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Luke Davidson

Luke Davidson

Published on 2 weeks ago

When You Use Your Friends Bathroom #Shorts

Totally Not Bubble Totally Not Bubble . 60 minutes ago
Qhen i was younger i peed on a popular girls floor at her birthday party becuse she gave me bluebarry donut instead of glazed
Dani Diedrich Dani Diedrich . 1 hour ago
Now u gotta solve the escape room to flush it
Aesthetic Leopard Aesthetic Leopard . 2 hours ago
I strangely relate to this 🤣🤣
ItaAndy ItaAndy . 2 hours ago
Well only one thing you can do. Use your hands.
Blue gacha Blue gacha . 2 hours ago
Damn that was um…..
Administration Anonymous Administration Anonymous . 5 hours ago
Listen soldier ya government unscrew the cabinet and say if fell and broke the toilet
Gamer jad Gamer jad . 5 hours ago
Daniel Teang Daniel Teang . 5 hours ago
Not a problem if there’s a plunger
Astromouse Astromouse . 5 hours ago
Yall have weak toilets lol
nick chu nick chu . 7 hours ago
Lucille Khama Lucille Khama . 9 hours ago
Did he even wash his hands😐😐😐😐
Dog Leven Dog Leven . 12 hours ago
Foxknownplayz Foxknownplayz . 13 hours ago
Toilet: is clogged
Toilet plunger: Am I a joke to you?
Thanos Thanos . 13 hours ago
Everything is fine
But from where he got that pooping sound🤔
Pablo Dunia Pablo Dunia . 14 hours ago
Ew 🤐🤢🤮
Rayy’sComics Rayy’sComics . 15 hours ago
Friend: hmm, the house is clean, the movies ready, the snacks are arriving in 2 minutes, did i forget anything else? OH YEAH! *BREAK AND CLOG THE TOILET!*
depressedespresso depressedespresso . 16 hours ago
I always check if the flush works or not before using any bathroom 🤣
Marcix Czudiak Marcix Czudiak . 16 hours ago
I feel the pain😭😢😂😂😂😎
Maharlika no Maharlika no . 16 hours ago
This is so true
CraxzGi CraxzGi . 17 hours ago
Literally happened to me, kinda but not really, It only had toilet paper in the toilet, but i had to keep flushing and wait for flush again so all of it can flush down (Not friends house BTW, and Adults place)
•GachaTale• •GachaTale• . 18 hours ago
Im actually scared to crap in any toilet that isnt at my house
Sara Pearson Sara Pearson . 18 hours ago
Elvira Songalla Elvira Songalla . 20 hours ago
Relate this in the mall honestly i the pail @ pour on the bowl
Samuel Watkins Samuel Watkins . 21 hours ago
He went too off with the poop
Y. Heidan Theoder Y. Heidan Theoder . 1 day ago
mission failed 🤣
funny maddy funny maddy . 1 day ago
Lol when they look at the same time
Spyscott Spyscott . 1 day ago
TidalZak TidalZak . 1 day ago
My compliment: Very nice editing when the parents are there.
𝒩𝒶𝒹𝒾𝓎𝒶 ℳ𝒶𝓇𝒾𝑒 ♡ 𝒩𝒶𝒹𝒾𝓎𝒶 ℳ𝒶𝓇𝒾𝑒 ♡ . 1 day ago
u have to say “ oh yea i was gonna go to the restroom but someone clogged it” and if they ask why u were in there for so long u gotta say “ i was tryna fix the toilet someone clogged”

that’s how u do it 😉
Beauty Paradise HAIR & WIGS Beauty Paradise HAIR & WIGS . 1 day ago
Wait did the toilet even work the first time
Dj Hunter Dj Hunter . 1 day ago
Me: at my friends bathroom
Also me:
Queen Rats 🐁🐁 Queen Rats 🐁🐁 . 1 day ago
I hope my friends don’t do that
jenduhe47 jenduhe47 . 1 day ago
That's why I only use my bathroom 😃
Tuki Pillus Tuki Pillus . 1 day ago
Is anybody going to
Talk about he turned of2
Rosemary Rosemary . 1 day ago
This happens to me all the time but the toilet over flows
Daily life channel Daily life channel . 2 days ago
I can kinda relate
Unblock Mind Unblock Mind . 2 days ago
Bathroom Checklist for Young Adults:
Check if toilet is clogged.
Check if there is TP(Check if there is running water if you use water.)
Check if the flush is working.
Check if the lock on the door works.
Check if your phone is charged.
Poop in peace.
Robert Mcgowan Robert Mcgowan . 2 days ago
I can relate to that
C4RT3R C4RT3R . 2 days ago
The person who uses it next is in for a very BIG Surprise!!!💩💀
Serene Serene . 2 days ago
That noise 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Glitch_101 channel Glitch_101 channel . 2 days ago
I was stuck in my friends bathroom for 10 min once it was embarrassing💀
the roblox gamer the roblox gamer . 2 days ago
Luke how did you make 2 of yourself
BL0SS0M BL0SS0M . 2 days ago
The sounds effects ruined my appetite
ProGamer84 ProGamer84 . 2 days ago
Doesn't it sound like dish soap squirting out the bottle?
Kurikuri Karin Kurikuri Karin . 2 days ago
Those sound effects sound so bad I lost my appetite 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
brooke brooke . 2 days ago
no one’s gonna talk about the sound effects- 😭🤠
bruhmeme42 bruhmeme42 . 2 days ago
He didn't wash his hands 💀
Soufyane Boufkerane Soufyane Boufkerane . 2 days ago
The sound when he do s*it , sounds like when you squiz a bottle of kutchup
Stocky kid Stocky kid . 2 days ago
So true

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