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Published on 3 weeks ago

In A Parallel Universe 3... Quite a strange place...


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Hi, I'm Dimucc. Video games like COD and Warzone have been slowly heading downhill over the year, but I know there are plenty of Call of Duty players and Gamers who share the same love for video games as I do. That's why I've started making gaming videos to bring some fun and creativity back to the Call of Duty Warzone and Gaming community. I love showcasing how dumb games can get in a sarcastic and humorous way.

I've played Games like Minecraft, GTA V, and Call of Duty for years, whether it be Multiplayer, or even Warzone, I love to give back some of the good memories and funny moments I've experienced to my viewers through my videos!

If you guys enjoy my content, feel free to hit that sub button for daily Gaming skits and videos!

Shadow VG Gamer Shadow VG Gamer . 7 minutes ago
Cloud Kilz Cloud Kilz . 14 minutes ago
He is Darth Vader he uses the force to grab the belt
Trinity Sherwood Trinity Sherwood . 40 minutes ago
Is know one talking about the Ryan Renolds phone screen
Spinarch Spinarch . 48 minutes ago
Yeah if that was the case irl, the twitter Karen's would band together and cancel this man.
denzelisalwayscool denzelisalwayscool . 1 hour ago
🅱️OBUX MAN 🅱️OBUX MAN . 1 hour ago
me when i eat with my friend and i need to go to the toilet be like: IT MOVED 3 INCHES
Hope We Live Our Lifes With This Universe
Ashton Howard Ashton Howard . 2 hours ago
Your mother wants her she’s the one that gave you but I’m not you a Whole
Theresa Arnoster Theresa Arnoster . 2 hours ago
I love you
Inline Skate Ethan Inline Skate Ethan . 2 hours ago
NoteGuy NoteGuy . 3 hours ago
Like father like son
game boy game boy . 4 hours ago
I hate justin
Luucan Luucan . 4 hours ago
I wish
AmazingDog1291 Dog AmazingDog1291 Dog . 5 hours ago
Now the son is the mom and the mom is the son 🤣😂
Rafael McGrath Fernando Rafael McGrath Fernando . 6 hours ago
Pov your in the 60s
TheJO3H TheJO3H . 7 hours ago
Imagine giving birth just be enslaved 💀💀
Gordon Mills Gordon Mills . 7 hours ago
Did u see the Ryan Reynolds wallpaper
GH GH . 7 hours ago
Feels wrong
Jo Sanchez Jo Sanchez . 7 hours ago
Holy cow Justin is powerful
Abubakar Khan Abubakar Khan . 8 hours ago
I wish man that would be fun
Shabnam Aliakbara Shabnam Aliakbara . 9 hours ago
Bruh okayed punishing his mum
Rxseliz Rxseliz . 12 hours ago
Imagine hitting you’re mom lmao
Briant Suryana Briant Suryana . 12 hours ago
Dont Try That On Real Life
Or You Meet Michael Jackson
Gabriel ikemeier Gabriel ikemeier . 13 hours ago
And this is when I learned adult abuse and adult protection services were a thing
Trexplayz Trexplayz . 14 hours ago
This is my dream
Gigachad Gigachad . 14 hours ago
Justin's revenge
Amron Alim Amron Alim . 15 hours ago
Ownle hackers can type this: æ
Amron Alim Amron Alim . 15 hours ago
ALJEN BLANCOnnnjuum ALJEN BLANCOnnnjuum . 16 hours ago
I wish that was the universe i was in
Rickie Foster Rickie Foster . 16 hours ago
Your mom doesn't answer you
Kashmala Nadeem Kashmala Nadeem . 16 hours ago
My guy mastered the whip crack. He’s cracked at Fortnite and cracked at whip crackin.
Chase Rose Chase Rose . 16 hours ago
Ah yes Justin got his payback
MalikYT2011 MalikYT2011 . 17 hours ago
Mans have the force😂😂😂
moonbaexxz moonbaexxz . 17 hours ago
This reminds me of the cartoon Kids Next Door honestly when that one episode there was the DNK and kids were forced to do chores and jobs while the adults rested and did nothing lmao.
natalia bennett natalia bennett . 19 hours ago
bjrw0lfy bjrw0lfy . 19 hours ago
imagine us coming out of our mum then telling her what to do our whole life 🤣
Ne J Ne J . 20 hours ago
Anyone else notice that the hang up tone played when he answers the phone. Nice touch
angelyn cervas😃 angelyn cervas😃 . 20 hours ago
Justine: Mom I'm coming home
Mom: How many minutes till you get here
Justine: 1-30 Hours
Mom: Okay
Justine: *Gets home*
Mom: *Run faster to do dishes*
Justine: Wait did you still doing the dishes about half an hour
Mom: Omg
Me: wait what Justine say he will home about half an hour but it just 30 minutes
Stephanie Elie Stephanie Elie . 21 hours ago
If the kids were in control... Dimmuc:Ayo? It was a joke
gucciscrazy gucciscrazy . 21 hours ago
That's the mom he can't whoop her
Copeman the guy Copeman the guy . 21 hours ago
The future all gamers wish for
Jackie Woodcox Jackie Woodcox . 22 hours ago
This man is doing the mom challenge
Shannie Heath Shannie Heath . 22 hours ago
Ummmm I think it should be switched
Noobieguy Noobieguy . 22 hours ago
Mom: How was school?

Justin: It was good

N0oneatallyeet N0oneatallyeet . 23 hours ago
reminds me of that spongebob episode where he basically sees his bully’s parent (whom he was trying to talk to so that the parent would get the bully back in line) getting bossed around by the bully (child)
Home Pad Home Pad . 23 hours ago
How in the world did u even… I’m lost for words (slaps knees) he’s got the force
ElecTechnical ElecTechnical . 24 hours ago
Should've grabbed the slipper instead because he looks like the type of guy who can do a 360
purple cloud purple cloud . 1 day ago
It’s not really a parallel universe if you just swoop out the kid and put the dad....😭
Gaming Centre Gaming Centre . 1 day ago
Nah bro you got it all wrong it’s 3 cm not 3 inches
A random dumbass A random dumbass . 1 day ago
Time travel in 1974😈

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