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Ben Brainard

Ben Brainard

Published on 2 weeks ago

Evan Almighty Evan Almighty . 9 hours ago
Heyyy pa has a character
Jennifer Fraticelli Jennifer Fraticelli . 12 hours ago
Meanwhile PA is being good
Your mental health Your mental health . 13 hours ago
excuse me. what
Kathryn Harvey Kathryn Harvey . 1 day ago
literally *in* tampa and yet someone from new hampshire had to tell me that the lightning were competing for the stanley cup, so this checks out
Roy Ballesteros III Roy Ballesteros III . 1 day ago
youre dope my guy happy 4th of july 😁
AquariusThe_BurntSpaghetti 666 AquariusThe_BurntSpaghetti 666 . 1 day ago
Remembering in the second grade when I sent my cousin in Florida my flat Stanley.
Bird Mustard Bird Mustard . 2 days ago
Damn didn't know I needed to see more of Colorado in these
paperbaggy paperbaggy . 2 days ago
oh yeah, perfect time to remind everybody we won the stanley cup. thanks for that amazing opportunity to remind EVERYBODY that we won the stanley cup. and you didn’t win the stanley cup, because we did. did i mention that avalanche won the stanley cup and you didn’t?
Asher Wolfson Asher Wolfson . 2 days ago
YEAH! Flat Stanley!
Jacob Borst Jacob Borst . 2 days ago
Hey could you do something with Arkansas
TheMAESTRO TheMAESTRO . 3 days ago
That’s 3x now
D D . 4 days ago
FoxTrotTheFox FoxTrotTheFox . 4 days ago
I still jump for joy that the AVS beat the lightning, destroying thier two win streak. And might I add at Tampa's stadium too?
Sandler King Sandler King . 4 days ago
Bro how can you look like every state
Lilly Ashcroft Lilly Ashcroft . 4 days ago
jayson rugg jayson rugg . 4 days ago
You should do mere with Colorado. Especially with naming city. One of our city's is called NO NAME! Or just with our freak weather that we get.
Kristina G Kristina G . 5 days ago
Florida being like “well it’s not one of mine (cryptids)” and then tries to distract everyone from it
Josh E Josh E . 5 days ago
With Pennsylvania talking about chocolate vats, wouldn’t the Hershey’s factory make more sense? 🍫
Pumpkin spice Pumpkin spice . 5 days ago
I wanna know. One of his what
Audrey Woodall Audrey Woodall . 6 days ago
"the only Stanley I know is flat Stanley." Which makes sense because flat Stanley is a children's book series. And Florida is a child 😂
Bruh Moment Bruh Moment . 6 days ago
Can confirm this is all the important stuff that happens in the state besides that explosion in the town I live in
Jaymeson I am Jaymeson I am . 6 days ago
“Augustus Gloop is that you” is straight up the funniest thing ever😂🤣😂🤣
Baliaza Baliaza . 6 days ago
Lyra West-Jones Lyra West-Jones . 6 days ago
When he said "I think we're done" I said I think so- but in a new York accent without meaning too 😂😂😂😂
TheGamingDuck TheGamingDuck . 6 days ago
i’m a Tampa fan and i’m mad of the Stanley cup once i heard him say that i yelled and chucked my phone
Silver Sunshine Silver Sunshine . 6 days ago
I hope that there is a video on Colorado celebrating the win
Robin Islam Robin Islam . 6 days ago
If Fl is your faviroute character leave this emoji in the replays 👨‍🦲
TsundereOtter TsundereOtter . 7 days ago
BeerBackwards BeerBackwards . 7 days ago
Look at Pittsburgh approving a tunnel system to store sewage until the underpowered sewage plant can get around to treating the shit lol
Kiki the majin Kiki the majin . 7 days ago
As a true Floridian I can understand Florida
Kiki the majin Kiki the majin . 7 days ago
Florida is my favorite characters
Ayo😳 Ayo😳 . 1 week ago
Sky Sky . 1 week ago
I live in PA. We have so much chocolate it's crazy. I live one hour from Hershey and not even 20 mins from Palmer's and I know there are plenty more chocolate factories around here too. Even Godiva, Lindt and Dove.

I love seeing PA in these tbh. Don't see them much in these shorts.
Coda Mission Coda Mission . 1 week ago
Louisiana shouldn't criticize anyone's flood management
HAG HAG . 1 week ago
As soon as they said underground and it’s Florida Tolkien I just knew something was gonna be funny but Louisiana chiming in with that comment when New Orleans is literally 26 feet under the waterline they can’t say shit
Gunner's Adventures Gunner's Adventures . 1 week ago
Do Utah
Geometryus GD Geometryus GD . 1 week ago
Hope it's not the last nhl refrence
𝕄𝕒𝕕𝕚 𝕄𝕒𝕕𝕚 . 1 week ago
Ahhh we finally have PA
Paola O. Paola O. . 1 week ago
Live in FL and some how forgot about the whole underground transit thing. I wonder why? 🤔
Paola O. Paola O. . 1 week ago
Live in FL and some how forgot about the whole underground transit thing. I wonder why? 🤔
blackjed blackjed . 1 week ago
I'm going to use that rendition for under the sea from now on
Lucas C. Lucas C. . 1 week ago
Make a Wisconsin video
Kat(IkemenVampireLOVE) Kat(IkemenVampireLOVE) . 1 week ago
IMMA BE HONEST if it's driving and PA and OH Are together It will be a fight. Seriously like enemies. Road rage from Ohio about PA drivers I'd real and dangerous
Spongkek Spongkek . 1 week ago
Yes indeed, the real Augustus Gloop, only here in Pennsylvania 😁
Verge's Gambit Verge's Gambit . 1 week ago
Man, stuff is happening rn
Dakota Bailey Dakota Bailey . 1 week ago
Underground transit system...... a fucking subway?!?
Jaxy337 Jaxy337 . 1 week ago
Pls include Idaho

Btw I love your vids
Chase Chase . 1 week ago
Well they’re not playing anymore since Colorado won the Stanley cup and its not Tampa lightning it’s Tampa bay lightning
Sam Tovan Sam Tovan . 1 week ago
Going to fl
Jordi1995 Jordi1995 . 1 week ago
And yet we lost the Stanley Cup dammit I thought we were going to break a record and win three in a row

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