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NileRed Shorts

NileRed Shorts

Published on 2 weeks ago

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This is just a regular light bulb, but I'm only interested in its insides. This is because I've been curious to see what happens, if I turn it on in liquid nitrogen.

• Nile talks about lab safety (chemistry is dangerous):

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Tman Tman . 32 minutes ago
Cool light bulb
Gero Paruparo Sana all Gero Paruparo Sana all . 55 minutes ago
It burns cause a light bulb has no air in it and if it's on air it burns
Amazombe King Kong Amazombe King Kong . 59 minutes ago
I thought it was a vacuum inside the bulb
Achievementsavers extras Achievementsavers extras . 2 hours ago
“Hey where’s the lightbulbs”
“There is none.”
“Becuase, some guy is smashing them or some shi-“
Absolute Savage Absolute Savage . 2 hours ago
Make yourself a lava lamp, but with Liquid Nitro and a bulb 🤣
chill springtrap chill springtrap . 3 hours ago
The beginning caught me off guard
• Floating Cow • • Floating Cow • . 4 hours ago
So that's why my light bulb is too bright
my name is my name is . 5 hours ago
Try in vacuum
Soundwave Soundwave . 6 hours ago
It hurts my brain but I love it
Warwick Dutnell Warwick Dutnell . 6 hours ago
This would make a cool lamp
👑🐷KingAryan 👑🐷KingAryan . 8 hours ago
This is just a regular dead frog , I’m just want the insides- school teachers be like
Batman_John Batman_John . 9 hours ago
It is satisfying in liquid nitrogen
MirthTheOg087 MirthTheOg087 . 10 hours ago
Liquid nitrogen lights sound hard asf
Solid Solid . 10 hours ago
Bro that’ll be pretty sick if it’s a bulb in my house
lukas ambrazevicius lukas ambrazevicius . 10 hours ago
Ayo sus
GbayIsCyclone GbayIsCyclone . 10 hours ago
Then I added some liquid nitrogen.

Bradley Bruvva Bradley Bruvva . 10 hours ago
I think you’re right, that is really cool.
JJ JJ . 12 hours ago
Ni en los juegos hay tanto realismo
Danur livin on Prayer Danur livin on Prayer . 12 hours ago
Downl inspirasi chanel sains
Beeschurger Beeschurger . 13 hours ago
“I’m only interested on its insides”-👹
Nico Enriquez Nico Enriquez . 13 hours ago
He's interested in her personality rather than her body
Dylan Bailly Dylan Bailly . 14 hours ago
I heard bAll
Dawnbr3aker Dawnbr3aker . 15 hours ago
I learned about lightbulbs from Dr. Stone
Drew Quinio Drew Quinio . 17 hours ago
Fancy water nightlight
GreenPickles GreenPickles . 17 hours ago
Are you telling me that the nitrogen thing is saving me from instant death, right now..... O-O
Mel Justine Sarmiento Mel Justine Sarmiento . 18 hours ago
FreeQuest FreeQuest . 18 hours ago
We don't have those incandescent lightbulbs anymore in Australia they were banned because they were very energy wasteful.
Kollege Denkfehler Kollege Denkfehler . 18 hours ago
What would science be without liquid nitrogen 😂😂🙌🏽
Luna. Luna. . 19 hours ago
That's danger
Jemikay Magbanua Jemikay Magbanua . 20 hours ago
Legendgamer Forever Legendgamer Forever . 20 hours ago
Bro try closing lid next time
Adarsh Kumar Adarsh Kumar . 20 hours ago
Aren't bulb filled with Argon gas?
Jack also know as the jACK Jack also know as the jACK . 23 hours ago
“There’s something else I wanted to try” SMASHES LIGHTBULB FOR THE 2ND TIME
joshua nicholson joshua nicholson . 23 hours ago
Interesting phenomenon and I like your videos 😎

Although one thing that stood out in this short is that you give no reference to where you found this information out. You make it sound alot like you discovered it... 🤨 Which would be untrue.
MarshDood MarshDood . 23 hours ago
Don’t touch with your finger
Jeesper Flipson Jeesper Flipson . 23 hours ago
Discord light mode:
Chief Eri Chief Eri . 1 day ago
"I had to sacrifice another ball"
That caught me off guard
:D :D . 1 day ago
"This is just a regular lightbulb, and I just broke it for no reason"
Bubble_Boy09 Bubble_Boy09 . 1 day ago
He had so much fun breaking these
Hasham rides Hasham rides . 1 day ago
This is mr Indian hacker YouTube channel's idea
Max Stirk Max Stirk . 1 day ago
Mad that Americans still have those bulbs! Come on guys in the 21st century!
Tunde Adegbola Tunde Adegbola . 1 day ago
Who else was expecting an explosion? 😅
Ben 484 Ben 484 . 1 day ago
Tried it. I'm dead. Thanks.
Ackza𒀖 Ackza𒀖 . 1 day ago
Novelty liquid nitrogen light bulbs
Cory+Aster Cory+Aster . 1 day ago
basically you can use a broken light bulb and liquid nitrogen as a nightlight
roblox game roblox game . 1 day ago
It's fake
Reisaku⁉️ Reisaku⁉️ . 1 day ago
“I had to sacrifice another ball”
S.M. Hameed S.M. Hameed . 1 day ago
For once this guy doesn’t start off by saying, “it’s kinda scary”
ToBeDetermined 85 ToBeDetermined 85 . 1 day ago
This would be a cool ass lamp
Yogesh Gawande Yogesh Gawande . 1 day ago
Looks like mixture is fire and water

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