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Published on 12 years ago

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The Lady Killer (C) Elektra Records
Production rights go to Salaam Remi, ELEMENT, The Smeezingtons, Fraser T. Smith, Paul Epworth, and Jack Splash

Plague King: Lord Falix Plague King: Lord Falix . 6 days ago
Whazzup to everyone here after the king and I song with Em that just dropped. 2 dope ass songs.
Blackberry Jamboree Blackberry Jamboree . 3 weeks ago
Still slaps to this day
Stephen Snell Stephen Snell . 4 weeks ago
I'm listening in June 2022 and I find this version better
BeverlyDavis729 BeverlyDavis729 . 4 weeks ago
Quinn Quinn . 1 month ago
Don't even speak, just play this
-Nightshade- -Nightshade- . 1 month ago
I sent this to a homophobe
pony himel pony himel . 2 months ago
The muppets was awesome
Asani the Afrofuturist Asani the Afrofuturist . 2 months ago
This is the OG version. Fuck the clean version
Avery Johnson Avery Johnson . 2 months ago
My best friend and I are obsessed with this song. We play this every time we see one another 🀣
Ben dover stuidios Ben dover stuidios . 3 months ago
Wait this song is explicit
Rather Be Fishing Rather Be Fishing . 3 months ago
2022? Anyone else but me?
EvieWasHere5339 EvieWasHere5339 . 3 months ago
Sean Sasser Sean Sasser . 3 months ago
I was 13 when I first played this song, I was on a cruise and met this girl and I couldn't see her on the last day, didn't get any contact info. Middle school was cheesy asf lol
Volant Cord22 Volant Cord22 . 4 months ago
POV: your girlfriend of 4 years cheats and leaves for a rich dirtbagπŸ’€πŸ’€
Christina Avery Christina Avery . 4 months ago
2022 Come through ceeloo Cause ahhhhhh FU** THEM
James Johnson James Johnson . 4 months ago
James Johnson James Johnson . 4 months ago
R Harcleroad R Harcleroad . 5 months ago
Bruno is timeless
Eric Lora Eric Lora . 5 months ago
So stupid it's good..
Eladio Rodriguez Eladio Rodriguez . 5 months ago
Who's still listening to this 2022?
Rather Be Fishing Rather Be Fishing . 5 months ago
ain't that some shit
Jermaia Dukes Jermaia Dukes . 5 months ago
Alice: I said move!
Jermaia Dukes Jermaia Dukes . 6 months ago
Nina Ray Nina Ray . 6 months ago
Still going strong in 2022... Love Cee Lo...
Pizzaroooolls Pizzaroooolls . 6 months ago
2022 and I’m still vibin to this
Endeavor Endeavor . 6 months ago
Walking away from my 7th rejection be like:
Endeavor Endeavor . 6 months ago
As a 5 year old child I preferred this version and wouldn't have it any other way
12-21-21 ..
still worthy of a
smackdown dedication.
Ty C πŸ˜πŸ‘ !
Jermaia Dukes Jermaia Dukes . 7 months ago
Drake Bell 2011
judith Mitchell-Toth judith Mitchell-Toth . 7 months ago
Cee lo thank you sooooooooooo fucking much!!! I love that Mowtown sound and you nailed it with an edge!!! Love love love πŸ’—
no name no name . 7 months ago
Ain't that some shit...
Jermaia Dukes Jermaia Dukes . 7 months ago
Elinor 2:54 2:55 3:00
Arick McCance Arick McCance . 7 months ago
Catchy doesn't fade.
RacBeat girl76 RacBeat girl76 . 7 months ago
You deserve better
Susan Shira Susan Shira . 8 months ago
F.c.k. only thing missing is "u".
Grimmarius Grimmarius . 8 months ago
This is soul food.
BlackDragon1098 β™‘ BlackDragon1098 β™‘ . 8 months ago
the fucks sound so weird because i only knew 'forget you'
Brrazyi yi Brrazyi yi . 8 months ago
the most positive hate song ever
Leonidas Leonidas . 8 months ago
I dedicate this to my ex that cheated on me with 5 guys at once.
Jermaia Dukes Jermaia Dukes . 9 months ago
Baby Grace Elly K
Jermaia Dukes Jermaia Dukes . 9 months ago
Pop Music for Maia Dukes
BtKπŸ‘ BtKπŸ‘ . 9 months ago
Google search [email protected] you and this pops up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jermaia Dukes Jermaia Dukes . 9 months ago
Nicki Minaj
The Raccoon Lord The Raccoon Lord . 9 months ago
10 years and still a banger
Laila Plays DBD Laila Plays DBD . 9 months ago
Best song. πŸ₯°
Celeste Kelly Celeste Kelly . 9 months ago
That's love. 🀣
Pendelton Johnson Pendelton Johnson . 9 months ago
Can you hear me ........? about now?????
Now I know you heard
Laura Beane Laura Beane . 10 months ago
Lol. "In English, you can't make a sentence without the letter 'e'"
"F#@# You"😁
theslowride66 theslowride66 . 10 months ago
Official Music Video
Racer X Racer X . 10 months ago
This is the song that knocked I Don't Care Anymore by Phil Collins off of the Ultimate Break Up Song Throne

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