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Daily Dose Of Internet

Daily Dose Of Internet

Published on 2 weeks ago

Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a Walmart employee was getting tired of this stuff.

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Also in this video, a dog eats food very quickly. A cat is scared of aluminum foil on the kitchen counter. Two delivery drivers race to the front door. A guy falls down while running.

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Christina Watkins Christina Watkins . 2 weeks ago
This was one of the best episodes in a while, I laughed so hard at the cat launching itself backwards and the dog chewing at 10x speed a single potato chip
Zion Petty Zion Petty . 8 minutes ago
That cat probably had a concussion
Tom A Tom A . 1 hour ago
0:18 cats also enjoy wide clear box tape sticky side up on counters. My cat went on the counter 3 times, hit the tape then never again its whole life.
MCDuplication MCDuplication . 2 hours ago
I unsubbed because of the 1:47 video 👎👎who tf threatens their furry friends with violence
Qroh Qroh . 6 hours ago
That dog is the definition of ate and left no crumbs behind
Neil Baraka Neil Baraka . 6 hours ago
Just enjoying a nice day on Roblox be like: 0:19
abcdefghijkl463 abcdefghijkl463 abcdefghijkl463 abcdefghijkl463 . 13 hours ago
Employees are not allowed to interfere with criminals as they could get injured and the damage is minimal to the store.. And eventually security catches them. Leave the job to the pros.
Thejohnelon Thejohnelon . 16 hours ago
That dog eats faster than Usain bolt Can run
Ixcyi Ixcyi . 21 hours ago
Im sorry you can see me using what????
ItsYee ItsYee . 1 day ago
2:14 Eating Chip Speedrun Crumbless%
And So It Goes And So It Goes . 1 day ago
I could watch that dog eating potato chips all day.
Corwin1200 Corwin1200 . 1 day ago
that one near the end with the dog is so fucked up. animals aren't stupid, he's gonna fear getting beat at any transgression now
Psyrus Psyrus . 1 day ago

Buddha Fang Buddha Fang . 1 day ago
Punching the stuffed dog to train the real dog is an a$$h0Ie thing to do
MonkePlaysGames MonkePlaysGames . 1 day ago
who put Knockback 2 on the aluminum foil
Cringelord 69 420 haha funny Cringelord 69 420 haha funny . 1 day ago
1:18 women.
StolenToast StolenToast . 2 days ago
I can smell that gas through my screen 💀💀💀
Adam Greenhill Adam Greenhill . 2 days ago
Bro, now we have wall hacks in real life. We need real life anti-cheat now too
SleepyPants SimRacing SleepyPants SimRacing . 2 days ago
That's very mean to act that way to the fake dog. That's intimidating to him.
Jase’s Gaming World Jase’s Gaming World . 2 days ago
2:15 that is my puppy
Danny Danny . 2 days ago
the fact no one is talkin ab mf irl wall hacks
Susan Manley Susan Manley . 2 days ago
That whole thing of hitting a stuffed animal to teach your dog a lesson is stupid.
Ascroma Ascroma . 2 days ago
Finally, Real ESP.
Anselmo Anselmo . 2 days ago
i bet the racoon inside the house was fun to witness
Pixelpro3d Pixelpro3d . 2 days ago
0:58 Wallhacks = ACTIVATED
Ben Beispiel Ben Beispiel . 2 days ago
Looks like cat paw triggered a chemialy reaction with that aluminum foil.
Hakuna Matata Hakuna Matata . 2 days ago
The gas pumps literally have warnings that say do not enter your vehicle or use your phone while pumping gas. 🤦
Riley Capps Riley Capps . 2 days ago
Not only did they leave the gas pump unattended, they also were joking about how much it was. They got what they deserve and they better have payed for all of it.
JoseQuirozr112 JoseQuirozr112 . 2 days ago
Bro wtf why would you go inside your car when you’re filling gas in your car
BlackDiamondSTU BlackDiamondSTU . 2 days ago
Mr. Plain2 Mr. Plain2 . 2 days ago
Mr. Plain2 Mr. Plain2 . 2 days ago
Sandwish Sandwish . 2 days ago
I was at Walmart and saw the worker LOL
harys harys . 3 days ago
switch didnt work😂
Griffin Redmond Griffin Redmond . 3 days ago
youve done the delivery guys a different time
Tempius Tempius . 3 days ago
Why are they so incredibly stupid and waiting in the car?
* Футбольчик * * Футбольчик * . 3 days ago
dennyfrontier dennyfrontier . 3 days ago
Well people are gonna wonder why my wifi stick figure has 3 arms
Johnathan Johnathan . 3 days ago
1:30 Women☕️
EthanPlays_2 EthanPlays_2 . 3 days ago
POV: You touch something but you don’t know what it is 0:16
Pak Star Pak Star . 3 days ago
May hes over acting​
Nick Milano Nick Milano . 3 days ago
That’s the same Walmart I go to
Krystal O Krystal O . 3 days ago
The guy beating the stuffed animal husky and then the dog sitting was hilarious!! 😂🤣🤣🤣
MonkeyFeed MonkeyFeed . 3 days ago
Snuffy, NO! Bad racoon!
Lee Shepherd Trading Lee Shepherd Trading . 3 days ago
Tin foil wired up to the mains. 🤣
Lee Shepherd Trading Lee Shepherd Trading . 3 days ago
Tin foil wired up to the mains. 🤣
Fennek_Kaipii Fennek_Kaipii . 3 days ago
That WiFi sees those 2 persons better, than my Kinect V2.0 me in a well lit room...
Ivan B Ivan B . 3 days ago
0:55 Skeleton ESP Activated LMFAO some people will understand
HyperDash HyperDash . 3 days ago
What the hell? Did I just see a cat.. Walljump? 0:20

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