Play / Download Bruno Mars vs CeeLo Green Singing Forget You tiktok muzicclout
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Celebrity Entertainment

Celebrity Entertainment

Published on 8 months ago

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Bruno Mars vs CeeLo Green Singing Forget You tiktok muzicclout

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Celebrity Entertainment Celebrity Entertainment . 8 months ago
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Abi Fairhurst Abi Fairhurst . 2 weeks ago
Ceelo is so badddd bruno has to make a video and sing it all
Joan Bostick Joan Bostick . 1 month ago
Dominic Devora Dominic Devora . 2 months ago
My bad yea ceelo sing that 2010 and bruno wrote the song in 2011
Dominic Devora Dominic Devora . 2 months ago
Dude guys stop bruno worte this song 2011 but ceelo did like 2012?
UberDray UberDray . 2 months ago
Bruno Mars look like Tom Holland but black
Naruto uzumaki Naruto uzumaki . 2 months ago
He sounds like Michael Jackson in his regular voice
Tiffany Moore Tiffany Moore . 2 months ago
I think he took all the credit for singing but Pete aka Bruno is good at singing better
Tiffany Moore Tiffany Moore . 2 months ago
Forgot her name to
V1nce V1nce . 2 months ago
Bruno dont need autotune and bruno won
Nightflipper67 Nightflipper67 . 2 months ago
The writer is better aka Bruno mars
Kaleb Kaleb . 2 months ago
Bruno Mars
Ashton Tse Ashton Tse . 2 months ago
I like the writer more
NahError NahError . 2 months ago
NahError NahError . 2 months ago
Michele Bartlett Michele Bartlett . 2 months ago
I didn't know he wrote that song. It's genius
Chichiwiiwii Chichiwiiwii . 2 months ago
Bruno Mars is Better
Miraculously Milly Miraculously Milly . 2 months ago
bruno has AGED over the yeafs
Full Deck Full Deck . 3 months ago
Bruno version sounds better
Lily Wei Lily Wei . 3 months ago
I really like Bruno
KozYT KozYT . 3 months ago
Why Bruno Mars Didn't sing That!? 😐
Themanwtdaplan Themanwtdaplan . 3 months ago
Um it's not forget you it's fuck you but yeah
Tracey Needham Tracey Needham . 3 months ago
Their two different songs once called f*** you on one's called forget you
NRG Clips-70🇺🇦 NRG Clips-70🇺🇦 . 3 months ago
Bruno mars sings it better lol
MrMan MrMan . 3 months ago
Skitsify Skitsify . 3 months ago
swish studios swish studios . 3 months ago
Singer look like the spell red guy or beetlejuice 😂
egn1000 Fortnite egn1000 Fortnite . 3 months ago
Brono is better Even though the black man has atoutune (just dont call rasist)
🖤rori🖤 🖤rori🖤 . 3 months ago
Ok who agrees Bruno Mars is a lot better with the tune of his voice and is SO CUTE
Sunnyxxglasses Sunnyxxglasses . 3 months ago
He didn’t right the song e composed the song
Kevin Love Kevin Love . 3 months ago
Yeah Bruno doesn’t need autotune Bruno is so good he is way better than The actual singer
ivan Tiapo ivan Tiapo . 3 months ago
I love bruno mars better
Nick Nick . 3 months ago
I want a young Bruno Mars version

It sounds so good
laceyx2011 laceyx2011 . 3 months ago
Bruno should have sang it
seel seel . 3 months ago
They have to keep it clean to be able to put it on a radio station
SimplyyEstrella SimplyyEstrella . 3 months ago
I love how Ceelo put forget you instead of the f word
It's Eshan's_Comparison It's Eshan's_Comparison . 3 months ago
He Doesn't Even Need Auto-tune*Talent*
Daniel Ong Daniel Ong . 3 months ago
I love Bruno but it's not a song that fits his voice so ceelo is better in this particular song
Scam Likely Scam Likely . 3 months ago
it fits ceelo better
Cynacs ciber Cynacs ciber . 3 months ago
The writer is actually a very good singer
ThecoolDJ ThecoolDJ . 3 months ago
Stephen Silverman Stephen Silverman . 3 months ago
It's a shame he didnt sing that song. But CeeLo sings it really good to
Jk Megenio Jk Megenio . 3 months ago
Am i only one who think bruno mars speaking voice is sound like tom holland ??
marzena en marzena en . 3 months ago
Ja cie linczuje jak starych dobrych czasow
evan strange evan strange . 3 months ago
Bruno better
Apollo Apollo . 3 months ago
Bruno sings well but the song fits Ceelo
Lloyd Gonzales Lloyd Gonzales . 3 months ago
Why would Bruno write a song that he won't sing?
442oons Clips 442oons Clips . 4 months ago
Bruno do not need autotune

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