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Omar Raja - ESPN

Omar Raja - ESPN

Published on 3 weeks ago

(via brian.nezaj/Instagram, via ricomalique/Instagram, @elvin_5_/TikTok)

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first name last name first name last name . 7 hours ago
so whats the controversy?
Katt Katt . 17 hours ago
AdamSandler will never be balli-
Irish Stoner Irish Stoner . 17 hours ago
He was all Pro in the Jew Leagues.. Laugh they exist
Babylon Has Fallen! Babylon Has Fallen! . 21 hours ago
This controversy has kept me up many a night, has led me to heavy drug abuse and caused me to pretty much lose everything in my life including my family. Just how good is Adam Sandler at basketball?
The world may never know.
sage sage . 1 day ago
Pretty good for a short Jewish comedian.
Lamell Branch Lamell Branch . 2 days ago
Adam Sandler versus Barack Obama make it happen
Crypto Knight Crypto Knight . 2 days ago
Didn't know he that type what don't look good but is low-key good
vStageBxild- vStageBxild- . 2 days ago
Murder mystery
Codie Fitz Codie Fitz . 2 days ago
My man’s a shooter, get ya fuckin mind right
DollalalalaLotsaGaming. DollalalalaLotsaGaming. . 2 days ago
How is it A CONTROVERSY????
madmax madmax . 2 days ago
he used to be my basketball coach when i was younger lmao
Will Crawford Will Crawford . 2 days ago
Why are you talking like that?
Neil Yaremchuk Neil Yaremchuk . 2 days ago
JCC legend
Eric C. Eric C. . 3 days ago
There is no debate or controversy. Hes an average player and would never compete against high level players but he truly loves the game. Not much more to it.
Fulcanelli Fulcanelli . 3 days ago
Hes better than you are. And hes right about himself. he used to be good . His j is busted i could lock him up like he doesnt exist
Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Abdullahi . 3 days ago
He still good 😊
Juice Box Juice Box . 3 days ago
Have you seen him in Grown Ups? That man can ball.
Elijah Evans Elijah Evans . 3 days ago
Wait for the knees to start to hurt
Stipsy Stipsy . 3 days ago
what's the debate?
DrLeoMarvin241 DrLeoMarvin241 . 3 days ago
Is there really a big debate? Hes a fine pick up game player, carries the ball with every dribble tho
Chainsawman殺す Chainsawman殺す . 3 days ago
Drac ballin
Lisa Eason Lisa Eason . 4 days ago
Looks pretty dang fire here .🥰
Kxll Bill Kxll Bill . 4 days ago
I know many people who have hooped with him. He got a full court at his big ass mansion in the pacific palisades. People say he got skills. So not nba level obviously but about the same as someone who use2 play ball in hs but now only plays for fun. I’ve met him a couple times in person. Really quiet each time I’ve encountered him, then again I was behind a counter serving him yogurt lol
GN190644 GN190644 . 4 days ago
This video is dumb, he’s an average middle aged man who plays at the park. Can tell by watching him for a brief moment. Not too hard to figure out.
Nick Matteo Nick Matteo . 4 days ago
Adam Sandler is no where near a pro but could fuck people up in pickup games at the gym
Jack Walker Jack Walker . 4 days ago
Looks good to me especially since he’s no spring chicken. Imagine he was a problem when he was young.
David Mills David Mills . 4 days ago
Does he play pro? Then he ain’t shit…..
Dustin Herrera Dustin Herrera . 4 days ago
Jews are pretty good at bball
Why this dude sound like he’s straining every muscle in his body when he talks? Bro take a breath damn
mert çek mert çek . 4 days ago
Ahahahaah turkey adam ahhahaha türkey my türkey my
ElEmilius ElEmilius . 4 days ago
Mallorca Spain🕺
Wes Venter Wes Venter . 4 days ago
A big debate? Your world is obviously very small.
Titus Jay Titus Jay . 4 days ago
Says his jump shot isn't good but he is way better then most people
Robert Jacobson Robert Jacobson . 4 days ago
Well he's old. It happens to everyone.
Biker98 Biker98 . 4 days ago
If you didn't know Adam Sandler could play ball then you never seen him play in a game
Justin Delgado Justin Delgado . 4 days ago
I hate these YouTube shorts what information did we actually obtain here? Am I the only one?
Jonny Saums Jonny Saums . 4 days ago
You can obvi tell he knows what he is doing! Ain’t no way he’s been in so many basketball movies for him not to be
Subliveon Subliveon . 4 days ago
Adam Sandler is great at basketball
Dóлаldö Dóлаldö . 4 days ago
He's not getting younger either, but he's still a legend
LOSTBOYinc LOSTBOYinc . 4 days ago
His response was humble, coming from the most humble man
Angelo Alcantara Angelo Alcantara . 4 days ago
Hes from the movie grown-ups
Jokester 0589 Jokester 0589 . 5 days ago
8 crazy nights was Adam sander’s basketball game at his peak confirmed.
Studio TsaiTAki Studio TsaiTAki . 5 days ago
Wow, so Eight Crazy Nights was lowkey accurate to life with the basketball scenes, the white boy can jump! This is pure asf 😭
K Dworak K Dworak . 5 days ago
for a regular guy? he's a baller. 👍🏻
William Hendrix William Hendrix . 5 days ago
Crap lol I'd kill em at 50
stu hawk stu hawk . 5 days ago
People have known he is good at basketball since the 90s 😂
seenic seenic . 5 days ago
8 crazy nights lol
MoistVeggies MoistVeggies . 5 days ago
This is hard hitting news.
Christopher Cudworth Christopher Cudworth . 5 days ago
I’m 64 and I could guard that blob

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