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Greg Doucette

Greg Doucette

Published on 4 months ago



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Greg Doucette Greg Doucette . 4 months ago
People say 50 cent is a MALE and he is leaner then the and and CRITICIZED for his weight.

I make a video EMPLANING why she is overweight and what she could do to be healthier and people think thats a bad thing
William Krause William Krause . 21 minutes ago
But coach greg! "Its bad bitch o'clock, yeah its thick thirty"🤣🤣🤣
New Dizzy New Dizzy . 2 hours ago
She's vile
MT TM MT TM . 3 hours ago
Jeeez 1700 calories- 😱
crackerphobic crackerphobic . 4 hours ago
bro you made this whole video about her…it’s giving fan behavior. instead of making a whole video bashing her help her instead. so childish.
Sil Via Sil Via . 5 hours ago
What she ate was unhealthy but getting so worked up like you are in the narration of the video isn't healthy either. We get the message don't strain yourself.
TGGamesmaster TGGamesmaster . 8 hours ago
Basically, “people better accept me because I’m not doing anything about it”
Rogelio Mellado Rogelio Mellado . 8 hours ago
That's her gimmick to make money is to be a fatty. I don't think she even cares what her fatty supporters think too.
Converse Connoisseur Converse Connoisseur . 11 hours ago
your my hero for posting this Greg! thank you 💯🔥🤘🙏
Tyler Andrade Tyler Andrade . 12 hours ago
fucking 1700 calories in a home made sandwich... I used to be roughly 290lbs and I was putting down some calories but you almost have to purposely try to make something that calorie dense
Anthony Alaniz Anthony Alaniz . 16 hours ago
Who cares.. just live. It’s her body her choice.
Anthony Alaniz Anthony Alaniz . 16 hours ago
Who cares her body her choice
Mr. 411 Mr. 411 . 18 hours ago
Lizzo is an idiot
WwOoAaHh WwOoAaHh . 1 day ago
She makes more money breathing then you waisting your time on this video
WwOoAaHh WwOoAaHh . 1 day ago
Your name should be Greg douche
WwOoAaHh WwOoAaHh . 1 day ago
WHY… THE… FUCK…DO…YOU…CARE. YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. She loves her self and a lot of you watching this page DONT. You guys hate yourselves so you hate on others. SHUT THE FUCKKK UP ALREADY she’s human. There’s people doing worse killing others and your worries about how someone eats? SHUT THE FUCKKK UP she’s happy with herself be happy with yourself and maybe you’ll stop caring about others
Fartman954 Fartman954 . 1 day ago
A little over half my maintenance just for breakfast
lia al-ali lia al-ali . 1 day ago
let the women be btw if she saw this she will sue and youll regret it and mabye she is trying to be a model for a the insecure ppl who think there obese and she mabye struggels with lossing weght fast so dont make rude jokes about her and ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH
Solomona Jr Lefe'e Solomona Jr Lefe'e . 1 day ago
Over eating is an addiction. Not easy to overcome, takes alot of discipline. I hope this video would encourage her to make a change for the better. Blessings
Mike de Vries Mike de Vries . 2 days ago
Sorry but I see this and you say that she is only promoting what she eats as you have in your background a table full of protein sh*t. Also I don’t see this as a video where you have something on you are just saying a 1000 times why she is bad and that you can’t accept yourself if you are not muscular as you… you also shouldn’t worry all the time what you eat how much calories is in it and I have to follow these rules to stay in this form. You life 1 time and I would rather have some more calories that 24/7 being stressed what I can and cannot eat!
Zydeox Zydeox . 2 days ago
3:25 This reminded me situation of a chick i knew online. We were once hanging out on discord, talking about the smells of some food at some point and she started saying she almost let some woman juice out because of how much she was turned on by a sushi she had had. A very awkward silence infested the group. I was sort of a new guy there but she knew me from previous years and i had seen her and known that she is morbidly obese. One day i advised someone to be careful with peanut butter, that it has a very addictive flamour and texture for me but its a calorie bomb and response was: "Do you have something against fat people?". She would essentially deny all these problems related to obesity and would throw tantrums when reminded of harsh realities. I think she is so insecure that she has more copium and denial injections than fake natties. I also remember her bringing diseased family to justify her shit mood and since i hated her using her diseased loved ones to see if she could get the upper hand in an argument i called her out on it and her response was "you disgust me." We are no longer friends. TL;DR Tantrums, denial, self victimization, fat acceptance. 4 Unsolved problems that i refused to deal with. Bullet dodged.
Olive Nemeroff Olive Nemeroff . 2 days ago
It’s honestly refreshing to see someone say something like this bc it’s true
Azariah Escalante Azariah Escalante . 2 days ago
Dude you can be skinny and die of diseases, you can claim to be the healthiest person ever and still get cancer or other forms of diseases. Mind your own, because your sh*t talk is not helping anyone.
Hike Dayley Hike Dayley . 2 days ago
Gluttony is her religion
Arianzd Arianzd . 2 days ago
Bxbxb1_ Bxbxb1_ . 2 days ago
Imagine someone motivating you to be fat. And using the phrase "female power" as an excuse. As girl, I HATE how female power is used nowadays. I just want to understand why she's okay with this and why celebrities like it.
Bxbxb1_ Bxbxb1_ . 2 days ago
Is gross. Lizzo is honestly gross for accepting that kind of weight. If you're friend was obese, you wouldn't say "own it girl".

I'm telling you this generation is so messed up. So messed up. I can't believe I'm from the 21st century.
Bleepblopchu Bleepblopchu . 2 days ago
Ya know.
Imma little chubby. Got a lil fupa. Not over 200...can still run but this motivates makes me wanna lose 20-30lbs. Gonna pick up my fave sports again to get active.
अNU अNU . 2 days ago
well....I'm myself overweight and i know it and am working on it....
but people do need to understand that no matter how you look from the outside....there is only so much weight that is healthy at a particular height for a particular gender along with other measures of health.....cuz look.....if you are fat ....your joints will give up when you are actually still young and you will be left with chronic pain and a fucked up life...........i hv seen that happen for almost 2 generations in my family......
iSkidy iSkidy . 3 days ago
Белый мужик говорит, что черная женщина жирная. Дай Бог ему здоровья и долгих лет. Надеюсь он еще живой.
zigi möuer zigi möuer . 3 days ago
Hate this generation… ngl
Peter Cox Peter Cox . 3 days ago
He is a girl's voice
Kat _99 Kat _99 . 3 days ago
What lizzo doesn't understand is that body positivity isn't about accepting or glorifying obesity or anorexia nervosa, it's about helping those ppl get better and become healthy without shaming them .
1Wyvernn 1Wyvernn . 3 days ago
Ill accept you for who you are but always know the chance of you dying from a heart attack is ALOT so its not about me its about you.
Poop Poop . 3 days ago
Huge respect to you man for making this video because these stupid fat acceptance losers will be on your ass
Gerald Shields Gerald Shields . 3 days ago
@Greg Doucette I've spent the last 2 1/2 years trying to desperately lose weight. And Lizzo? She reminds me of my sister. She died in 2019 of a variety of complications stemming from obesity. Officially, she had MS and then diabetes from the Prednisone the doctors prescribed to treat it.
Blade Runner VII Blade Runner VII . 3 days ago
She is disgusting.
Gotb Gotb . 3 days ago
Body positivity is liking your body for how it is and not changing for other people but for yourself. Body positivity is NOT calling people fatphobic for trying to lose weight or promoting obesity.
Bhargav Bhat Bhargav Bhat . 3 days ago
Funny thing is she wears work out gear a lot 😂😂
jonnyrl1 jonnyrl1 . 4 days ago
Coach saying what we all are thinking
Lubo44005 Lubo44005 . 4 days ago
OMG disgusting...
Gia Bellino Gia Bellino . 4 days ago
Her management encouraged this.
John Williams John Williams . 4 days ago
Dude sounds like he has tiny balls 🤣🤣
Laura Camacho Bass Laura Camacho Bass . 4 days ago
Body positivity is good , promoting morbid obesity is insanity . Love yourself , don’t kill yourself with food .
Chris Haddow Chris Haddow . 4 days ago
Yes and that’s the end of the video
yogiswaran c r yogiswaran c r . 4 days ago
Your just mean
Oli sadow Oli sadow . 4 days ago
Bro I don’t agree with fat promotion either but there needs to be a video criticizing how annoying and horrible you are Jesus
Haylor Stevejuanes Haylor Stevejuanes . 4 days ago
i am sorry but she is disgusting for glorifying obesity
Jay Dee Jay Dee . 4 days ago
My take on body positivity is that I feel everyone should love their bodies or at least feel neutral about it. On the other hand, I do feel that everyone should be healthier and work on having healthy habits if they don't already because not only is it good for physical health but also mental health. For some people, hating themselves can be fuel for weight loss and eating healthy, for others, self-love can also be fuel. If someone feels confident and beautiful in their body, big, small, or in between, that's great, there should also be healthy habits to go along with that self-love.
๖Қ.أ.Ł.Ł.ξ.R /3 ๖Қ.أ.Ł.Ł.ξ.R /3 . 4 days ago
I canceled my fabletics I'm not going to support a company that pays her to promote "activewear" no thanks she's only a remodel of what not to do... some of her tick tocks look like clips from my 600lb life

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