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creative explained

creative explained

Published on 2 weeks ago

Jellybean Jellybean . 39 minutes ago
That's not a pan,
It's a rectangular glass with foil inside.
Best Gamer: Jeremiah Franco Best Gamer: Jeremiah Franco . 47 minutes ago
How about no
mj Smith-Jones mj Smith-Jones . 49 minutes ago
I was scared for a minute that he was going to grow chickens
Anthony James Crowe Anthony James Crowe . 53 minutes ago
So, it’s basically a cremated chicken.
2kslump 21 2kslump 21 . 1 hour ago
I thought you were going to grow chickens
Erica Edie Erica Edie . 2 hours ago
Sorry my plants are vegan
Abraham Alemayehu Abraham Alemayehu . 2 hours ago
As a black man I needed this
Logan Glover Logan Glover . 2 hours ago
Bro made irl bonemeal
So much energy wasted🤦🏾 boiling and baking bones honestly this is so unnecessary why don't just give the bones to your dogs
Randomonium Randomonium . 2 hours ago
This guy's name must be Steve, cause he out here living life like it's Minecraft.
Ruben Garcia Ruben Garcia . 2 hours ago
Man.. I thought we were gonna plant a bone tree or something :/
Jet's toys and collectibles Jet's toys and collectibles . 3 hours ago
Just feed the dog the bones 😈
Aeslyn Asterix Aeslyn Asterix . 3 hours ago
This will make your whole house smell like bones, it's weird.
mexican me mexican me . 3 hours ago
Hey güey this is really good I need calcium to. This guy I think he is the reincarnation of rockstar
Akira x Supreme Colab Akira x Supreme Colab . 3 hours ago
You’re a fucking robot what goventment made you
Kyriin.T Kyriin.T . 3 hours ago
I did not like this
Navin Nageshkar Navin Nageshkar . 3 hours ago
Bro just gave online Alchemy class.
Lavender Scythe Lavender Scythe . 4 hours ago
Aint this from Minecraft?
Sisiphosenkosi Sithetho Sisiphosenkosi Sithetho . 4 hours ago
Neh, I'm good with crushing them myself till they powder.
Robert Ortega Robert Ortega . 4 hours ago
I think I’m just going to throw them away…
BOXZD BOXZD . 4 hours ago
Takes away the flavour tho
Moja Mamonja Moja Mamonja . 4 hours ago
Or I could just bury them directly in the soil to turn it into compost.
Christine Dean Christine Dean . 4 hours ago
Real Minecraft bone meal
Allan Valle Allan Valle . 4 hours ago
These are great tips but the amount of movement he does as well as the editing is kind of obnoxious
Patchyclaw Patchyclaw . 4 hours ago
Just don't breath none dust, it's pretty bad for you.
Jorge Acevedo Jorge Acevedo . 4 hours ago
Ok Beakman I get it!
Kay Wise Kay Wise . 4 hours ago
Does this work with all bones
Lol just chicken bones😂😂😂😈
Free vbucks Free vbucks . 4 hours ago
Ca+ is indeed needed for osmosis.

Good job!
minameise minameise . 4 hours ago
This guy makes a simple activity into an action film.
minameise minameise . 4 hours ago
When you take a shit don't flush the turds away.....
Jennifer Hagon-LaFountain Jennifer Hagon-LaFountain . 4 hours ago
Or if you have a pet dog after you’re done washing them off with hot water then you do the cold water and whatever you said but then you just give them to your dog🤟
Mejid Balla Mejid Balla . 4 hours ago
The way he moves makes me nauseous
R1c4rdx R1c4rdx . 4 hours ago
Bone Meal IRL 💀💀💀
Mason Henry Mason Henry . 5 hours ago
Bro living in minecraft
X MçÇà7l36 X MçÇà7l36 . 5 hours ago
Fuck me, just put them in the bin 🙄
1WithTheWhip 1WithTheWhip . 5 hours ago
Not making soup then get tf outta here
Cheeto Thepeedo Cheeto Thepeedo . 5 hours ago
Who else thought this mf was gonna grow chicken 🤣
vsatgaming vsatgaming . 5 hours ago
Bone comercial😂
Tac707 Tac707 . 5 hours ago
Idk fam, I usually just throw mine in the woods
Toca explorer Toca explorer . 5 hours ago
😁 So cool
matteo marse matteo marse . 5 hours ago
Bro, Minecraft real life
Inyourface5678 Inyourface5678 . 5 hours ago
Yea, no thanks.
Plantiless Plantiless . 5 hours ago
He making bone meal
Minecraft players: I'm gonna drink that thing
Edit: u know bone meal can make plants growing fast in mc
Threat Threat . 5 hours ago
mf crafted bone meal
Ali Habibzadeh Ali Habibzadeh . 5 hours ago
Chill your bonner bone bone
Shad Baldes Shad Baldes . 5 hours ago
Dude how stupid did you feel filming this? Gotta be at least half as stupid as me watching it
K K . 5 hours ago
does this work with human bones aswell?
Nihan Arisoy Nihan Arisoy . 5 hours ago
nah bro i ain’t eating a bone
Z TPI Z TPI . 6 hours ago
Instructions confusing..

You're saying don't sniff lines of bone? 🦧

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