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The Bascome Twins

The Bascome Twins

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Beyoncé - BREAK MY SOUL | Reaction
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The Bascome Twins The Bascome Twins . 2 weeks ago
Had to cut the song up for YouTube, the full reaction is NOW on PATREON!
Diana N Diana N . 2 days ago
This was an amazing reaction and you guys are totally right that the song was super motivational and uplifting with such a good beat
Dixon Gomez Dixon Gomez . 2 days ago
Is this song about anything to do with the LGBTQ or Pride? Cuz i read/heard every word and i dont see it. But i've heard its about LGTBQ rights or Pride. Can someone fill me in? Thanks.
JC Mac JC Mac . 3 days ago
Queen Bey = excellence. Period. Queen and Freedia are fire 🔥 🔥. Lit
Jesus y’all are fine
Ken Chambers Ken Chambers . 4 days ago
Cutest twins
Chester Zulueta Chester Zulueta . 6 days ago
The fact that they they can’t take a hint that this is is giving vogue ballroom scene is sending me…… lol cmon!!!! Luv yall!
Jermen Jermen . 1 week ago
💛💛💛 Love this reaction!! 💛
alifc alifc . 1 week ago
This is a 90s vibe.. Curious about the album. I didn't any of B albums, loved them all.
Samy Beckman Samy Beckman . 1 week ago
I have no doubts of beyonce new songs she surprised us and always not disappointed us but what I like more in this reaction guys is you so handsome 😍
Bobby Briscoe_TheArtist Bobby Briscoe_TheArtist . 1 week ago
You both are so cute!
Love this reaction video!
laurelz laurelz . 1 week ago
react to superache by conan gray
Liam Oliver Liam Oliver . 1 week ago
Can you guys please react to some more little mix stuff. Maybe some performances from their final tour (for now) that they just did ❤️
Korea Boo Korea Boo . 1 week ago
Yesss QUEEN BEY🐝🐝🐝🐝
Bec Nai Bec Nai . 1 week ago
You guys are amazing
funkyg83 funkyg83 . 1 week ago
Great Reaction♥♥♥
Michael Gotskillz Michael Gotskillz . 1 week ago
WELL now that's DISGUSTING two men with a FEMALE SPIRIT 😔 wonder what the father is thinking 🤔😞 NUFF SAID
Mizz Twerk Sum. The Black People Twerk Queen! Mizz Twerk Sum. The Black People Twerk Queen! . 1 week ago
Hey what did Will Smith tell Chris Rock. Answer you won't break my Soul.
wesley wesley . 1 week ago
i loved the vibe you two have... like... watched this video 5 or 6 times already...
Wilma Jones Wilma Jones . 1 week ago
Please reacto to Play Time by October Ends 👌🏿
Greg AP Greg AP . 1 week ago
I just quit my job, now what?
Nova Iamme Nova Iamme . 1 week ago
I love love love you guys!!!!!! This reaction was everything I needed!!! The song is sooooo gooood the production is absolutely masterful!!
Oya Knowles Oya Knowles . 2 weeks ago
Love this video and can I just say you guys are so cute 🐝🐝🐝💛
James Brown James Brown . 2 weeks ago
❤️you both! 👏🏿💪🏿
Okitsdestyne Okitsdestyne . 2 weeks ago
please react to tyler the creator!
FM RM FM RM . 2 weeks ago
Pls react to yours truly of ariana grandeee
Jamal Bracken Jamal Bracken . 2 weeks ago
Fire song and nice review. 🔥🔥🔥
Great job guys!
B B . 2 weeks ago
Best review so far!!
imuRgency imuRgency . 2 weeks ago
literally obsessed
ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ . 2 weeks ago
hi please doing reaction to JKT48 - flying high, This song features the whole producer who also works for Justin Bieber, one direction and bts
Truthful Rating Truthful Rating . 2 weeks ago
For some reason I can't find tone talks reaction to Beyonce's break my soul. But he along with an article from my belief NBC I'm not really sure the one with the peacock they actually are blaming Beyonce for the recession that's now going on and the recession of jobs not being filled? I don't see how she's the blame for people started quitting their jobs before Beyonce came out with this music so please let's be clear people quitting their jobs is not Beyonce's fault.
Saphire Saphire . 2 weeks ago
Let's take a moment to appreciate Jullian's voice... really clean and not to mention his's a whole VIBE. 😍
Siyamthanda Siyamthanda . 2 weeks ago
This is the type of music we listen to all day everyday in South Africa, I dont know why this sounds new to some people or like an old 90s soundto some. House music has always been relevant especially in SA.
Hugo a s Colombini Hugo a s Colombini . 2 weeks ago
I loved your reaction, what a cool energy! From Brazil
JayDaLyonn 𓃬 JayDaLyonn 𓃬 . 2 weeks ago
She told drake to Move- 😭
Ed Correa Ed Correa . 2 weeks ago
please react to songs by Brazilian singers, such as Anitta, Glória Groove, Iza, Jão
Healthea Health Healthea Health . 2 weeks ago
she tried to remake an old classic club song .. not feeling it
Naikee Lovince Naikee Lovince . 2 weeks ago
I am excited watching you guys! Your joy and excitement are contagious ❤️❤️❤️
Truth Be Told Truth Be Told . 2 weeks ago
Yasssssss! Its a BOP!! and BIG FREDA....did that!
Sim Sim . 2 weeks ago
'release the trade' lol yall aint catch that.
Ayla A Ayla A . 2 weeks ago
Loved your reaction!. Please react to Sasha Alex Sloan’s discography and her album, she’s an amazing singer and songwriter and I think you’ll like her music and voice. Her lyrics hits the right spot and I think you’ll like her vibe :)
Roger Smith Roger Smith . 2 weeks ago
YAAS!! I love you guys! You BOTH are so beautiful and melanated💪🙌🙏
Carly stix Carly stix . 2 weeks ago
It’s giving me rupaul…. Giving me lip sync for you life!
gelmar abdon gelmar abdon . 2 weeks ago
I loved the way you reacted with every shifts of her voice 😅😍
Wicca V Wicca V . 2 weeks ago
please react to Warm Embrace by Chris Brown🙏🙏🙏
Zen Zenn Zen Zenn . 2 weeks ago
She wants us to quit our job LMAO
yourfavpersuasion yourfavpersuasion . 2 weeks ago
yessss black women made 80s/90s house!!
virline honore virline honore . 2 weeks ago
it's so different and i'm obsessed with it!
This Song Is Definitely For The LGBTQIA+ Community, Releasing This During Pride Month For The Gay's Is A Gift, I Really Can See The Queens Of Season 15 Or All Stars 8 Lip Syncing & Voguing To This Around The Main Stage Of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 Next Year, You RuPaul Love A Beyonce Record Lol I Wanna See Them Lip & Syncing Voguing To This In An Episode
Bigo Streetz Bigo Streetz . 2 weeks ago
2:22 wait you ate dat 🤏🏾

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