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Published on 3 weeks ago

MANIACITV: Drake ft. 21 Savage - Jimmy Cooks (Official Audio) REACTION

#Drake #21Savage #JimmyCooks

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Marcus Lee Marcus Lee . 4 days ago
🔥 Minus 21 should’ve left him off & dropped another verse. dude does nothing except talk about killing black men.
Nathan Augustine Nathan Augustine . 5 days ago
This is the only fire song on this album
Jalen King Jalen King . 6 days ago
Subbed cuz you’re a Wisconsin sports fan, go bucks!!
Hilbert Hassell Hilbert Hassell . 1 week ago
All he did was give the intro to the next album or ep he drop lol how YAL not catch it
Anthony Daily Anthony Daily . 1 week ago
this song a diss to Kendrick
Raphie S Raphie S . 2 weeks ago
This whole album is trash!!!
Flávio Lourenço Flávio Lourenço . 2 weeks ago
fo sho
Kabir Santamaria Kabir Santamaria . 2 weeks ago
I love your reactions man! You a real hip hop head respect ✌🏻✌🏻
Richard Perry Richard Perry . 2 weeks ago
He’s face says he don’t know!〽️🤙🏼
AK AK . 2 weeks ago
Chris Rock was clowning 21 Savage on Jimmy Fallon about his pilot's license.
Rdrizzy Rdrizzy . 2 weeks ago
jimmy cooks, sticky, and a keeper are the best tracks
Raheem Peterson Raheem Peterson . 2 weeks ago
Honestly, He was vibing and just venting until the last couple
Carson Wernicke Carson Wernicke . 2 weeks ago
Just stop here don’t ruin the album for yourself
KrazyBananazz♤♧ KrazyBananazz♤♧ . 2 weeks ago
The only good song in this album lol
Quentin Perkins Quentin Perkins . 2 weeks ago
He need to rap more beats like this
Devonte Robinson Devonte Robinson . 3 weeks ago
Bro 21 and Drake need to make a joint tape together . This song , sneakin and knife talk 🔥🔥🔥
Duy Anh Le Duy Anh Le . 3 weeks ago
Shot him 20 times and gave his girl the last shot make it 21. Goddamn
yosh yosh . 3 weeks ago
rest of the album tho
Durk 300 Durk 300 . 3 weeks ago
Album I like I love the new sounds he does
Kendrick peter Kendrick peter . 3 weeks ago
21 savage verse hard asf 🔥
Kendrick peter Kendrick peter . 3 weeks ago
21 savage verse hard asf 🔥
Jarvis Brown Jarvis Brown . 3 weeks ago
Whenever Drake got that Memphis sound it’s a automatic banger every time! Shout out to Playa Fly on the sample…Down South Legend Mane💯
someoneyouknow12 someoneyouknow12 . 3 weeks ago
Someone please tell me who he’s talking about when he dropped that “I’ll put you in court seats”
SoundDragon9549 SoundDragon9549 . 3 weeks ago
This song literally carried the whole album
Epic Soundzzz Epic Soundzzz . 3 weeks ago
Dat playa fly sample too hard 🔥 Real Memphis general 🗣🗣
Alitty Alitty . 3 weeks ago
I wish he would’ve names it honestly,nevermind. That would’ve been a sick outro. Such a cool album
Al gotti Al gotti . 3 weeks ago
“Let my brother drive while I shoot, team effort” - 21 savage
George Oliver George Oliver . 3 weeks ago
Some of y'all trippin bout the album, the whole album a vibe and I'm pretty sure he go drop another album
Not Owl Not Owl . 3 weeks ago
sticky and jimmy cooks are def the best off the album
Deshawn _thekid97 Deshawn _thekid97 . 3 weeks ago
He became one of the ⭐️ in the roof
Playa Bart Playa Bart . 3 weeks ago
That’s playa fly when it first come on Memphis shit
Dicaprio Dicaprio Dicaprio Dicaprio . 3 weeks ago
This is 100% THE ONE! The rest are just not it. Not this kinda fire at all. The rest is loverboy sweet boy music that statistically mostly women listen to.
Passionfruit, ballroom kinda vibe. Just not my taste
Laker Ludz Laker Ludz . 3 weeks ago
only good song on the album
Uncle Stella Uncle Stella . 3 weeks ago
Bro react to dat TayShotzz and Yungeen Ace "What it's Bout"🔥🔥‼
yaboiiwilliamc yaboiiwilliamc . 3 weeks ago
React to make a movie kay flock ft fivio foreign
I made a remix of this track, would love if someone checked it out. Its gonna bang in the clubs nocap
FatRedguy FatRedguy . 3 weeks ago
Savage slidddd on this hoe!!
CLICK CLICK . 3 weeks ago
America wont like this album. Every other country will.
Lets_Play_A_Game Lets_Play_A_Game . 3 weeks ago
Project Pat to be exact. The 21 Savage flow he using.💯💯 #ProjectPat
You know Drake could’ve made a whole album with this vibe and decided not to. Damn Drake, we could’ve had summer bangers. House music isn’t my thing.
Marri Marri . 3 weeks ago
React to jdot breezy don’t panic
Jophiz Jophiz . 3 weeks ago
Worst drake album ever. Only good song on the album.
Edit: why we be saying “free whoever” when they’re for real criminals?! They got evidence and everything. Let’s not free celebrities because they’re celebrities 😂 it’s they fault for getting caught up in bullshit and getting caught. No simpathy for dumb dudes here. Y’all wack af.
JMIZZLE7 JMIZZLE7 . 3 weeks ago
This the only one lmao
Tony Richardson Tony Richardson . 3 weeks ago
Luh Zayy Luh Zayy . 3 weeks ago
gates dropped an album
Brisaxelle Richardson Brisaxelle Richardson . 3 weeks ago
Check my boy jdot out man
Justin Barnes Justin Barnes . 3 weeks ago
ONLY good song come from this album😂
92 rique 92 rique . 3 weeks ago
I’m sorry we need that gates shit fr
Atlantis Atlantis . 3 weeks ago
The whole album is awful House music lol
RayOffkey RayOffkey . 3 weeks ago
imagine his reaction for the rest of the album 💀

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