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Published on 4 weeks ago

BTS (방탄소년단) 'Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)' Official MV

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Director: Yong Seok Choi (Lumpens)
1st AD: Jihye Yoon (Lumpens)
2nd AD: Ran Ro (Lumpens)

Director of Photography: Nam Hyunwoo (MOTHER)
B Camera Operator: Eumko
Focus Puller: Kim Eunki, Lee Youngwoo
2nd AC: Youngseo Park, Eunil Lee

Production Company: OUT OF OFFICE CO
Executive Producer / Producer: Tiffany Suh
Production Supervisor: Sina Pars
Assistant Production Supervisor: Linda Nhem
Assistant Production Supervisor / Travel Coordinator: Emily Diaz
Travel Coordinator: Veronica Zin
1st AD: Jesse Hays
2nd AD: Mallory Chevalier
Location Manager: Laura Dominguez
Location Assistant: Ana Reyes
Site Rep: John Miller

1st AC: Victor Chon
2nd AC: Massy Valenzuela-Castaneda
Drone: Alex Castillo
DIT: Jack Damon
Technocrane: Maurico Rodriguez, Harrison Reilly, Erik Covarrubias
VTR / Playback: Avery Stone Fish
VTR Assistant: Jeffery Petro
Playback: Kai Morrison

Gaffer: Kyle Bryson
Best Boy Electric: Mark Mann
Electric: Anthony Ortiz, Gerardo “Junior” Lara, Andrew Lopez

Key Grip: Wadsworth Peters
Best Boy Grip: Blake Danchik
Grip: Richard Estrella, James Brazil

Production Designer: Olivia McManus
Art Director: Hensel Martinez
Art Coordinator: Sara Barrett
Prop Mater / Shopper: Amanda Hume
Leadman: Logan Blue
Set Dresser: Kyle Kaminsky
Dresser / Driver: Kris Ingram
Greens: Brooke Benko, Nina Gonzales
School Bus Transportation: Marlon Sosa

Gang Boss: Rob Newcombe
Moho Drivers: Stephen Hinze, Kevin Kasner, Rich Seitz, James “Bubba” Bottoni
Stunt Coordinator: Nhan Vo
Craft Services: Danny Tilbury, Vic Godales
Set Medic: Dan DeBaun
CCM: Matt Moss
CCA: Niko Galvez, Kasee Shambora
Local Artist Security: Samuel Ford, Sully Crew, Raul Estevane, Pete Mulryan

PA: Adam Rosenberg, Joe Vizzini, Jason Vizzini, AJ, EJ Smith, Allen Amehi, Isiah Quince, Chris Fambro, Naushay Turner, Dariana Fly Buchatska, Cathy Kim, Ashley Lee, Bianca Yi, So Yun Um, Iris Jang, Sunny Park, Austin Barrett, Hollis Dohr, Jacqueline Nytes, Anna Tancredi, Sierra Badua, Dani Calderon

COLORIST: Wonseok Ko
DI CREW: Jaeyeon Baek, Dain Kim, Serae Hong
DI PRODUCER: Sooyun Hyun

VFX Supervisor: OHZEON
VFX Producer: Geoung Jeong, Ahn Sohyun
3D Artist: Kim Doyeon, Jeon Jiwon, Kim Dongjin, Kim Hyeji, Lee Jeonghwa
2D Artist: Lee Hyunjun, Jang Kyutae
FX Artist: We Jungin, Kim Yumin
Concept Art: San Goh

Special thanks to San Bernardino County Film Office

BIGHIT MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by BIGHIT MUSIC, Seoul, Korea.

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Agustd Agustd . 39 seconds ago
Love of my life
jeane808misc jeane808misc . 4 minutes ago
Gery luv3 Gery luv3 . 5 minutes ago
this song just so.......NICE
hsldj hsldj . 8 minutes ago
Hello armyyy
Yoonmin get married already Yoonmin get married already . 10 minutes ago
Yo fellas
huniehugs huniehugs . 11 minutes ago
absolute perfect song
nana hnamte nana hnamte . 15 minutes ago
i love you
دانڤي دانڤي . 19 minutes ago
We love you taehyung
Lachimolala owners industry Lachimolala owners industry . 20 minutes ago
Agustd Agustd . 21 minutes ago
Moment is yet to come
Alika Naila Alika Naila . 24 minutes ago
j s j s . 28 minutes ago
An acquaintance of Kim Gun-hee, a Korean lady, came out with a BTS-class article.The first lady of Korea is a bar girl.Stock price manipulation, educational background, and thesis. Why does a woman who is fake say BTS class?This is what Kwon Seong-dong said in Korea
Thỏa Đỗ Thỏa Đỗ . 29 minutes ago
Un video con kevin Joyce Un video con kevin Joyce . 29 minutes ago
Sri Alika Sri Alika . 34 minutes ago
Boy with luv
井柏然Krishnakant 井柏然Krishnakant . 42 minutes ago
Armys, don't forget to stream J-HOPE'S MORE..
Let's give them what they deserve..
Mya Thet Hnin Mya Thet Hnin . 45 minutes ago
Watch this every day plzz
Alika Naila Alika Naila . 48 minutes ago
Kalian sungguh mempesona
Rs Parvez Hamid Rs Parvez Hamid . 51 minutes ago
Just wanna give them all the love I can give!!!
Nanu Nanu . 52 minutes ago
Nanu Nanu . 52 minutes ago
Que lindos se ven todos dioos
Nanu Nanu . 52 minutes ago
Nanu Nanu . 53 minutes ago
Yet to come the best song
Nanu Nanu . 53 minutes ago
Perra canción espectacular te amoo
Kelly Love Kelly Love . 56 minutes ago
Glória Virgínia Glória Virgínia . 58 minutes ago
tudo tão lindo
Neko- chan Neko- chan . 59 minutes ago
150M!! Vamos
́Nick ́Nick . 59 minutes ago
Tae Mi Tae Mi . 1 hour ago
I can't explain how but bts is the reason I became the person who I am today. Forever a blessing to have them
Antonela Sanchez Burgos Antonela Sanchez Burgos . 1 hour ago
i love BTS🥰
Blanca Duke Blanca Duke . 1 hour ago
Venus Hdz Elizalde Venus Hdz Elizalde . 1 hour ago
Alika Naila Alika Naila . 1 hour ago
Miss jimin
Bangtan boom Bangtan boom . 1 hour ago
Anyone Nepali army here👋
Sri Alika Sri Alika . 1 hour ago
Taeyung love
Олег Милякин Олег Милякин . 1 hour ago
Дорогие Бантаны, мы всё ещё здесь и мы продолжаем! Мы сделаем для вас всё что нужно, не волнуйтесь и не беспокойтесь. Мы, ваши верные Арми, не сдадимся никогда, ваша армия не сдаётся и не отступает ! Победа будет за нами! Файтинг, пацаны!
Diana Mendoza Diana Mendoza . 1 hour ago
Vamos por los 150 millones army!! <3 <3
Carla Carla . 1 hour ago
BTS and ARMY, best moment is YET TO COME.
Agustd Agustd . 1 hour ago
Myyy moment is yet to come
Jaydeex Kim Jaydeex Kim . 1 hour ago
Jaydeex Kim Jaydeex Kim . 1 hour ago
Jaydeex Kim Jaydeex Kim . 1 hour ago
I really love them
Zunaira Fatima Zunaira Fatima . 1 hour ago
At first i just enjoyed the song as them telling their story but now it feels like a comfort song telling that our best is yet to come plus the fact that many times we cherish the old times and saying those moments were the best but them telling that the best is yet to come so we should be there to see the next see, the future and strive for it.
Lub Krasian Lub Krasian . 1 hour ago
Aleja A Aleja A . 1 hour ago
Extraño a mis bities!!! :(
Glória Virgínia Glória Virgínia . 1 hour ago
saudade de uma livezinha ot7
Glória Virgínia Glória Virgínia . 1 hour ago
bts todo de branco graças a Deus

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