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JayDaYoungan •

JayDaYoungan •

Published on 2 weeks ago

JayDaYoungan 23 Is Back ‘ OUT NOW

Jay Blem Jay Blem . 4 hours ago
Them guys will get you lol worst rapper in the game
Jay Blem Jay Blem . 4 hours ago
Worst 1 in the game can't wait till they catch u n pop u it would be a day please lack so they can wet yo AAA up!! Please let them put a slug in you head if you not scared please lack please just do it once and you'll see something
iAmzy iAmzy . 5 hours ago
we love carena ❤ !
Keylan DaMenace Keylan DaMenace . 5 hours ago
U forgot I'm on the run for a year 🤣🤣🤣🤣😇 u soft compared to yo lil cousin
Keylan DaMenace Keylan DaMenace . 5 hours ago
Can't take my bitch 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Big Slimee Big Slimee . 5 hours ago
I can’t lie we been dem niggas 💯💯💯
Streetfamezae 2x Streetfamezae 2x . 7 hours ago
Streetfamezae 2x Streetfamezae 2x . 7 hours ago
Isaiah Corley Isaiah Corley . 10 hours ago
How much times yo gone go to jail
Justin Graham Justin Graham . 14 hours ago
Jay think being locked up cool he wanna get locked up and get big so bad and make a first day out song like how many times you gone make a first day out song that just show how ungrateful for where god brought u from but u ain’t getting no real time that’s lil rest do 10 to 15 bet you stop getting locked up
Zay staxkz Zay staxkz . 19 hours ago
Sir yougan coming like j
Amiro Aliyi Amiro Aliyi . 22 hours ago
We need jaydayoungan & yungeen ace again plz make this shit happened big fan of both
sajho sajho . 23 hours ago
lilpuk - Topic lilpuk - Topic . 1 day ago
lilpuk - Topic lilpuk - Topic . 1 day ago
Yall this song pressure ngl
Yvng KDubb Yvng KDubb . 2 days ago
I’m tryna know where them shorts from
6locc6a6y 6locc6a6y . 2 days ago
Fav rapper fashoo6️⃣
Old jay coming bacc 🔥🔥🔥
Rockstar Dolla Rockstar Dolla . 2 days ago
keep coming mypee 🔥🔥
sᥣᥲ𝗍𝗍ᥡ sᥣᥲ𝗍𝗍ᥡ . 2 days ago
1:18 bro get out jail wit yb on his mind 😭🤣
LilKewezy LilKewezy . 2 days ago
Apple this 🔥🔥
leah Dawson leah Dawson . 2 days ago
who dat in dat nascarrrrrrr
Joshthepelsfan Joshthepelsfan . 2 days ago
Do ts for bap no cap
LiL Zy LiL Zy . 2 days ago
Bruh was hitting tf out da blak
IAmYou IAmYou . 2 days ago
1 Of The Best 1st Day Out Songs Released Cuh
Big General Big General . 2 days ago
@moneyman ain’t this yo beat ?
Big General Big General . 2 days ago
Who made this beat ?
bool@x [email protected] . 3 days ago
Killed it
Niqiul Niqiul . 3 days ago
2k Baby 2k Baby . 3 days ago
money man and jay song?
Nehemiah Shepeard Nehemiah Shepeard . 3 days ago
he done got big💪🏾
Certified Clyde Certified Clyde . 3 days ago
He back 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
2x.ju4L 2x.ju4L . 3 days ago
i see that babybumb who the babydaddy
Somebody Ik Somebody Ik . 4 days ago
up that rod up that rod . 4 days ago
boom boom!!!
23 Lurkin 23 Lurkin . 4 days ago
JAY JAY . 4 days ago
Moneydrugs Mafia Moneydrugs Mafia . 4 days ago
Drop top out!!!!!!!!
mishad wright mishad wright . 4 days ago
Y dis not trending
S P A Z Z S P A Z Z . 4 days ago
crip gang on xbox crip gang on xbox . 4 days ago
Too hard
qpdior qpdior . 4 days ago
BigHomieeAc BigHomieeAc . 4 days ago
w but we BEEN knew this.
Kaliah Pittman Kaliah Pittman . 5 days ago
Yk that’s yo ass boy you talk to much you asked for it, smash off in that blue vet they like who that in that nascar
Asahel נָתָן‎ Asahel נָתָן‎ . 5 days ago
Ju2Smooth YT Ju2Smooth YT . 5 days ago
“High as hell been smokin on that strong it’s like I sleep on top” is that a diss to YB or am I trippin?
El Sapito El Sapito . 5 days ago
High as hell smokin on dat strong it like I sleep ontop
Phil Rands Phil Rands . 5 days ago
Who's still here. March 2050.

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