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Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect

Published on 3 weeks ago

Overtime is BACK!!! Real life invisibility shield in Cool Not Cool, and a WILD Top Ten!
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Dude Perfect Dude Perfect . 3 weeks ago
πŸ‘πŸΌTOUR TIX! Which city are you coming to?
The Viral Bible The Viral Bible . 7 minutes ago
I wish their content wasn’t for such young kids. I love there videos exactly the way they are, but the way they act in the show is kind of annoying. Especially the twins. They over exaggerate everything and just yell about everything
The random show The random show . 1 hour ago
Rootbear is the best
Chelsea Flad Chelsea Flad . 1 hour ago
Love you guys❀and i would Love too If vou could do an international TourπŸ”₯
KShins KShins . 2 hours ago
That was the worst soda list of all time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Danny Duncan would have made all those fly
Starship Sn15 Starship Sn15 . 2 hours ago
Ty’s Top 10 BEST could be my top 10 WORST!!
KentuckyCriedFricken KentuckyCriedFricken . 2 hours ago
Is is just me or does Ty have bad taste in everything, he kills the sport challenges but I don’t think he has taste buds
Something Something . 3 hours ago
You need Dr. B
Gangster jeffy 69 Gangster jeffy 69 . 3 hours ago
7:00 you guys realise that those are just toilet cleaners right?
Simon Thomasberger Simon Thomasberger . 3 hours ago
TierquΓ€lerei, nicht cool
Zilonne74 Zilonne74 . 3 hours ago
Alll white shoes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ₯Ί
Ry 52 Ry 52 . 4 hours ago
Man these use to be the best's gone down hill, last handful at least have been rushed...use to be at least 30min now 12 to 15 minutes.
Isaac Olivares Isaac Olivares . 4 hours ago
Who’s the lady in the background
Mason Rogers Mason Rogers . 4 hours ago
What about dr pepper cream soda
Maria Dionatos Maria Dionatos . 5 hours ago
I dont agre with tiler
Silver E Silver E . 5 hours ago
13:20 did anyone notice the random girl in the background
Omar Bautista Omar Bautista . 5 hours ago
Invisibility shield is so terrible. There is nothing special about it
SavageJelly SavageJelly . 5 hours ago
Ty really needs to be removed from the top 10 series lol.
Jiteshh Jiteshh . 6 hours ago
Lockdown was not so that bad i found this awesome channel during pandemic n really ur work is worthy lots of love n support to u guys keep that madness goin..
TManVault95 TManVault95 . 7 hours ago
#1 is diet coke
usuckcock usuckcock . 7 hours ago
garret reminds me of stan from south park in the episode where he meets the mormon family and the mormon child tells stan something at the end of the episode
Fortnite Aventures with friends Fortnite Aventures with friends . 7 hours ago
At 13:16It’s just a woman staring at them in the background
Suzanne Clay Suzanne Clay . 8 hours ago
Next time do Top 10 Chips
The Megan Bock Team - Realtor & Broker Associate in College Station, TX The Megan Bock Team - Realtor & Broker Associate in College Station, TX . 8 hours ago
My kiddos have watched every single one of your videos y’all are my kids favorite YouTube Chanel
M4G M4G . 8 hours ago
Dave Pisano Dave Pisano . 9 hours ago
Ty must go git rid of him
YEET YEET . 10 hours ago
they need a new person to do 10 ten because i love sprite it is the best tyler you are the worst my new fav person on the team is garret
Zach Pennycuff Zach Pennycuff . 14 hours ago
squirt is #1 fasho
Yoome Yoome . 15 hours ago
Hi πŸ‘‹
Narwhal Da Doge Narwhal Da Doge . 16 hours ago
The fact grape crush wasn’t up there is disgusting
carter timmins carter timmins . 17 hours ago
i think ty just lost half of my respect with that horrible top 10
Bret Wa Bret Wa . 18 hours ago
8:09 cody "oh [email protected]$"
Alfa Alfa . 18 hours ago
Such a waste of soda
sans papyrus sans papyrus . 18 hours ago
I don't know a few of them but I don't agree with your top ten ty
Maddie W Maddie W . 20 hours ago
I work at six flags, been there for three years and but friends were blowing up my phone 😭😭😭
This would have been the best ot if Ty got skunked
topten800whatever topten800whatever . 21 hours ago
I have a question does Garrett has OCD or is a real clean freak I noticed when there videos that evolve getting dirty that his not in the video
Colellioleh Colellioleh . 21 hours ago
Guys, please slow the pace of OT way down. It was so great in the old days to hear you guys banter with each other.
Hinano Wong Hinano Wong . 22 hours ago
For top ten I all ways agree but this one I cant agree
Thomas Eble Thomas Eble . 22 hours ago
DP used to be so fun to watch. Then they started competing and TY always wins. And when he loses hes such a SORE LOSER. This OT will probably be the last DP vid i watch. TY GOT OUT OF THE UNFORTUNATE THING??? BS BS BS BS
Kyle Fricks Kyle Fricks . 22 hours ago
I can't let the fact that Ty didn't even place reg Mtn Dew or CODE RED on the board. HUGE L
mary anthony mary anthony . 23 hours ago
Replace Ty replace Ty replace Ty
Syed Rahman Syed Rahman . 23 hours ago
I like watched the whole series and how much Cory spinned the wheel makes me so happy
Syed Rahman Syed Rahman . 23 hours ago
I really wanna see more top ten with sodas I love how ty screams and blows the cans in the ground and he drops cobys mic and he does funny stuff❀️
Joel Gabriel Joel Gabriel . 23 hours ago
Best series
Wyatt Ambruster Wyatt Ambruster . 23 hours ago
If this comment get 10 million likes Dude Perfect has to reveal Pandas real Identity
Nuggies Nuggies . 24 hours ago
Tyler sucks at rating sodas
Josy GA Josy GA . 24 hours ago
Dise Luan palomera que cuando lo invitan perros!!!!!!
Michael Anthony Michael Anthony . 24 hours ago
Tyler your lists are the worst πŸ˜‚

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