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Fox Business

Fox Business

Published on 2 weeks ago

President Biden snaps at reporter over recession questions. FOX Business' Lauren Simonetti with more.

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Daryl Scott Daryl Scott . 2 days ago
REALLY !!!!! Shame on You JILL !!!!! PissOff
Laura 🔮 Laura 🔮 . 2 days ago
Gross! He always has to have his hands on some little child or another woman…🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮. No child or young adult I know would get within 6 feet of him. Just gross!
mike eihusen mike eihusen . 3 days ago
Whos the genius that allows little girl in swimsuit to go to Biden?!! Grand Daughter or not.... HES CREEPY JOE!!!!
Kim Maniscalco Kim Maniscalco . 6 days ago
Oh gosh… lol… God help us All.
Jeff Burk Jeff Burk . 6 days ago
I can tell you right now...neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are going to determine the mid term elections...the Independent voters will...the others just need to keep drinking the Kool-Aid of their favorite flavor.
NJ Best Video NJ Best Video . 6 days ago
The sun will make you not know what is going on...
Scott Young Scott Young . 6 days ago
If theres a recession this clip needs to be played for the next 6 years everyday.
Jeanette Cormier Jeanette Cormier . 6 days ago
FP L FP L . 6 days ago
Roflmao🤣🤣🤣 nothing compared to grifter donalds insults, maybe he should tell ppl to inject disinfectant 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
Gerardo Reyes Gerardo Reyes . 7 days ago
Alzheimer problems now in him .no just the recession problems ..its collapsing the economy right now . China and Russian taken control on $$$ ..
Sleeve Sleeve . 7 days ago
What's that all about...?
Pretty easy to tell, wouldn't you say ?
But even without this, going back in his time spent, his plagiarism that at one point caused him to lose a run at an office, showed long ago, that he was incapable of having an original idea !
Even his Son did his underhanded bidding with the Commie's in China !
But like so many that have taken the vaccines for this supposed Covid, wouldn't it be interesting to look at it a Before & After ?
As it is quick becoming known that for many, there are unexplained consequences for taking these vaccines !
Wayne Knight Wayne Knight . 7 days ago
Biden fell off his bicycle before he ever became president
Wayne Knight Wayne Knight . 7 days ago
If Brian is a president I'm a helicopter pilot and I've never been on one
Troy Martinez Troy Martinez . 7 days ago
Send him and his family to China and let them deal with them
Darlene Goodall Darlene Goodall . 1 week ago
Biden is a liar..liar
Matt Matt . 1 week ago
where was the "snap"?
Jo Polzun Jo Polzun . 1 week ago
Sad we get news from other countries with truth. Can’t get truth from American journalists or media
dodgeram1500tn dodgeram1500tn . 1 week ago
who in the hell let there little daughter go near him, i was waitng for him to sniff her lol.
Domenic Domenic . 1 week ago
Wealthy human speaking = lie
Ryan M Ryan M . 1 week ago
Enjoy your time on the beach while the rest of us struggle to survive.
Monique Larrieu Monique Larrieu . 1 week ago
We aren't buying his lies. Wish we were in the election season! 🙄 This is bs...
Jake Ha Jake Ha . 1 week ago
recession vs inflation or both at the same time ...I would go with Recession!! Inflation is no good!!!!
Erik Mendoza Erik Mendoza . 1 week ago
This ridiculous, USA reputation is on the line. Our government is a mockery with in incompetent politicians. It's pathetic 😒
JPM JPM . 1 week ago
D.H. D.H. . 1 week ago
Worst President and Administration EVER !!!!!!
Beef Hammer Beef Hammer . 1 week ago
One dickhead after another.
SnipingRaptor SnipingRaptor . 1 week ago
How is this "Snapping" on someone... the aggressive click bait
Darryl Walsh Darryl Walsh . 1 week ago
Fox it's okay to be critical but don't blow things out of proportion he didn't snap at them and commented with a joke a Republican-based joke please don't expand the problem about him you're not going to get the presidency back by doing that backbiting is not in the way to fix the problems peace peace is what we need
Darryl Walsh Darryl Walsh . 1 week ago
There may be some typos in my last comment I don't know why the microphone system does that on the phone but just cancel what doesn't seem to be fitting the quick move to help the economy actually kind of hurt it indirectly
Darryl Walsh Darryl Walsh . 1 week ago
Republicans and Democrats will have to come together and pass legislation to reduce inflation aspects of the economy printing money may not work I don't believe so but I think Biden is not aware and maybe some others that infusion of the 1.9 trillion dollars in the previous injection of money to the consumer his wife created the inflation rate hike by putting so much money into the economy so quickly he created an M1 Supply overload thus basically like printing money into the economy when economies are hurting but that can backfire like in Chile and other third world countries have done in the past if we're not careful we will become a third world country
Anatomically Correct Muppets Anatomically Correct Muppets . 1 week ago
It’s been a recession for well over a year now. I think we should be talking depression.
Jesuswillsaveus Jesuswillsaveus . 1 week ago
I remember Biden said anyone with a piece of crack the size of a dime goes to jail for 10 years and now there's video of his son smoking it. No respect for this lying scum bag
Patrick McCaffrey Patrick McCaffrey . 1 week ago
THAT is snapping at a reporter?! Christ, they're constantly swarming and picking apart everything he says, and he quietly and politely calls out reporters for sensationalism - and HE SNAPPED? LoL

I'm a Canadian, and that was extra polite even by our standards...

You deserve the recession
Milko Kalaijiev Milko Kalaijiev . 1 week ago
My man needed to nation 4 times that he's joking after having said something he realized he shouldn't have.
Cherokee James Horn Play, Momma's Cooking Be 9ice Cherokee James Horn Play, Momma's Cooking Be 9ice . 1 week ago
My thoughts for a end of all future recession proof America is the G20 debt relief from the colonizers plan. The elephant in the room. Duhhhhh. Start in northern America. Hire me as a council to activate this debt relief plan of all governmental and private debt to end the American foreign exchange debt. What's your thoughts fox news family. I'm all ears 🌽
Travis Ledo Travis Ledo . 1 week ago
Of course he waves the little girl over so he can touch her.
monte68x monte68x . 1 week ago
Recession? We're in end-stage Capitalism. Another Great Depression followed by a complete collapse is what's coming.
Drew Stump Drew Stump . 1 week ago
Recessions here
David Airey David Airey . 1 week ago
Freaking elitist gangster
Robin McDonald Robin McDonald . 1 week ago
Patrick Landis Patrick Landis . 1 week ago
Someone needs to put Biden to rest permanently
Lisa Bowen Lisa Bowen . 1 week ago
Bull crap
The-common-man 87 The-common-man 87 . 1 week ago
Joes mouth was watering when he seen that kid.
Stephen Stewart Stephen Stewart . 1 week ago
Biden is such dumbass & everyone knows it !
J Ledge J Ledge . 1 week ago
Snapped at a reporter? Nice click bait.
Eleuterio Diaz Eleuterio Diaz . 1 week ago
Snapped at the reporter like the waistband on my old underwear. Histories most popular president…..
Zacatra Zacatra . 1 week ago
I completely agree with John Taylor they are the biggest jokes in America! Ever since he got elected into office, he has done nothing but lie to the American people. He needs to be impeached!!
John Rainsman John Rainsman . 1 week ago
My classmate's joke: "if Joe Biden died, people wouldn't go to his funeral to celebrate his life. Quite the opposite." I don't' get the joke. The joke means they wouldn't come to his funeral at all, or that they would, but not particularly to celebrate his life? Then what would they be celebrating? I need clarification
N Dog N Dog . 1 week ago
I think we are well passed a recession but that’s just me… but who has taken macro? Probably 10% of us little people in the country.

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