to show there but
One American Patriot One American Patriot . 2 weeks ago
2:28 ....DAMN, when you gonna let me get at that?
marian szumiec marian szumiec . 2 weeks ago
But I would munch gorgia vela and loren gray ! Damn!
Jake Androu Jake Androu . 2 weeks ago
armin's futon armin's futon . 2 weeks ago
1:01 the best one
kamenballer kamenballer . 2 weeks ago
All of the girls in this video looks gorgeous but they lacked energy while dancing to this awesome song.
Gamerjoe Gamerjoe . 2 weeks ago
1:00 👌 perfectly
Eoin Byrne Eoin Byrne . 2 weeks ago
Anyone who does tiktok dances or trends take baths with their uncle.
Why Am I here Why Am I here . 2 weeks ago
Reminder: get a real job instead of trying to "make it" jiggling your cooch on tiktok
RosaDoesDoodles RosaDoesDoodles . 2 weeks ago
I- this song is so 😜✌️✨❤️
Miriam Rosendo Miriam Rosendo . 2 weeks ago
If I was the girls mom I would get her in trouble
RedBullKitty RedBullKitty . 2 weeks ago
Them reacting to lizzo raging at the fact they weren't going hard enough: 👁👄👁
Noorpreet Nagra Noorpreet Nagra . 2 weeks ago
She actually corrected the dance in a TikTok cuz apparently this ain’t how u do it.
Official Rz Official Rz . 3 weeks ago
They're so souless
Nevaya's Kingdom #roadto1k! Nevaya's Kingdom #roadto1k! . 3 weeks ago
when someones dad dances better than you....

aaaaaaah plsss i wanna dancee tooooo
Random things Random things . 3 weeks ago
2:46 did know one see that she had BALLLONS in her shirt at the end😒😳👎🏼
ur wife ur wife . 3 weeks ago
Bro this aint how the dance goes
Hannah Hannah . 3 weeks ago
Their not doing the dance right. Its wrong
Sunflowers and Yoga Sunflowers and Yoga . 3 weeks ago
Medical worker killed it!
S0PHF0R3V3R S0PHF0R3V3R . 3 weeks ago
bitch- HOW AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN'T CONTROL THEIR BUTT MUSCLES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Hazel Rain Gonzales Hazel Rain Gonzales . 3 weeks ago
Lizzo is typing
awhxviibesxo-quit awhxviibesxo-quit . 3 weeks ago
ESC Kat ESC Kat . 3 weeks ago
its not 'about damn time 🥺👶🏻🧚🏻‍♀️🦄'
its 'ABOUT DAMN TIME 🔥🔥😡😡😛🥵🥵💃💃💃'
AlmondMilk AlmondMilk . 3 weeks ago
We’re all here for the dad who did this trend
aroura shariff aroura shariff . 3 weeks ago
ok but ELIANA YOUR FOURTEEN can anyone else agree??

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