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Published on 2 weeks ago

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On August 21, 2021, I was thrust into a creative maelstrom that tied together every piece of my life in the past, present, and future. The following 99 days would cultivate the most transformative journey of my life…

I pushed myself to the furthest mental and physical depths while trekking 84,029 miles around the globe with a Polaroid camera.

During that time, I broke bones, witnessed miracles, nearly severed my family, experienced substance addiction, travelled with the world’s wealthiest, fell in love (more than once), lived dangerously in the present, and concluded with 99 of the most significant moments of my life captured on tangible film.

This is the story of 99 Originals.

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I’m a 27 year old artist living in Puerto Rico. This is my life.

kobis 6307 kobis 6307 . 5 hours ago
a ferrari 350 gto can be up to 20 mil
PP King PP King . 8 hours ago
this man is definitely wafflin in half of these bro
b3nr1mmer b3nr1mmer . 12 hours ago
You don’t understand how expensive that some other old car is
Sam Peck Sam Peck . 15 hours ago
Bro doesn't know a jag e type
KB3 yourmom KB3 yourmom . 1 day ago
LMAO I'm a redhead named Kelsey!
misuyy fong misuyy fong . 1 day ago
Say serendipitously one more time - I dare y’a
SeeMCW SeeMCW . 1 day ago
Ryan gedhu Ryan gedhu . 1 day ago
Bro that's an E type
Neil Neil . 2 days ago
That other old school car is only the best looking car in the world an E type jag !!
annag cocl annag cocl . 2 days ago
The best thing Logan did in his career. THIS SERIES.
Anup Raj Anup Raj . 2 days ago
He just takes random ass pictures, uses his already made platform, talks with confidence as if he knows stuff. Anything = art. There are sooo many much more great photographers better than him who don't sell because they can't come on a podcast and talk.
Sam Holloway Sam Holloway . 2 days ago
That some other old car is a freaking Jaguar E Type D:
Pete Stockton Pete Stockton . 2 days ago
Nice video mr dictionary
serdy ximi serdy ximi . 2 days ago
"Some other old car" AINT NO WAY HE DID THAT
killer snowman killer snowman . 3 days ago
This dude really said “there were 2 cars that matched her hair” then shows the 2 of the most red cars that dont match her hair lmao
4 4 . 3 days ago
nobody loves redheads
Joe Wilson Joe Wilson . 3 days ago
Just got it for free you can screenshot it
Th3_Test5656 Th3_Test5656 . 3 days ago
What they on now they photographer's I don't know anymore
Mike Long Mike Long . 3 days ago
Art is how people launder money
Zenzu Zenzu . 3 days ago
She’s gorgeous af
Spob Spob . 3 days ago
“Some other old car” - literally an E-type jaguar
EyeRunSight EyeRunSight . 3 days ago
I bet your ass every photo has a story and while his makes no difference, scams you for couple ten grands
Ronnie Ronnie . 4 days ago
Logan you gotta get on that Phase One camera game if you’re going to do photography use the cash you have to use the gear that’s worth it. If it’s good enough for vogue it’s good enough for your projects.
BoRRoW BoRRoW . 4 days ago
Most of these photos are super basic...but hey. Montages and cute lil stories make people go wow
Kapralas Kapralas . 4 days ago
"some other old car" beuh
The_Hatmaster The_Hatmaster . 4 days ago
Nice jaguar
Ms Sm Ms Sm . 4 days ago
Jaguar E type. No matter how nnuch money you have, you cant buy class
Aliņš Aliņš . 4 days ago
potato051489 potato051489 . 4 days ago
Logan Paul is trying to tell us about art now...really world??
the stoned fisherman the stoned fisherman . 4 days ago
he loves her
joe schmoe joe schmoe . 4 days ago
When Logan Paul tries to sell you nfts right after Gary v
zuygj bnsv zuygj bnsv . 4 days ago
‘Some other old car’ - literally known as the most beautiful car on the planet
VeryMediocrePerson VeryMediocrePerson . 4 days ago
Wow since when is dis dude smart
milf hunter milf hunter . 4 days ago
Damn. Even though you would'nt like this dude, you gotta admit he's HELLA good at marketing.
prod K Raven prod K Raven . 4 days ago
Jesus shes fine
PHX2PDX PHX2PDX . 4 days ago
So he took a picture with a polaroid and he's an artist now
Stormer Games Stormer Games . 4 days ago
russel stratten russel stratten . 4 days ago
Name the Place, Sunset Cliffs to those who know. Beautiful 365
Kian Babaee Kian Babaee . 4 days ago
Nice red head g
Bruh Bruh . 5 days ago
She looks like sandy from spongebob if they were a real person
Simon Frogmen Simon Frogmen . 5 days ago
Can you give one camera 🥲
Dr. LumpyPants Dr. LumpyPants . 5 days ago
Redhead are either super hot or ugly. You’ve got one of the ugly ones here. It’s put a paper bag over her head bad.
prosperous comrade god prosperous comrade god . 5 days ago
That old car is a type Y jaguar logan it’s an amazing car
Garrett Cook Garrett Cook . 5 days ago
Some other old car.... one of the greatest cars ever made. Fucking stupid
Jason Hebda Jason Hebda . 5 days ago
Damn a jaguar e type
toijg avnnr toijg avnnr . 5 days ago
Some other old car !! 💀💀 a jaguar e- type !!
dolimi jotoo dolimi jotoo . 6 days ago
"Some other old car" AINT NO WAY HE DID THAT

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