Play / Download CJ McCollum’s verdict on Kyrie Irving’s future: He’s getting an extension somewhere! 👀 | First Take
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Published on 2 weeks ago

The First Take panel is joined by CJ McCollum to talk through the Kyrie Irving and Brooklyn Nets’ impasse.
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Willie Roland Willie Roland . 1 week ago
Everyone ignoring molly was funny
Mister Boyle Mister Boyle . 1 week ago
That Lehigh mid-major education. Who needs Harvard
take down take down . 1 week ago
CJ McCollum did a mike drop on these busters.
David K David K . 1 week ago
Cj is a clown, should speak his mind but he’s becoming a suit/a politician. He represent only the upper echelon of the players union with max deals. He don’t give a f about the mid-low end players who gotta work n train hard to just to stay in the league
Billy Jackson Billy Jackson . 2 weeks ago
Perkins, wasn't that good of a player. And he is a hater of the new generation. How did he even get the job on FT. Smh.
It's time for NEW MEDIA!!!!🙌🏾
Elijah.j Elijah.j . 2 weeks ago
There are at the least 13 teams within the nba right now that will be more valuable with a kyrie as the starting point guard on the team. Half of them being playoff contender and not one of them being named the lakers
Nino DaBambino Nino DaBambino . 2 weeks ago
McCollum is still a BALLER especially on 2k I felt like the blazers shouldn’t have done that.
Efia Ahimah Efia Ahimah . 2 weeks ago
What an articulate, gorgeous guy. CJ is ✌️🤝🤝
genera74 genera74 . 2 weeks ago
At this point could you find someone, besides KD, who is not tired of Kyrie's tantrum?
Rico White Rico White . 2 weeks ago
Perks facial expression during the entire conversation says it all 😂
Jo Dom Jo Dom . 2 weeks ago
CJ Will make a heck of a politician lol
Bigg Bagg Bigg Bagg . 2 weeks ago
Awkward Silent Moment:
Kendrick Perkins: "They're tired of him CJ" 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Corporal Feel no way Corporal Feel no way . 2 weeks ago
Orlando should take Kyrie... Fultz,T Ross and Jonathan Issac. when Kyrie doesn't feel like playing he has Disney Land to take pictures with Goofy....
Blackjack Blackjack . 2 weeks ago
CJ is a natural.keep it non-bias and he will go far..he reminds me of Stuart Scott n a way...he was non-bias and all the players loved him n every sport...Scott was going to Athletes only Parties..ask Fred Eisen.
Richard Patrick Richard Patrick . 2 weeks ago
CJ regardless of covid , kyrie is not going to be available every game
Milos Mitic Milos Mitic . 2 weeks ago
Kyrie to MIL
Tristan Mules Tristan Mules . 2 weeks ago
god stephen a and kendrick perkins two of the biggest mouths and most disrespectful people in bball media, you're earning your money CJ!!
Wes k... Wes k... . 2 weeks ago
Kyrie doesn't have a mamba mentality...he has a me me me me me mentality....never looks for a teams best needs...just himself honestly
ID MTZ ID MTZ . 2 weeks ago
CJ it's an active player, he's not going to speak open honest and against another active player. Shaky credibility, all for views.
Angus Cooper Angus Cooper . 2 weeks ago
NETS will give him 50M and a one year contract subject to winning a title next season !!!!! Kyrie pissed off the Nets management with his antics. They will let this KD Kyrie love story play out for one year and see if them two dudes can win em a championship. If they do, thats the time kyrie gets his 4 years extension.
with that mentality he wont win another title... first where is his head, or brain....
Ernesto Alonzo Ernesto Alonzo . 2 weeks ago
Cj a pretty good analyst
D Johnson D Johnson . 2 weeks ago
Why is this dude not sticking with one team and developing cohesiveness I mean he's bouncing around like a pinball machine wow!
tyler fernandez tyler fernandez . 2 weeks ago
Stephen A wants Kyrie to go broke so bad 🤣 I dont get it
Maki Maki Maki Maki . 2 weeks ago
CJ is sooo eloquent. I love listening to this guy
DTTG DTTG . 2 weeks ago
Perk nodding out 🤣🤣🤣
Eazy15 Eazy15 . 2 weeks ago
The topics should be “Why can’t Kyrie Irving Stay Apart of A championship team or a franchise?”
Baby WizardKelly Baby WizardKelly . 2 weeks ago
CJ so right
Jimmie2shus Jimmie2shus . 2 weeks ago
CJ gone run for office!! 😂😂😂😂
BJ Premium Detailing LLC BJ Premium Detailing LLC . 2 weeks ago
They are tired of him
BJ Premium Detailing LLC BJ Premium Detailing LLC . 2 weeks ago
Perks a real one
ohwowjavi ohwowjavi . 2 weeks ago
Use me as the “STOP SAYING BLACK ATHLETES ARE WELL SPOKEN BUTTON” B**ch we smart like everyone else!!!
Cruelty After Dark Cruelty After Dark . 2 weeks ago
Kyrie is not a box office, he rarely play 🤣🤣🤣
Marx 1684 Marx 1684 . 2 weeks ago
Perk said it.
Marx 1684 Marx 1684 . 2 weeks ago
Mr. Smith show up to work.
Marx 1684 Marx 1684 . 2 weeks ago
You can be the best earner on the floor. Have to show up to work. The precedent he sets isn't even good for business.
Marx 1684 Marx 1684 . 2 weeks ago
CJ makes me want to read something. I'll finish the video but just hearing you talk makes me feel like I need to shut the screen off & fj is some homework & better myself.
Demetre Lopez Demetre Lopez . 2 weeks ago
No way im saying im the second best player 🤦🏽‍♂️
88ntil 88ntil . 2 weeks ago
Y’all think any NBA player that go on there is superb 😂😂
Daniel Boye Daniel Boye . 2 weeks ago
Perk, Please Stop TALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MR D MR D . 2 weeks ago
KD and Kyrie will not get no more championships they ignorant well at least KD is and they don't even listen to the coach Steve Nash got to go and I think KD and Kyrie got to go you could get something for them you may not replace another one like KD but you'll get something
They should trade him to New Orleans straight up for CJ McCollum
D-Billz D-Billz . 2 weeks ago
If i was the Celtics, I'd try to bring kyrie back😅
Sweetness Dabutta Sweetness Dabutta . 2 weeks ago
This was an unforeseen pandemic that hit everyone and Everyone was affected...This has nothing to do with the CBA. Thats The Players Association Rep stopping SA in his tracks. He was not going to allow SA to throw Players under the Bus for how they reacted during and after a Pandemic. Not Today Sir.....
André Fuchs André Fuchs . 2 weeks ago
Perk has literally the worst takes ever. Brooklyn : "Ok we are tired of Kyrie just let him go" !!!
That can't be his solution
qorn h qorn h . 2 weeks ago
Bro kyrie is not showing up 2 82 games. Dude gonna play 50 games in call it at tht
Jeremy Rain Jeremy Rain . 2 weeks ago
Perk is lost. He won’t last long.
Jeremy Rain Jeremy Rain . 2 weeks ago
I’m glad CJ said this. Everybody se to forget how close KD was to winning it last year all at the expense of content. KD still that dude.
Hiram Vazquez Hiram Vazquez . 2 weeks ago
McCollum evaded that question like a true politician. Lol

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