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Published on 2 weeks ago

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This movie makes Fast & Furious look like Citizen Kane.

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O E O E . 3 hours ago
Did they even let the guy watch the movie for the first time? It looks like they pause the movie, narrate the next scene to the guy, and then hit play to see the scene play out. That’s like the worst way to watch a movie
Christopher Huynh Christopher Huynh . 3 hours ago
I saw this movie in 2011 with a few friends. It was the most quotable movie for a year LOL
SUB to me or a centipede will awaken you at night SUB to me or a centipede will awaken you at night . 4 hours ago
Jeeesssuuusss the CGI is beyond terrible lmao
- A Sharp - - A Sharp - . 5 hours ago
I lost it when the girl laid down her plans for the next car ☠️
Trucks N’ Boats Trucks N’ Boats . 12 hours ago
Broo ive watched the movie before🤣🤣
The Truth The Truth . 13 hours ago
NGL using a pressure guage as a speedo was genius. Maybe could've at least mounted it in the dash though
jon culp jon culp . 14 hours ago
6:14 I thought y'all edited those crappy drawings into the clip... nope. Amazing.
@LETHAL_XR3 @LETHAL_XR3 . 17 hours ago
Bruh, tommy accident remind me Tom accident in the Hotwheels Acceleracers franchise.
Fourged Mushrooms Fourged Mushrooms . 18 hours ago
Check out super fast! Great satire!
joseph travis joseph travis . 22 hours ago
can you guys watch superfast next?
TheOnlyGHOST1015 TheOnlyGHOST1015 . 1 day ago
13:40 " think about it you can't shoot him they'll know it was a gun ".
Ryan Logan Ryan Logan . 1 day ago
Okay I'm done I just can't
Austin Austin . 1 day ago
Looks like they didn’t have money for anyone to have more than one take
Master Joker45 Master Joker45 . 1 day ago
Isn't this just the plot of "The Need for speed" film although this 200mph came out in 2011 and the need for speed film came out in 2014
Baden Craig Baden Craig . 1 day ago
Am I the only one who noticed he cocked the hammer on that beretta instead of racking the slide
Ryan Egger Ryan Egger . 1 day ago
This video got more views than the movie it was based on😉
Ryan Egger Ryan Egger . 1 day ago
Watch dude on the right starting at camera a lot☺️
David Shahmoradi David Shahmoradi . 1 day ago
And the worst motorcycle video was Torque. Watch it its hilariously BSified.
Randeen Mattis Randeen Mattis . 1 day ago
Did they ever even hit 200mph? 😂 cuz it doesn’t seem like it
Chief Von Chief Von . 1 day ago
I love how physics always takes a break in car movies. That, and biology taking a walk in any movie where people get knocked out.
Evan Koren Evan Koren . 2 days ago
WHERES THE 350S????????!?!?!?!? Cmon we wanna see the what’s going on with those I pray everyday you guys upload about the z
Saqib H Saqib H . 2 days ago
Please look into "Tarzan: The Wonder Car" movie... You will love it 💕💕
Serpent2008 Serpent2008 . 2 days ago
Why are these guys always yelling?
Julian McCallum Julian McCallum . 2 days ago
This movie is triggering me so bad
Dirk Antoine Dirk Antoine . 2 days ago
Why would you guys do this to me? Whatever I did im sorry.... please, no more 🤣
Shane Harris NJ Shane Harris NJ . 2 days ago
I dare you to do the 1988 NASCAR movie "Born to Race" starring Micheal Bottoms, such a well done B movie.
Reebs Reebs . 2 days ago
@9:47 Yes, that’s actually a thing. Depending on what you started with, it CAN be the sole contributing factor in achieving a top speed. As a matter of fact, without aero, top speeds aren’t achievable period. They also greatly increase safety by making the car “stick” to the road which results in improved handling and overall stability .

You don’t want your car flying into the air now do you?
Reebs Reebs . 2 days ago
Video starts @ 2:00
Matthew Martin Matthew Martin . 3 days ago
Why do I have a feeling that The Crew 1's story is similar to 200mph's?
Jay's Randomness Channel ²⁰²² Jay's Randomness Channel ²⁰²² . 3 days ago
"You've been messing with the timing again haven't you??!"

Slaps the coil pack..."There, I fixed it!”
ObjectivelyTodd ObjectivelyTodd . 3 days ago
"Go down to the dealer they'll give you the parts" 😂😂
beanX21 beanX21 . 3 days ago
Why would anybody watch this god awful movie 12 times
Rayan Hammoud Rayan Hammoud . 3 days ago
Am i the only one who had to rewind the first 3 seconds of the video ?
"Thanks to ebay motors for sponsoring abortion for this video" 🤣🤣🤣
U.S. Citizen U.S. Citizen . 3 days ago
Are you sure this movie isn't meant to be a spoof?
Richard McLean Richard McLean . 3 days ago
When you order a F&F movie off wish
Monte SS Monte SS . 3 days ago
Look up the movie speed demon.....that is really rough.
Zach Rodgers Zach Rodgers . 3 days ago
Lowkey think the 350 turned into a Infiniti
Bathing Panda Bathing Panda . 3 days ago
please review A2 racer / autobahn racer
Alexander Canales Alexander Canales . 3 days ago
God you guys have to review super fast the movie that's a good one
Rockaway Data Systems Rockaway Data Systems . 3 days ago
When does anyone ever get their speedo tested?
skm M skm M . 3 days ago
landed in a pile of shit🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
K Campbell K Campbell . 3 days ago
2WheelHanz 2WheelHanz . 3 days ago
I'm sorry #DonutMedia i can't finish this video. This makes me not want to watch anything ever again lmfao. He lost me at the driver falling into a pile of sh*t & breaking his whatever the Fu*k.
Randy Goertz Randy Goertz . 3 days ago
One of the most under rated movie about street racing is Born 2 Race. It isn’t over the top and the cara are done in real type environment setting.
2WheelHanz 2WheelHanz . 3 days ago
i seen this in a movie streaming site, i clicked off so fast because it looked like a youtube skit. so garbage.
Bro asphalt burning next makes so Sense 👁️👄👁️👓👌
Jagmod YouTube Jagmod YouTube . 4 days ago
Trying to be the the merc that flew in the 90s
Jagmod YouTube Jagmod YouTube . 4 days ago
The sonic movie explosions CGI are better than the entire movie
Sk1nw4lker22 Sk1nw4lker22 . 4 days ago
Omg the CGI...
Sigurdur Mar Olafsson Sigurdur Mar Olafsson . 4 days ago
Have you seen:
Death race 2000?
It is an early Sly and David Carradine flick. It is SOOOOOO BAAAADDD it hurts.

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