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Daniel Gizmo

Daniel Gizmo

Published on 2 weeks ago

Spy Ninjas Tour -

After Chad Wild Clay made "My Friend Quit the Spy Ninjas to Join the Hackers!", Vy Qwaint created "Are My Friends Hackers?", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "What's Inside Regina's Closet?", Regina realized it's time to reveal her secret closet in her room. What's inside? She opened it up to reveal something shocking. Although there is still a mystery. What are those weird sounds coming from her closet? She is working on a mask for her brother Melvin so he won't be evil anymore and join the Project Zorgo hackers, Agent Peter's Team. Meanwhile Chad and Vy went undercover to infiltrate the hackers to rescue Melvin. He needs to be saved! If we can put the mask on Melvin, he will be our best friend again and join us! They use their sneaking skills and spy gadgets, including the covert communicator to get into the warehouse. Will our plan fail? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2022!

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Carrie Murphy Carrie Murphy . 3 hours ago
Is it reall
I know what is in there it's the projects leader.
Lance Martch Lance Martch . 12 hours ago
the girl openened the door
Lance Martch Lance Martch . 12 hours ago
want to be griffins girlfreind
Elvia Gomez Elvia Gomez . 20 hours ago
I love you spell ninjas every single dancing I’m not your videos
Elvia Gomez Elvia Gomez . 20 hours ago
Regina how much is CJ because you don’t like people seeing another side of the closet😘😘😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩✌️🥰✌️🥰
Wolfy Molfy Wolfy Molfy . 22 hours ago
Omg how are you guys doing this
Ruben Hopkins Ruben Hopkins . 1 day ago
Some one was in the back of Retinas closet
sotuur aeei sotuur aeei . 1 day ago
this video is amazing and finally Regina open your closet
XLTTech XLTTech . 1 day ago
hes only like regina u know
tom tom . 1 day ago
l believe regina and l dont like melvin anymore
Nathanael Alfanta Nathanael Alfanta . 1 day ago
Chris Barnas Chris Barnas . 1 day ago
Hiiiiiiii I will love u forever I can’t wait to see you guys
Mia Kershaw Mia Kershaw . 1 day ago
I laugh at the bin so I watched it 15 times😎🤪😇🥸😆😁🤣
Amy Williams Amy Williams . 1 day ago
Best friends Melvin.
Amy Williams Amy Williams . 1 day ago
Melvin Jin Spying 🥷 Ninjas
Soinas Doyi Soinas Doyi . 2 days ago
The moment we've all been waiting for
Two stars Two stars . 2 days ago
Wait Daniel what is on you neck 😳😬
Copper Games Copper Games . 2 days ago
I have found evidence
Number one hater Number one hater . 2 days ago
I told it
z J u a n z z J u a n z . 2 days ago
I Reamber u as a lie Detector guys it’s Been a long time my friend
Tim Hoppe Tim Hoppe . 2 days ago
YV. noo. XD
helen terry helen terry . 2 days ago
I love your videos
chding zuure chding zuure . 2 days ago
Garviel Loken Garviel Loken . 2 days ago
[pompompurin] [pompompurin] . 2 days ago
first of all what is in her closet
Nanci Lazdauskas Nanci Lazdauskas . 2 days ago
What if the boss was writing on the type writer because it can perditi the future
vinasu maaj vinasu maaj . 3 days ago
After 3 years finally we can see what’s in it
Piper squad tiktok Piper squad tiktok . 3 days ago
Can u come to st.lucia
fatima Muftah fatima Muftah . 3 days ago
Ima skip some parts
fatima Muftah fatima Muftah . 3 days ago
Cahyo Prakoso Cahyo Prakoso . 3 days ago
???? Project Zorgo 😊😃👏
Chad Wild Clay
Regina Ginera
Vy Qwaint
Daniel Gizmo
Melvin PZ9 The Best Fighter ????
Hao Zhen Lim Hao Zhen Lim . 3 days ago
i knew melvin didnt betrayde the spy ninjas and cool closet rejina
Luthfur Rahman Luthfur Rahman . 4 days ago
Apisith Permpaisarnsakul Apisith Permpaisarnsakul . 4 days ago
Thats shrek
Cj_with_dogs Cj_with_dogs . 4 days ago
Gabby_flogs Gabby_flogs . 4 days ago
At 10:38 what’s on Daniels neck?
伍穎琛 伍穎琛 . 4 days ago
That I want to die
JJhdTiger JJhdTiger . 4 days ago
That’s a crazy closet
Omayra Maldonado Omayra Maldonado . 4 days ago
Real one Real one . 4 days ago
Oh no among us....que sus music
mijuo roui mijuo roui . 4 days ago
I can’t believe I actually got to see Regina’s whole closet
ayo ayden ayo ayden . 4 days ago
6:53 chad said a swear ?
Hello Hello . 4 days ago
Bob Werd Bob Werd . 4 days ago
Spy ninjas look up Hunter Ballard‘s YouTube channel and does these eggs that he makes for three dollars because he has chickens I’m going to get them can you make a video open spine it’s like that darkish and lightest pink one I have a H on it that’s my cousin‘s YouTube channel so please can you look at it I love your videos
Hunter Hilson Hunter Hilson . 4 days ago
Lenny shorts Lenny shorts . 4 days ago

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