Play / Download Candace Owens DESTROYS Michael Eric Dyson "You Are Using Big Words To Say Nothing!"
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Devin Gibson

Devin Gibson

Published on 2 weeks ago

Candace Owens DESTROYS Michael Eric Dyson "You Are Using Big Words To Say Nothing!"
Here's my reaction and viewpoint on this topic. Please watch until the end and if you feel inclined, comment below, subscribe, share and tap the notification bell for future videos.


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Devin Gibson Devin Gibson . 2 weeks ago
What are you guys/gals thoughts on Michael Eric Dyson and Candace Owens??
Lindi Fuller Lindi Fuller . 19 minutes ago
Just subscribed to your channel Devin. Glad I found you. I love Candace and I got very upset that the host and the other guest would not let her talk. Typical of the left. She has more class and intelligence in her little finger than both of them have in their entire bodies.
Friendly Grower Friendly Grower . 59 minutes ago
malinda mcpherson malinda mcpherson . 2 hours ago
Candace Owens is BRILLIANT 👏
Chris Chris . 2 hours ago
Ain't nobody scare of Candace Owens
Brant Gentry Brant Gentry . 2 hours ago
Keep speaking the truth about the Bible. God's word is the beginning of knowledge
Tim Alexander Tim Alexander . 2 hours ago
That’s what you do when you can’t debate, call names or try and degrade..
Tim Alexander Tim Alexander . 2 hours ago
She’s being used and really dumb
Convince Me Convince Me . 3 hours ago
Candace Owens is just awesome. 👍🇺🇸❤️
David Railey David Railey . 5 hours ago
Maybe you should be original instead of drafting off of others videos
john hoyt williams john hoyt williams . 6 hours ago
You are amazing brother! Keep it up!
Flying Eagle Flying Eagle . 7 hours ago
That white guy is the biggest racist in the room and the black guy may have an IQ slightly above Gomer Pyle but I doubt it.
jayhawgs90 jayhawgs90 . 8 hours ago
I must say as an atheist I still agree with Christian values and the way one should conduct themselves. That being said I still appreciate your videos regardless of where you deem your values. Thank you very much for the content.
Laminda Mozon Laminda Mozon . 9 hours ago
BIASED!!! They can’t handle the truth or Candace!!! Mike Dyson just talk a bunch of big words and sounds like an idiot!!! Boy Bye!! You got served!!!
Arche K Arche K . 9 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You're awesome Devin! Also, keep up talking about the Bible! This world needs Jesus brother.
Midna Midna . 9 hours ago
This moderator is such a biased POS and it’s so obvious.
lyn len lyn len . 11 hours ago
BOOM. Get em Candace, what a woman. You schooled both these fools. People like these don't want to hear the truth its hurts their little brains.
colossalmusic1 colossalmusic1 . 11 hours ago
She is only really hated because she is #1 A black women #2 a black woman that supports Trump. Some things I don’t agree with her but most she be spot on.
Silvio Nardi Silvio Nardi . 11 hours ago
Candice you are awesome 💓
Yuridia Sanchez Yuridia Sanchez . 12 hours ago
She didn’t destroy anybody…. She couldn’t keep up mentally
Denise Judd Denise Judd . 12 hours ago
He is the racist and what's wrong with this country
Denise Judd Denise Judd . 12 hours ago
She is so intelligent, if they come at her they better bring the heat!!! She will tell the facts.
Gucci On Rust Gucci On Rust . 13 hours ago
Yea I did the same I moved back because of my mom she passed 12/2/21 I’m going to move back to the south idk for sure ga or Florida
Phyllis Foster Phyllis Foster . 13 hours ago
Why does he give that man a chance to respond...he spoke far to long as it...and he keeps saying let me finish...but he didn't let her finish...he interrupted her all the way thru!!! So be fair host!!! U were on the lefts side ...pias
Phyllis Foster Phyllis Foster . 13 hours ago
And worst of all, they rattle on and on...cuz they love to hear themselves talk...and say absolutely NOTHING! NO VALUE OR MEANING
Phyllis Foster Phyllis Foster . 13 hours ago
And to their demise...some of what they say...they were doing rite at the moment...telling on themselves,, explaining their actions
Phyllis Foster Phyllis Foster . 13 hours ago
Again, the left accusing the right of what they do! Yes, who better to speak about what they accuse others of...than the actual quilty players, cuz they are experts ...they've lots and lots of practice
Apple Jaxx Apple Jaxx . 13 hours ago
Bust up the gangs. Gangs are heavily black. It's a fact. Larry Lightfoot needs to stop getting her hair did and clean up her dumpster fire of a city.
Alan Tucker Alan Tucker . 13 hours ago
Dyson is a traitor to the black people
Shontay M Davis Shontay M Davis . 14 hours ago
MSNBC is Disgusting. Dyson just knows lots of words...Candace is 🔥🔥🔥. They're pathetically afraid of truth. I look forward to their tears. Truth and exposure WILL tear them a new one. Go Candace!!
Brandon Crowder Brandon Crowder . 15 hours ago
Nah everything feels the same to me living pay check to check whoever the president is 🥱
Timothy Long Timothy Long . 15 hours ago
Candace Owens Rock's
cajunasian71 cajunasian71 . 15 hours ago
Holy Shite. I am not sure anyone should try to emulate the Rev. Jesse Jackson especially in terms of 'ism' nonsense. Proof positive that a degree means nothing in terms of common sense and being a civil human being.

Why do they allow Dyson to ramble on? Look who is "hosting" this "discussion"...
Shaun Jay Shaun Jay . 15 hours ago
Oh yeah.. the professor definitely knows the history. The Democrats started out as “The Red Shirt Brigade”. They later became associated with the KKK, then later blended into the Democratic Party as we know it today. What’s sad is people don’t know that the US wasn’t founded as a democracy. You literally can’t find the word democracy in the constitution, but what is there in article 4 section 4 of the document says everything! I don’t understand how he could even be in defense of democracy after LBJ stated he’d “have the N****** voting democrat the next 200 years”. Clearly they aren’t in out favor. This man Biden literally stated “if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black”.. Then told everyone before the election that he was going after the oil industry and he wasn’t doing anything for black. Even his now Vice President came out and told everyone she wasn’t helping so called black people either. They’re running laps on us as a whole and we still don’t get the picture. Because our scholars with broad platforms won’t tell the truth.
Ms Peoples Ms Peoples . 18 hours ago
Anerica does not value Black Lives
Martin Vondruska Martin Vondruska . 21 hours ago
He loves hearing himself say the big words lol
Jordan Dillon Jordan Dillon . 1 day ago
Never judge a book by its color
Basil Blake Basil Blake . 1 day ago
You buy online
Cuttin Up Cuttin Up . 1 day ago
GOD IS GREAT! But don’t be a bible thumper! Respect all Religions!
B G B G . 1 day ago
You know who else quoted scripture?... the devil!
Pauli G Pauli G . 1 day ago
Dyson needs to gargle with a load of gap sealer.
Pauli G Pauli G . 1 day ago
Dyson sure can flap his lips like Maxine Waters!
Pauli G Pauli G . 1 day ago
Is Dyson a woman? It isn’t a biologist. Maybe a male lesbian?
Elaine Platt Elaine Platt . 1 day ago
Only person creating division is the black dude that's his intention he earns money out of it
Richard Gumede Richard Gumede . 1 day ago
I love how bold you are about your faith in GOD. You don’t have to explain yourself brother !!! We’re followers of JESUS CHRIST and if they gotta a problem with that...oh well deuces ✌🏽
Charles Hawkins Charles Hawkins . 1 day ago
MSNDC The democrat network
Charles Evenstad Charles Evenstad . 1 day ago
Yeah, Dyson is Garbage. I loved watching him try to spar with Jordan Peterson! Good times right there!
Charles Hawkins Charles Hawkins . 1 day ago
This is a exact shill what a dumb supposed to be smart man a victim
Ted Allegri Ted Allegri . 1 day ago
Great job!
David Roberts David Roberts . 1 day ago
Dude you are old enough to know where that Jesus Christ story came from. You are also old enough that Candace will never win a election because she is nothing but a white mans grifter.

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