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Published on 2 weeks ago

Today we'll discuss how Minecraft's New "Rules" Are Terrible. This latest update regarding java bans is causing much uproar in the community, especially the anarchy/2b2t community.

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OwO OwO . 2 weeks ago
And if you thought the Warden is one tough battle, well get ready for the most scariest mob yet: *The report system*
メルーMeruiC メルーMeruiC . 18 minutes ago
If they ever continue this path, I'm guessing Cracked Minecraft and Cracked Servers are going to increase in popularity, due to how bad it truly is and how bad it can be. Imagine you, not being able to join your OWN server.
Ferdykdsgsde Ferdykdsgsde . 23 minutes ago
Which one is more bad BC of the rules Minecraft or Roblox?
74 Alla Revanth 74 Alla Revanth . 53 minutes ago
If this comes out for real

I would never ever play minecraft again ever

Nor will I ever suggest anyone to play

In reverse I would tell them not to
Hạnh Trần Hạnh Trần . 55 minutes ago
i want PvP with fitMC
Samuel Stead Samuel Stead . 1 hour ago
can't believe I'm about to say this but what your saying acutely makes sense and I agree with it it's just a game in games you should be able to do what you want and not have to worry about some stupid company forcing you to play by there rules you should be able to make your own if your paying to run a server its basically your property and they shouldn't be trespassing
SpiritWolfeMoon SpiritWolfeMoon . 1 hour ago
Microsoft should have never been allowed to buy Minecraft
Edit: The stupid thing is that before it was completely fine with profanity in named items and on signs! On Bedrock at the very least we've been forbidden in our own private single-player games to use profanity or even have anything deemed profanity even in other languages like french in our named items signs or chats, even if a word somewhere includes a bad word the game says "NOpE YoU CaN'T dO ThAT", now let me reiterate a private, single-player, game, that's not public, is not allowed to freaking swear. Now yes have a report button for people who do bad crap like groom kids or are doing hate crimes and such but in huge servers people will exploit the report button, let the mods handle that in their server because hey, they're being paid for something, and let us swear in our private games, we bought Minecraft, we didn't pay to have a Roblox censor simulator- oh wait...
Matt H Matt H . 1 hour ago
don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it

this is just like 1984 by george orwell
The Sensational Mr. Science The Sensational Mr. Science . 2 hours ago
agreed to terms or threatened by microsoft that they would destroy your ability to play minecraft hmmm..... forced agreements are less likely to win in court just so you know.

Hope you have a great day & Safe Travels!
Son Geki Son Geki . 2 hours ago
I stuck to the Mojang version as long as I could, I never wanted it to go to Microsoft.
Microsofts policies suck.
Sylvann Sylvann . 2 hours ago
"Take it easy and no swearing, I guess" lmao
FHLX FHLX . 2 hours ago
I love how Microsoft cares more about enforcing its terms of service by having moderation teams dedicated to the game itself, but cares little to not about copyright infringement on the Bedrock marketplace (Aether. . . ahem. . . Faithful. . .); it's very infuriating, to say the least. This could very likely affect the popularity of the game.
Jemkiller25 & WiggSplitter5 Jemkiller25 & WiggSplitter5 . 2 hours ago
I'm so going to do that Microsoft sucks
Stoned Monkey Stoned Monkey . 2 hours ago
I literally bought Minecraft just to check out 2b2t cause of your video's. Got myself outta spawn in about a hour was intense, gotta try to get back on again and hopefully get stuff to make a bed so I dont have to go back to spawn again lol
SonicryV2 SonicryV2 . 3 hours ago
I think they should at LEAST make it optional for server owners
Kenji Kenji . 3 hours ago
woah i feel good i still havent migrated my account
Dan Brit Dan Brit . 3 hours ago
The word night is now banned in mc too
Outer Face Outer Face . 3 hours ago
Minecraft is all about freedom but now you can’t even write the word night on a sign in you own single player world.
The Browser The Browser . 3 hours ago
dang but Atleast we have better Moderation that that Damned Roblox
Dan Brit Dan Brit . 3 hours ago
Let's get banned and class action lawsuit them for breach of contract
Niklas Vilhelm Niklas Vilhelm . 3 hours ago
The ONE thing i feared would happen. I used to play another game with this same feature. But keep in mind that the people who reports you aren't lawyers, they are kids who assume that everything negative is "bullying", or they simply just report others as revenge. It's not fair to be permanently banned because of some dumb kids.

I also have a problem with Mojang having the power to ban us from something we paid for. That's stealing. If you're gonna ban me, give my money back.
Darek Błaszczyk Darek Błaszczyk . 4 hours ago
For years I have been advocating against hacked clients/launchers, because from my expierence these were almost exclusively used by toxic kids interested in nothing else than hacking and/or ruining eveyrone else's day. Also opening a free, full access to a game that has clearly defined (and actually affordable) price tag is just borderline theft.

But standing here today, witnessing this dystopian censorship? This impudence with which Mojang is trying to force it upon private servers? Its just unbelivable. That list of absolutely ridiculous banned words is nothing else than an attempt to control peoples language and expression of thoughts. If that wasn't bad enough, just look at the list of "surprisingly" vague and broad things you can be banned for. Suuurely this wont devolve into certain pollitical doctrine brainwashing machine, like that never happened before. This is an actual orwellian nightmare in the making, about to ruin my beloved game. AND I FEEL LIKE A FOOL!

From now on I will be praising hacked launchers and advising everyone to use those. Who knows, I might even consider writing code for one of them if there happen to exist open-sourced ones. We have amazing community with highly skilled software developers among us. If a bunch of random internet people could create Linux - an entire operating system that is objectively better in almost every aspect than its propertiary counterpart - then we can surerly write an open-sourced client for Minecraft that will be free of charge and free of corporate bullshit. Let Mojang provide gameplay mechanics and content to the game like they used to - and we will just replace the other broken parts in this once glorious titan of a sandbox game.
SheLuhOD SheLuhOD . 4 hours ago
I mean this with all seriousness, but this is literally 1984.
Sappy Sappy . 5 hours ago
Listen, I'm a stickler for rules, but even I realize that this is ridiculous. Let the server owners handle it, and they don't handle it, you have no obligation to play on that server, so leave. Microsoft doesn't need to get involved with this.
Fearagen Fearagen . 5 hours ago
If I was a server owner, I would like my own control/my admins control over chat. If I wanted an unfiltered chat where everyone could cuss their heads off, I want to be able to choose so and not have Microsoft forcing a filter/report system over it.
Agam Productions Agam Productions . 5 hours ago
I love bedrock and Java, but I feel like what bedrock is (Microsoft’s version of Minecraft) if becoming what Java is, bedrock always felt like a place where Microsoft had full control while Java still felt like the original Minecraft, now Microsoft wants more control over Java..
TGBWayve TGBWayve . 5 hours ago
at the time of this comment, I am perma banned from chat due to swearing in the XBOX PARTY CHAT
This is for all Microsoft products as well T_T
PlayerX PlayerX . 5 hours ago
Minecraft is trying so hard to turn into Roblox all of a sudden??
Gavin Carr Gavin Carr . 6 hours ago
Idk if anyone will see this, but I’m coming back to this video to talk about it. My Minecraft Windows 10 account got banned for seemingly no reason. My Java account was completely fine, but I only play on Windows 10 on a realm I have with like 3 guys. And I know for a fact noone reported me- meaning I was automatically banned for something I typed or like that. Their staff team is being completely unhelpful and just saying I was banned for “Sexually Inappropriate” without giving me an example. So I guess don’t type anything anywhere on minecraft because you can get autobanned
On Sabbatical…for awhile. On Sabbatical…for awhile. . 6 hours ago
No one:
Me: laughing in the background bc i haven’t migrated my account yet
steven color steven color . 7 hours ago
I thought they had covered this already on the menu for joining a java multiplayer game where it warns you about interactions with the community not having a consistent rating, aka be careful joining others, we can't predict what kind of person you will encounter.
TheWorldMachineOS TheWorldMachineOS . 7 hours ago
Luckily, there are plugins and mods.
TheWorldMachineOS TheWorldMachineOS . 7 hours ago
Ok microsoft, here's an idea: Make it so that people can turn this on and off, and tell people if it's on or not.
TheWorldMachineOS TheWorldMachineOS . 7 hours ago
And this is why I like Terraria.
Lancet Lancet . 7 hours ago
I have swore to myself to not play Minecraft multiplayer until this change is reverted the thing is that I’m worried about if I will ever play Minecraft multiplayer again
Zhou Feng Zhou Feng . 7 hours ago
this is a horrible choice on Microsoft's end, i was playing on a realm with a couple mates on our own private and paid for realm I wrote on a sign that my friend Rhys was a cock and ended up with a ban for 2 weeks he didn't report me either they flagged it themselves then took it upon themselves to ban me i tired to appeal it and even got confirmation that its all in good fun between irl friends they still said nah mate your staying banned as it goes against the tos
UniversoVitoref UniversoVitoref . 7 hours ago
5:40 literally they kill innocence presumption, like they don't care if you are innocent, all for the good of the commune i guess?
Trustthewust Trustthewust . 7 hours ago
Fit, technoblade has passed away
Hans Hans . 7 hours ago
time for new minecraft)
Australian Spartan Australian Spartan . 7 hours ago
add to server rules: if you have a problem with another user, report it to an admin, users known to misuse the minecraft reporting system will be banned.
Stephane Guimond Stephane Guimond . 7 hours ago
every single game ive ever played that had the chat policed only ever goes after english words. if u wanna cuss, pick up a book and do it in a foreign language. patch solved.
Mayes7 Mayes7 . 7 hours ago
all the more reasons microsoft is making me want to quit mc
Christopher Bravo Christopher Bravo . 9 hours ago
Technoblade's death couldn't have come at a better time for Microsoft. Now they have something big to occupy the community's attention while they continue to undermine Minecraft's integrity in the name of "safety and security". F*ck these guys.
mondaywack mondaywack . 9 hours ago
well welcome to roblox
Name Unknown Name Unknown . 9 hours ago
For 2b2t, I think the server will have to stop being a Vanilla Server and use some mod that disables the chat report system entirely.
Dziugas Dziugas . 9 hours ago
I guess ill just never speak in minecraft chat again
Yung Grape Juice Yung Grape Juice . 9 hours ago
literally 1984
ItCameFromTheSkyBeLo ItCameFromTheSkyBeLo . 9 hours ago
This is a good thing. No more safe spaces for snowflake, 'it's just a joke,' stealth nazis and other fascists.
Microsoft just ruined minecraft
T H T H . 10 hours ago
Make a technoblade statue in a vid

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