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Action Lab Shorts

Action Lab Shorts

Published on 4 weeks ago

I show you how to change your monitor you need special glasses to see

See the full length video here:

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William Smith William Smith . 48 seconds ago
Even if I had that much time on my hands
Faltu Unknown Faltu Unknown . 3 minutes ago
Kevin Dunn Kevin Dunn . 9 minutes ago
People wearing sunglasses can see the screen as well
Jonathan Martinez Jonathan Martinez . 9 minutes ago
Well my work place would look at my search history on the work computer.
Aeronidas Aeronidas . 20 minutes ago
Well now at least there's no longer a problem of being walked in on
MadGuy MadGuy . 47 minutes ago
Imma do this one day.
Shadow Shadow . 57 minutes ago
I uh, id use it for some other cat videos. Iykyk
Aleksはゴミです Aleksはゴミです . 59 minutes ago
Reminds me of when I was watching a silent movie that was very funny. I kept laughing but ppl in the other room could only hear classical music playing so they thought I was fucking nuts LOL
Jerome Fetalver Jerome Fetalver . 1 hour ago
This is cool men
Devin Hogan Devin Hogan . 1 hour ago
“Jerry why are you looking at a blank white screen?”
theALLENway theALLENway . 2 hours ago
this is wild 🔥🔥🔥
Jeremy McClure Jeremy McClure . 2 hours ago
Had parents looking never his shoulder ALOT as a child 😆
artiscoole artiscoole . 2 hours ago
Somehow I don't the company's gonna be cool with you destroying the computer screen. But what do I know
David Steffens David Steffens . 3 hours ago
Greatest privacy tip of the century tbh
Johnrayven Del Rosario Johnrayven Del Rosario . 3 hours ago
I can watch whatever I want
Jordan Miranda-Jones Jordan Miranda-Jones . 3 hours ago
“Cat” videos
Mudada Muda Mudada Muda . 3 hours ago
Before you even said it I knew what you are about to do
Sourjoker 21 Sourjoker 21 . 4 hours ago
I’m pretty sure one of your coworkers would question why you are staring at a blank screen.
froge froge . 4 hours ago
hmm, videos...
Sneaky red Sneaky red . 4 hours ago
Youtube guy.1 Youtube guy.1 . 4 hours ago
are you nile red ?
Quaid Zettle Quaid Zettle . 4 hours ago
Oh i'm going to watch so many "cat videos" at work now. 🐱
Dylan Morris Dylan Morris . 4 hours ago
I need it
Mikhail Vladislav Mikhail Vladislav . 4 hours ago
I'm gonna watch porn right in the Starbucks now.
YourAverageWeeb YourAverageWeeb . 5 hours ago
>insert "INVEST" button meme here
Mustafa Sharify Mustafa Sharify . 5 hours ago
My mom can’t see my search history any more
Smurfboi sketches Smurfboi sketches . 5 hours ago
I might be a green screen
Kanro Kanro . 5 hours ago
Imagine the things people can watch with this.

Yeah, I mean that.
jon burger jon burger . 5 hours ago
How tf does this even work
Armani Martinez Armani Martinez . 5 hours ago
My idea
Juggalosquad502 Juggalosquad502 . 6 hours ago
Nice green screen
Pitt The First Pitt The First . 6 hours ago
connors cosette connors cosette . 6 hours ago
So no more lookinc at the windows background
jose m. magdaleno jose m. magdaleno . 7 hours ago
This is 007 spy sheeet!! 😳👍
Mr.MakeIT Mr.MakeIT . 7 hours ago
This is actually like a good privacy hack
JaiDamWhi JaiDamWhi . 7 hours ago my clumsy ass would cut into the whole damn thing and rip the entire screen off...I'm good 🤣🤣🤣
NotElusivePanda NotElusivePanda . 7 hours ago
Instructions unclear now my mom is blaming me for the divorce
Jackson Zarckanov Jackson Zarckanov . 7 hours ago
Mason Gill Mason Gill . 7 hours ago
How to get away with watching p0rñ
Pride Pride . 7 hours ago
Based on the thumbnail and title, I thought this was going to be about how to make those rear-view mirror, spy sunglasses. This idea is neat too. I wonder if regular polarized sunglasses work just as well as the polarized film he removed from the screen.
Sumesh Erikandath Sumesh Erikandath . 7 hours ago
Your colleagues would take you to a psychiatric by seeing tou laughing with a white screen!
Shawn Gibbons Shawn Gibbons . 7 hours ago
It sounds like somebody’s clapping cheeks on Marks computer in his cubicle

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