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Inside Edition

Inside Edition

Published on 2 weeks ago

Danny Santulli is unable to walk, talk or see after members of the University of Missouri's Phi Gamma Delta chapter allegedly pressured him to finish an entire bottle of vodka. Eight months later his mom, Mary Pat Santulli, quit her banking job to take care of Danny full time. Extraordinary video footage of the night Danny was paralyzed was released to Inside Edition by the family's lawyer, shows the tragic timeline of the incident.

penguin ninja penguin ninja . 5 minutes ago
Bruh why did the parents think it was a good idea to tell the student to FINISH THE ENTIRE BOTTLE
Geo Geo . 1 hour ago
So what happened ?
Noob MC Noob MC . 1 hour ago
Im introvert, Im happy even If im alone, Alone eating, going home and etc...
hashmet 385 hashmet 385 . 2 hours ago
They throw him on the sofa and nobody cares about him reallyyy good friend 👍
Oscar Willys Oscar Willys . 3 hours ago
He fuck*d up drinking all this stuff, he has the fault. Doing stupid things…
Eduardo Gallegos Eduardo Gallegos . 4 hours ago
The frat brothers in charge need to be held accountable. They have no common sense
Alexandria Winter Alexandria Winter . 4 hours ago
That's attempted murder so stop calling it hazing.
Ying Elizabeth Ying Elizabeth . 5 hours ago
I think I’d rather be dead than in that state, a vegetable thank you very much
Bad Aimz-z Bad Aimz-z . 5 hours ago
Sounds about white lmao
The Gaming Beast The Gaming Beast . 6 hours ago
if the guys did not save danny he would have died wich is worse then being blind paralyzed or can't talk
Linda C Linda C . 6 hours ago
Higher Education. Is it worth taking out a Student Loan? Or should we leave it for only The Elite?
Kong Zilla Kong Zilla . 7 hours ago
He made his own decisions that night
Arica Robertson Arica Robertson . 7 hours ago
He could've said NO.
Latriece Maclan Latriece Maclan . 8 hours ago
Is that a swim team
Promotion Promotion . 9 hours ago
The kids carrying him need to be charged, so does the 1 who gave him the beer in the funnel.

Someone could have spiked a drink , or their just fuxking idiots for dropping him and that's what messed him up.

Meranda Smith Meranda Smith . 10 hours ago
Lifting this family up in prayer 🙏🏽❤️. How tragic one decision/ choice can affect so many people that you love 😔 The responsible parties (whomever bought the alcohol, and those who dropped him,not their parents) involved should be held financially responsible for the cost of of his medical bills. I am however thankful for the one who at least checked in on him, and found him unresponsive. It's truly an unfortunate situation.
Ante Milas Ante Milas . 10 hours ago
if i was the guy i wouldve wished to die that night. and dont get me wrong. but living liek that is no joke. i cant imagine it, but still i wouldnt want to life like that
Wake Up Wake Up . 11 hours ago
So sad and all chronicled
Mohammed Rahman Mohammed Rahman . 11 hours ago
Remember don’t drink alcohol 👍
Aniruddh XIE 2K21 Aniruddh XIE 2K21 . 12 hours ago
Nah dude I am never drinking alcohol ever no matter how much my friends call me a loser or uncool for not indulging in "cool, awesome adult things"
Wyte Chinpira Wyte Chinpira . 12 hours ago
It's no one's fault but his own, He chose to over drink.
Joel Barranco Joel Barranco . 13 hours ago
Play stupid games win stupid prizes
JoeMomma JoeMomma . 14 hours ago
Everyone involved should be charged with a felony.
Piper Rockelle Piper Rockelle . 14 hours ago
That’s horrible
Sir-Worthington Sir-Worthington . 16 hours ago
Yay American hazing culture
Aleksandar Grujic Aleksandar Grujic . 16 hours ago
luvmykidz04 luvmykidz04 . 16 hours ago
bro its not like they did it on purpose they accidentally dropped him at least they tried to get him somewhere after jeez
avarmauk avarmauk . 16 hours ago
What is hazing and why would you let someone do that to you?
Baby Baby . 17 hours ago
I mean if you feel the need to drink yourself to the point of killing yourself then it’s legit on you regardless of influence or not.
🤞that boy who needs mental 🤞that boy who needs mental . 18 hours ago
Alcohol shouldn’t be legal. What frustrates me is the news an family blaming the frat house an not themselves
NICK hudek NICK hudek . 18 hours ago
That's what happens when you join a cult..I mean frat
Nagasaki Sung Nagasaki Sung . 19 hours ago
Im still kinda confused can someone explain what was happening in the beggining
Clark Clark . 22 hours ago
End his misery
Ohsole Meeeo Ohsole Meeeo . 22 hours ago
That attourney is wrong and inconsiderate he should look into the Penn state Tim Piazza's death. And see what the people in charge of the hazing tried to do to get out of trouble. In this case they actually picked him up and tried to get him to hospital. in that case they were discussing "how do we cover this up? i dont wanna go to jail".
Friend of P. Friend of P. . 22 hours ago
Alcohol is legal despite the amount of deaths and life threatening injuries it causes, it's too engrained into human culture to stop it.
RT RT . 22 hours ago
Proof you can go to college and be a total idiot. Those guys need to go to prison.
Daniel TheLatexGuard Daniel TheLatexGuard . 23 hours ago
Lmao funny
mesiroy1234 mesiroy1234 . 23 hours ago
What spciie about its xoomon that back of neck falling CA prazyylze the body
Richie Kasiram Richie Kasiram . 23 hours ago
Risk Master Risk Master . 23 hours ago
Only two people took the fall for this well that’s injustice
wassup_bro wassup_bro . 24 hours ago
Develop country develop rule 😅😅😅
Goddess Ahri Goddess Ahri . 24 hours ago
What's hazing?
Spoder スポーダー Spoder スポーダー . 24 hours ago
dropped him on his head wtfff
Emmanuel Michaud Emmanuel Michaud . 1 day ago
I swear if someone try to force me to do something i dont want i stab them all in few seconds without any sign before.
Quiet Quiet . 1 day ago
Lived it and did it in school ,was really fun..we call it ragging humiliation kinda stuff not anything serious though ,wtf is hazing
King' Chevs King' Chevs . 1 day ago
Danny sister fine asl no kizzy 😭
joseph Rapoza joseph Rapoza . 1 day ago
PO3 - Bruh PO3 - Bruh . 1 day ago
brs rafal brs rafal . 1 day ago
wow wow poor kid these kids just dont know when to stop sorry for him hopefully he one day recovers this would never happne on marijuana . They guys dint put a gun to his head told him to drink it .
Dreamer Dreamer . 1 day ago
When the hell is having going to be illegal???!!!!

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