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Daniel Gizmo

Daniel Gizmo

Published on 3 weeks ago


After Chad Wild Clay made "My House's Security System Attacked Us!", Vy Qwaint created "My House is Attacked by Hackers!", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "She SPILLS THE TEA on CWC", it is obvious that there is an intruder among us, a spy! Somebody within the Spy Ninjas is giving Agent Peters and his Project Zorgo hackers inside information. That's how they're able to battle royale us in our own safe house! We thought it was Melvin but after some clue solving and investigating Daniel used one of his gadgets to track down a rogue signal coming from the inside of Regina's closet! Is Regina the one disguised as a Spy Ninja when really she is our enemy? We told her to open her closet after hearing some crazy weird noises coming from within! What could be inside? Is it old ex-boyfriend Harrison? Or is there a secret hidden abandoned underground tunnel? Regina got really scared and embarrassed and ran away to the park! She dressed up undercover in disguise and we had to chase her! What is in her closet! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2022!

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Hans Van Goor Hans Van Goor . 2 hours ago
Daniel if you no technoblade you might no that he died and it was hart Brock to here the he was only 23
Layan Baker Layan Baker . 4 hours ago
Vy is bad at lockpiking
Raylan Bell Raylan Bell . 4 hours ago
what if. Baker. Soot
Jennifer Ramirez Jennifer Ramirez . 4 hours ago
I haven’t watched you guys in a year this brings back memories
Cason Coombs Cason Coombs . 5 hours ago
No are you close ito
Hugo Hugo . 6 hours ago
Bad videos 😆😆😆
Mary Teibler Mary Teibler . 7 hours ago
Amanda Plunkett Amanda Plunkett . 8 hours ago
She’s a spy
Kiearha Davidson Kiearha Davidson . 8 hours ago
Hi I am Leah that’s not really how do you spell my name but I’m just doing but my never mind bye I love your channels they try to explain sometimes it’s hard for me to describe it I don’t know why I love you YouTube channel so badly and I don’t want you to make a video of you holding weird animals
Fangfang zhang Fangfang zhang . 8 hours ago
break the closet open
Alaa Mohd Alaa Mohd . 9 hours ago
Bro the closest is a little open
Steven Boncek Steven Boncek . 9 hours ago
He's sus
Landon Downey Landon Downey . 9 hours ago
I like piano
Adriana Contreras Adriana Contreras . 10 hours ago
Baby toy you you don't know that baby toys are cute Then they're very nice for babies
Eleni Amoroso Eleni Amoroso . 11 hours ago
There right
Esther Taiwo Esther Taiwo . 11 hours ago
You guys shouldn’t have said that and then announcement 😂😂😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mecca teem Fortnite Mecca teem Fortnite . 12 hours ago
There was a red button a green button and a blue button you need to find the black one
Alondra Alondra . 14 hours ago
Hey that was CRAZY IN THERE
Alondra Alondra . 14 hours ago
Con Gavriel Con Gavriel . 14 hours ago
If Regina had deadly stuff in here closet last time then now she’s probably hiding some hacking stuff
Natasha Sherry Natasha Sherry . 17 hours ago
She is the man
Ture Cronmark Ture Cronmark . 17 hours ago
The Primrose Report The Primrose Report . 1 day ago
Please make a part 2
Zenobia Brown Zenobia Brown . 1 day ago
I think Regina is mad because no one really says everything down and I think Ali and her are trying to learn something to surprise me 💓🤟👑😘💕
Daniel Dixon Daniel Dixon . 1 day ago
You should grab her hood
Kimberley Smith Kimberley Smith . 1 day ago
Chad looks suspicious and why is he looks like he's trying to frame Regina
Zack PUBG Zack PUBG . 1 day ago
LOL vy number one
gamerdudee brls gamerdudee brls . 1 day ago
I did it
Ted Ngo Ted Ngo . 1 day ago
Aaron Hellemons Aaron Hellemons . 1 day ago
Zoek een ke to open de klaset
Chloe Bramley Chloe Bramley . 1 day ago
Project Zogo is Watching
Chloe Bramley Chloe Bramley . 1 day ago
Wots. In. The. Closet!
Nate Yussef Nate Yussef . 1 day ago
I'm sacred
♧jammer♧ ♧jammer♧ . 1 day ago
No I'm the baddest lock picker
Annette Willetts Annette Willetts . 2 days ago
Open it
Joshua Leota Joshua Leota . 2 days ago
Joshua Leota Joshua Leota . 2 days ago
It’s Tiyana & Violet It’s Tiyana & Violet . 2 days ago
Tbh I think Regina is right bc nobody shall but in it’s her room
Enemy Enemy . 2 days ago
Enemy Enemy . 2 days ago
Enemy Enemy . 2 days ago
Nathanael Alfanta Nathanael Alfanta . 2 days ago
Rienatu 2015 Rienatu 2015 . 2 days ago
I love your video
Rienatu 2015 Rienatu 2015 . 2 days ago
Merushe Hida Merushe Hida . 2 days ago
Sorry i cant find it
Shane Pleasants Shane Pleasants . 2 days ago
She’s the master of the skies
Shane Pleasants Shane Pleasants . 2 days ago
How do you say sledgehammer music
Ganga Devi Adhikari Ganga Devi Adhikari . 2 days ago
Lynda Young Lynda Young . 2 days ago
Han's Lee Han's Lee . 2 days ago
Why didn't you try the lie detector on regina

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