Play / Download Metal storm! 1,000,000 rounds per minute? #shorts
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Published on 2 weeks ago

medicbabe2ID medicbabe2ID . 17 minutes ago
Shirley Actual Shirley Actual . 28 minutes ago
Accuracy through volume
solar solar . 30 minutes ago
So a large shotgun?
Bethesda Feng-shui Bethesda Feng-shui . 33 minutes ago
Xero Xero . 41 minutes ago
Modern hwatcha
SpeedFreak SpeedFreak . 57 minutes ago
Why don't you people get a proper mic instead of being lazy and using shitty earbud mics.
kuldeep khichi kuldeep khichi . 1 hour ago
That's sounds like fart 🤪 fast to superfast 🤪
asriel dreemurr asriel dreemurr . 1 hour ago
I see people calling it a shotgun...shotguns have spread...this thing has *a wall*
Shane Temple Shane Temple . 2 hours ago
Extremely slow and expensive reloads.
Johnny Wad Johnny Wad . 2 hours ago
So someone basically wanted to reinvent the claymore mine. Idk if that's really necessary. How much more dead can a person be after they are already Dead?
Sxlrd Uchiha Sxlrd Uchiha . 2 hours ago
I can’t tell you how fast I almost whipped it out at 1,000,000😳
nesseiht gnay nesseiht gnay . 2 hours ago
The really fuckin is like who farted
Digital Cajun Digital Cajun . 2 hours ago
They did not abandon the project, they just rebranded it "Fuck You"
troy powell troy powell . 3 hours ago
You totaly sound so much better and more intelligent when you leave out the filth! Great job young man!
Yooo Yooo . 3 hours ago
It costs 400 000 dollars to fire this weapon... for 12 seconds
KaNe KaNe . 3 hours ago
That weapon is like is it a fart or a shart
Dick Grason Dick Grason . 3 hours ago
Scary part is freedom dispenser will turn you to swiss cheese and make you lose your freedom of breathing or take away your right to walk
Tendonitis Tendonitis . 3 hours ago
Only inaccurately if you have a few of them but if you put thousands of them next to each other you won’t miss you will hit an entire city at once
Jim Reputana Jim Reputana . 3 hours ago
In very fast the sound like some one fart
Lawaern Lawaern . 3 hours ago
I believe the appropriate response is: A PROPA AMOUNT O DAKKA! BUT IT NEEDZ MOAR!
Chase • Chase • . 3 hours ago
So you get a fire rate of 1,000,000 rounds a minute by making a shotgun that shoots a thousand bullets and count it as 1000 rounds in 1 second...feels like cheating
SerekTM SerekTM . 3 hours ago
60,000 rpm sound like the first note from the song DJ got us fallin in love 😂
MGTOW / MRA MGTOW / MRA . 4 hours ago
Fast to really fast sounds like a fart
Pete Venuti Pete Venuti . 4 hours ago
Discontinued? Does that mean I can get one Pennies on the dollar for home defense?
David Chenault David Chenault . 4 hours ago
Nope. Metal Storm is a classic NES game and nothing else.
Hey man are u blind??? Whats with the ray charles look???
Finesse.1 Finesse.1 . 4 hours ago
I love America
B L B L . 4 hours ago
Good job repackaging old footage that most of us saw on Ebaumsworld in 2006. Dipshit.
Rolo Tomassi Rolo Tomassi . 5 hours ago
You don’t have to be accurate when you drop 1 million rounds at one time. Please, use Dr Evil voice who saying 1 million while reading my comment.
Hi-your name here-I'm Jason Haley Hi-your name here-I'm Jason Haley . 5 hours ago
seems a 'wall of lead' would be just one solution to incoming hypersonic missles that have nefarious least to me annahoo. Don't know how abandoned it really is as accuracy need not be a concern when used in this scenario.
Pickle Of Death Pickle Of Death . 5 hours ago
I mean, don’t need accuracy for a crowd 😅
DF3KT DF3KT . 5 hours ago
Napoleon used to say "Quantity has a quality all it's own".
J Torres-Lewis J Torres-Lewis . 5 hours ago
So it’s a shotgun with bullets
 Cabbage farmer 722 Cabbage farmer 722 . 5 hours ago
Be great for those annoying solicitors
Dan Gomez Dan Gomez . 5 hours ago
No such thing as inaccurate with that many rounds down range. Its called accuracy by volume
MIKE 1 MIKE 1 . 5 hours ago
Sounds like my farts after taco bell
Adrian Untalan Adrian Untalan . 5 hours ago
I think that's just called a shotgun... 😂
Jeffrey Herring Jeffrey Herring . 6 hours ago
Pffft who needs a shotgun
Grog Grueslayer Grog Grueslayer . 6 hours ago
Abandoned?... aww that's sad. I loved Metal Storm.
Mason AGENT Mason AGENT . 6 hours ago
are we sure those bullets fired all independently, or did they bullshit us and just fire al of them at once lol
Xavier Nicholas Xavier Nicholas . 6 hours ago
looks like a bullet hwacha
Not me Its you Not me Its you . 6 hours ago
Perfect machine for making mash potatos.
cris dlcruz cris dlcruz . 6 hours ago
Right abandoned currently found near many places in America
evil joe evil joe . 6 hours ago
When I first seen this aircraft and drone could be programed to drop that shit with the accuracy of an ink jet printer shooting ink that's the analogy they used how the software worked.
Martin XY Martin XY . 7 hours ago
There is need for accuracy when you destroy everything in that general direction
jakub majer jakub majer . 7 hours ago
For me that is my hous protection some one open Door dead
Addeboii 07 Addeboii 07 . 7 hours ago
OG’s know it’s from TABS (hawacha)
Der Albtraumritter Der Albtraumritter . 7 hours ago
So...from BRRT, to BAAARRRTTT, to PPFH

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