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Published on 2 weeks ago

The Worlds Luckiest People! Today we're looking at videos of people that got insanely lucky...

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shadeslayer777 shadeslayer777 . 13 hours ago
The money on the road one was not to lucky because it was real and by picking it up they technically committed theft and a lot of people got arrested.
Headphones Headphones . 18 hours ago
The people grabbing the money I believe were forced to give it back
_Zephyr? _Zephyr? . 21 hours ago
On the third clip, I've seen that before. They're really high and u need to make sure ur strapped correctly. 1 wrong step and ur gone.
Tophat V1nce Cuh Tophat V1nce Cuh . 22 hours ago
And s
Tophat V1nce Cuh Tophat V1nce Cuh . 22 hours ago
The money is from a bank truck
the juggernaut the juggernaut . 23 hours ago
Word of advice do NOT pick up large packs of money you find falling from the sky this is a tactic used by terrorists to bomb the area so RUN
Sherri Waldroupe Sherri Waldroupe . 1 day ago
Those people didn't get lucky picking up that money they went to jail.
Keith Eros Aguilar Keith Eros Aguilar . 2 days ago
The second lucky vid can be use as evidence from people stealing it from a bank truck that got holes inside its bank storing
wixifiez XBL wixifiez XBL . 2 days ago
Every1 lucky af😳
Not A Thing Not A Thing . 2 days ago
The thing is the 2nd video is illegal
Llama2008 Llama2008 . 2 days ago
The money on the freeway thing is bad or an accident and don’t steal over a thousand dollars. If it’s bad and not an accident, grab what you can and run cus it could be a terrorist attack attempting to reel people in and kill as many as possible
Jireh Alviar Jireh Alviar . 2 days ago
The second video is a video that people literally stealing from a Armoured truck cause the door somehow is open and all the money is in the road the people the cops played the video later is proof of theft
mr.beast drop that money's
Rose Hardy Rose Hardy . 4 days ago
If you ever see money scattered around on the ground or dropping like that you should run away because it could be a plot to get many people in one area to do something to them.
uiop gamer uiop gamer . 4 days ago
Btw all the people who picked up money got fined or arrested
Leopold Mugo Leopold Mugo . 4 days ago
Slim Jim
أم علا أم علا . 5 days ago
The worlds fu##es people in the world
Summ17 Gaming Summ17 Gaming . 5 days ago
The money on the freeway was from an armored vehicle and every single one of those people picking up the money is committing a felony
Gacha squirrel Gacha squirrel . 5 days ago
When someone drops money like that that is usally the beginning to a mass shooting so they want to get a lot of people in one place so they can either rob a bank somewhere or kill everyone that they gathered in that place so if you ever see money like that being thrown/given out randomly you should probably leave and or run away to be safe
BAŁŁ3R PR0D. BAŁŁ3R PR0D. . 5 days ago
Mrbeast must’ve beeen in a car accident
Ari Yuniaty Ari Yuniaty . 6 days ago
Semua the Seventeen semua one thousand chord I've under
Irna Wati Irna Wati . 6 days ago
me seeing money raining
nah im outahere. i saw youtube shorts said do not pick up money
Cavebeast-gaming Cavebeast-gaming . 6 days ago
A bank transfer truck crashed sending money every where
Clueless Bacon Clueless Bacon . 6 days ago
why cant it happen to me :(
RyanLovesPeanutButter RyanLovesPeanutButter . 1 week ago
You are the same shirt two times in a row
charizard charizard . 1 week ago
Ngl thought you said fiest people
Zenway Zenway . 1 week ago
that second one is a common tactic from terrorists to gather people in a single area
Æ Æ . 1 week ago
Context for the video of the money in the road: okay so that money was stolen or something (sorry im not sure i don't remenber a lot) so that video was evidence in other word everyone that was grabing money they were stealing
skyler Carter skyler Carter . 1 week ago
The money is from a bank truck
The guy who asked The guy who asked . 1 week ago
Bro won the lottery and is like Yes
Paige Mana Paige Mana . 1 week ago
There was a slim Jim there LOL
potate potate . 1 week ago
if you see money on the road its most likely to be a terrorist attack
M&M Comedy M&M Comedy . 1 week ago
Don't they say that money on the road is a trap for terrorists
Fear Less Fear Less . 1 week ago
Bruh they Colecten the government’s money 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Xzen Phaze Xzen Phaze . 1 week ago
I think that highways gonna turn into a boxing match
Lorena Rico Lorena Rico . 1 week ago
Lorena Rico Lorena Rico . 1 week ago
Shenanigans Shenanigans . 1 week ago
He like: “aw shit they saw me”
The manatee man Sand The manatee man Sand . 1 week ago
The guy not strapped in actually happened to me once when I was 11 wow it’s been 3 years now
noeliz and Auriel noeliz and Auriel . 1 week ago
The second one all of the people who picked it up went to jail
Desiredd Desiredd . 1 week ago
The money on the freeway was a money truck with a door malfunction so it let out the money
Mario Fire Mario Fire . 1 week ago
The last one wasn’t really that lucky sense they had to spend to get them
Sebastian Sanchez Sebastian Sanchez . 1 week ago
Video 2 can be used as evidence
Cassidy Resodimedjo Cassidy Resodimedjo . 1 week ago
Caden Miller Caden Miller . 1 week ago
If you ever see money falling from the sky in a city run and don’t go for it. Criminals use this as a way to bait people into a bombing area.
garrys minecraft youtube channel garrys minecraft youtube channel . 1 week ago
Lucky he didn't work for 100s and 1000s
When Dog ⓥ When Dog ⓥ . 1 week ago
The freeway money people were arrested later since it was a bank truck that opened up
Vaine Kauri Vaine Kauri . 1 week ago
So you know the money that fly out of no where.. but it was a truck that Accidental the door opened and all the money fell out
Skullking29 No Skullking29 No . 1 week ago
If you ever see money falling from the sky I'm a city you NEED to run. It's something terrorists use to get big groups of people and kill them
doge :) doge :) . 1 week ago
Bro if you see TONS of money dont pick it up

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