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Published on 4 years ago

Music video by Morgan Wallen performing Chasin' You (Dream Video). Big Loud Records

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Not Bextley Not Bextley . 1 day ago
That's good stuff
Odelin Llanes Odelin Llanes . 3 days ago
I love the his song expecilly wasted on you
Bdar . Fj_6 Bdar . Fj_6 . 3 days ago
the best song ever, I love it
Amanda Amanda . 3 days ago
Well I have to say it gave me more encouragement today so thank you greatly
Dale S Dale S . 4 days ago
How do I audition?
Santiago Lopez Santiago Lopez . 5 days ago
Omg live 🇺🇸
Summer Trotter Summer Trotter . 5 days ago
There's 2 main parts of life, joy and sadness. The key to finding happiness is appreciating the pain.
Donna Paige Donna Paige . 6 days ago
This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰
Galaxy Mermaid Galaxy Mermaid . 6 days ago
This is the first ever song I've listened to from Morgan Wallen and now I know like all of his songs
Amanda Ferrell Amanda Ferrell . 1 week ago
My mom is your biggest fan
Christiana Savoy Christiana Savoy . 1 week ago
Joanna Seymour Joanna Seymour . 1 week ago
You had me at " Chasing You"! Best Artist & Album ever! ❤️❤️
Morgan B Morgan B . 1 week ago
I am more country music then I like regular music
roderick phillips roderick phillips . 1 week ago
Cool song
G Watson G Watson . 1 week ago
Absolutely amazing song.
33 33 . 1 week ago
This man is so handsome ♥️
stephanie taylor stephanie taylor . 1 week ago
Love ❤️
Isle Wait Isle Wait . 2 weeks ago
Skinn3d up my knees far too much;
My love for him was in concrete and my "good- hearted" knees fell too many times...
Prop me up against the jukebox,
Chasing too old.
Røss Williams Røss Williams . 2 weeks ago
I thought I was over her but the past 2 nights in a row I had dreams that we got back together & found a way to make it work. Grieving is a long process
Joshua Blair Joshua Blair . 2 weeks ago
Is it so that a woman will chase you down once you start to believe and change your ways
Celia Lopez Celia Lopez . 2 weeks ago
All the way in Arizona, just wanna say this song will make anybody day go from bad to good, I hope everyone is staying strong and holding on in this horrible world, music like this makes it a little less horrible 🙏
Villanueva Adventures Villanueva Adventures . 2 weeks ago
I love this dudes music 🎵 thanks Morgan
Scott Boyd Scott Boyd . 2 weeks ago
Morgan Wallen, wow dude, you are awesome and so is the song!!!!!!
Jason Smith Jason Smith . 2 weeks ago
Shit black country been cool bro do u
Dolly Strzelczyk Dolly Strzelczyk . 2 weeks ago
What's up with the girl at 2:39?
Tanis Jones Tanis Jones . 2 weeks ago
Do a simple favor to yourself, okay? please gift yourself the simple acceptance of possibility. Allow yourself movement towards yes to that calling, that soul tug sign continually appearing. oh honey, it's so real, it has the ability to show you beyond that horizon you've been wishing upon since you were a little girl. just try. think. say. think. say. think. say. possibility. serendipity will show you the way from there.
Davenport Vlog Creations Davenport Vlog Creations . 2 weeks ago
I want to kill myself 😔.
April Frick April Frick . 2 weeks ago
Heyy Morgan Wallen I know you probably won't see this but Happy Father's Day!!!!!!
Joseph Moya Joseph Moya . 2 weeks ago
Your back must hurt Morgan Wallen from carrying all of the country music industry on your back bro
Susan McGinnis Susan McGinnis . 3 weeks ago
Oh my, my, my!
Hayden Albert Hayden Albert . 3 weeks ago
Always American singer can’t be Australia singer how crap
Kelby Blaske Kelby Blaske . 3 weeks ago
Name a better country singer than Morgan wallen
LeAnn Thompson LeAnn Thompson . 3 weeks ago
I love your songs
Jackie McQuistion Jackie McQuistion . 3 weeks ago
GOD BLESS AMERICA 👀 , MY EYES ARE STIRRING AT CHA 🇺🇸 !!! GOD BLESS US!!! GOD BLESS USA!!! My eyes will direct the WAY- The American WAY!!!
Jacqueline Ann McQuistion-Meadows
Tanner Sims Tanner Sims . 3 weeks ago
NewBootGoofin NewBootGoofin . 3 weeks ago
I wish Wallen was chasing me. Damn I'd lose my mind.
Jericho Jericho . 3 weeks ago
I Hope we last I really like her
El Patron El Patron . 3 weeks ago
Just discovered this dude
I feel so ashamed , catching up on all his songs

All bangers
darightbrotha darightbrotha . 4 weeks ago
I’m here because of a TikTok mix this song is 🔥🔥🔥
Rabbi Dair Rabbi Dair . 4 weeks ago
Any Cajun
Jon Jon . 4 weeks ago
Amazing song
Aubreigh Whiddon Aubreigh Whiddon . 4 weeks ago
I listen to this song every day
Somi&Koko! Somi&Koko! . 4 weeks ago
So country
{•Payton playz•} {•Payton playz•} . 4 weeks ago
Chasing youuuu like a shot of whiskey♡
Dylan Ducote Dylan Ducote . 4 weeks ago
The Nate Dogg mash up with this song brought me here. I like the original version.
Jade Cox Jade Cox . 4 weeks ago
edward norton goes country
xg1027 xg1027 . 4 weeks ago
people said i am racist cos i love country music. you know what i like what i like, and what i like has nothing to do with you. F.O
Body Luge Body Luge . 4 weeks ago
I guess any song is country when you take a shot of whiskey...

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